Tickets Issued For Cars Buried In Snow

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — If your car is still buried in snow in Chicago, you could find a nasty surprise waiting when you finally get it out.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, Ald. Mary Ann Smith (48th) says as if everyone hadn’t already been through enough with the blizzard, the city is adding insult to injury in the form of parking tickets.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports

The Chicago Tribune reports some car owners who have not used their cars since the blizzard two weeks ago are finding tickets on them.

The abandonment tickets carry fines of $75 each. Under Chicago law, a vehicle can be deemed abandoned if it is parked on a public way, and has not been moved for more than seven consecutive days.

In the Edgewater neighborhood, which is largely in Smith’s ward, some cars were buried up to their windows in the snow. Some car owners reasoned that the CTA ‘L’ and shopping were in walking distance anyway, so there was no reason to move their cars.

But tickets were issued. Some people said if they had known of the abandonment law, they would have dug out their cars a lot sooner.

Edgewater resident John Woolf called the ticketing “a cheap shot by the Police Department,” the Tribune reported.

Under the code, a vehicle can be deemed abandoned if it can’t be driven because of disrepair, or is parked without license plates or a temporary registration placard, the Tribune reported.

A spokeswoman for the city Revenue Department says owners who feel they have been cited unfairly should contest the tickets.

  • RainbowBubba

    Typical Chicago BS!!!!

  • SickofWhiners

    People who were too lazy to dig out their cars for over a week deserve to have a ticket. Monday was warm enough to dig out your car. People just need to take responsibility for their vehicles and not just leave them buried this long.

    • Kizzy

      Totally agree with you!!!!

    • Kizzy

      Totally agree with you SickofWhiners!!!!! @HeorShe….call 311 and report it, trust me it will be taken care of if you make that call!!!

    • RainbowBubba

      Not everyone is lazy,some may be elderly,have back or other health issues,and can’t shovel snow.The city could have waited until after tomorrows heat wave.

      • SickofWhiners

        I would like to make a bet, that in the least, approximately 85% of the cars still buried in the snow are NOT elderly people. The snow has been soft and melting for the past 3 days. This is about as bad as the people who are still leaving chairs and debris in the street in a vain attempt to claim parking spaces for the entire season.

      • Yo Momma

        Yeah people are lazy. We knew about this storm for how long? People still ventured out. 20 inches didnt fall all at once. They should have known that it was bad out before they got in their cars. Im surprised its not that expensive of a ticket.

  • HeorShe

    And my lazy neighbor, whose bashed-in Cavalier has decorated the street in front of my house for almost a month, will most like skate by without getting a ticket as the snow continues to melt and reveal once again this inexcusable eyesore. There’s no justice . . . just business as usual in Chicago.

  • Dave

    Hmmmm, again it seems Chicago CODE sounds like a revenue generating proposal. That being said, it also appears to me that “Green” citizens who want to own a car but chose to use “Greener” transportation on a daily basis can be singled out. There have been times when I have not driven my car for more than 7 days. Saving gas may not be a savings at all.

  • millezille

    Now that the snow has melted, these unmoved cars are parked 3-4 feet away from the curb and into part of the streets, blocking drivers. Maybe issuing tickets is the only way to get these cars moved.

  • Kelly

    Do they also enforce this abandonment law in the warm months when it’s impossible to tell if a car has been parked for more than 7 days? If the tags are current and it’s not in pieces, I hardly see how they can deem a vehicle abandoned just because it hasn’t been driven for a few days. Street parking in my Uptown/Edgewater neighborhood is permit free and cost free. How can you ticket people for parking their cars where allowed?

    • Fed Up

      Its easy, its called Chicago politics and easy revenue for the city. Ticket everyone and watch only 5% of the people actually contest the ticket. Even if you contest ticket and win, you lose your time away from your job for pay. I say everyone contest the ticket, then sue the city for wasting their time taking them to court. A similar case happened in LA where a guy sued the city for his wasted time going to court to beat the case, his lawyer costs, and court fees. It totaled over $430 he was paid by the city. The police initially harassed the guy one day before the case to scare him into not suing them in small claims court, but he held his stance and won all of his wasted time and money back.

    • Luke

      Cars ARE ticketed , even in summer months when left for 7 or more days. They are tagged , and if the wheels haven’t moved , they are ticketed . It usually takes a complaint to get that done.

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  • TiredofthePeopleintheCity

    I have had cars sitting on my block for in excess of 1week without moving from the spot- usually cars that look wrecked or in disrepair. This is in warm weather and in the winter, too. I have called 3-1-1, and they will come and ticket them. If I call a day or two after the ticket is issued, they City will tow them. I do believe there is a law in the city that you can’t stay parked in the same spot on a public street for more than 7 days. It is easier to enforce that law in winter, as it is obvious who hasn’t moved their car for a week or two. Nonetheless, if there is a car on your street and no one has touched it for a week or more, you can call it in. Of course it is a revenue generator for the City. I don’t even very often, and avoid driving if I can, but I still move my car from the same spot to a different space on the street at least once or twice a week, and I even dug out the car the day after the blizzard, although I did not drive it. I also dug out 3 more spaces on the street that day so I could move the car around a bit and not get a ticket.

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  • FR

    Snow is not dis-repair. Do not pay the ticket. Sue the city if the vandalized it by plowing snow on it.

  • FR

    To save gas, shouldn’t the government encourage people to keep their cars parked?

  • Linda11

    Come on, if you have not been to your car since the snow fell, then what are you doing with a car? Some of these have become a hazard now that the snow is melting. This is the one and only time I agree with the city. The rest of the time this city is a pain to live in with all the new ways to stick it to us taxpayers. Between city and state, it has become very difficult to enjoy life in Chicago. We have finally decided to get out, and I am happy. Very happy.


    BS …LLz should be required to clean them spots instead of the city and people doing it for free….

  • Kenneth Cavness

    Some of us like to get out of the city, but don’t use the car for everyday use. I didn’t have a car for a decade in Chicago, and finally got one so I wouldn’t feel TRAPPED in this concrete jungle. Sometimes I just like to get to Wisconsin, you know? Other times, I need to get somewhere public transportation won’t get me.

    But certainly not in the winter.

    Just because you have a car doesn’t mean you MUST waste gas using it ALL THE TIME.

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