Buehrle Isn’t Backing Off Of Comments Toward Vick

Mark Buehrle said made some harsh comments about Michael Vick a few weeks ago and is standing by them. The White Sox pitcher is also an animal rights activist and still lacks respect for the Eagle’s quarterback.

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle isn’t backing off his critical comment about Michael Vick.

Buehrle recently told MLB.com that he sometimes saw Vick play on television and wished ill on the NFL quarterback who served an 18-month sentence in federal prison on dogfighting charges.

“He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game, and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where (my wife and I) hope he gets hurt,” Buehrle was quoted as saying.

Buehrle reported to spring training Thursday and stood by his remark.

“I said it. It’s an old story,” Buehrle said. “Past history stuff. I said it. I meant it. It’s over and we’ll move on.”

Vick led the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs last season. Buehrle is a dog owner and animal rights advocate.

Buehrle also is an avid hunter, and was asked how he responded to those who say someone who kills animals has no right to criticize Vick.

“Hunting is a sport. There are hunting stores out there,” Buehrle said.

“If that’s illegal, shame on my dad, shame on my grandpa, his grandpa. It’s kind of been brought up throughout the history of America,” he said. “The last time I knew dogfighting was a sport was never.”

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  • T

    Right maybe if we hunted pit bulls it would be different. Thats a great idea! Just tell al the dog fighters to hunt the dogs. Then they can legaly carry their guns. Then it can be a sport. Is dog meat good to eat? Never had it. I hope that Vick goes to prison for this crime. How can he be allowed have a job after this? They should plot dog fighters like they plot sex offenders online. Hey Mark, talk about history, have yo ever opend a history book before? No no not the oned at school. You might be supprised at what you might find out.But because they did it long ago it must be ok right? Mark I hope your arm falls off this spring…. The right one.

  • soxfan

    “If that’s illegal, shame on my dad, shame on my grandpa, his grandpa. It’s kind of been brought up throughout the history of America,”

    Yeah Mark, and so was slavery and a lot of other things in this country and contrary to popular belief, so was dog fighting. Just because it’s law doesn’t make it moral. Trust me a rich ball player trapping and shooting deer for the hell of it isn’t moral either. Because you’re sure as hell aren’t doing it to put food on your table for survival. You’re still taking a life.

    Now shut the hell up and get ready for the season before karma bites you in the butt and costs us the division this year.

  • soxbills

    Just because Vick served his time, does not mean he still no longer loved the dog fighting. What he did was teriable. When he first played in the NFL I loved matching he play, but now I pray he does poorly.

    He is not much of a person

  • Sean Patrick Kelly

    A sport is defined as competition. I’ve never seen a deer wearing camo and shooting rifles. Smart, Mark. Truly an animal lover. I love that you defend what you do as generational and culture…same thing Vick defenders said about dog fighting. You’re both wrong, at least he is sorry for what he did. Jerk off.

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