Quinn Supports Wisconsin Senators Hiding In Illinois

Updated 2/18/2011 at 5:00 p.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM) — A number of Wisconsin Democrats are hiding out in Chicago, making a stand against a Republican plan to balance the state budget by cutting the pay, benefits and collective bargaining rights of public workers.

That’s fine with the Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn. He says the Wisconsin Democrats are welcome to stay here until Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, in Quinn’s words, “comes to his senses.”

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There were rumors a group of senators were holed up in McCormick Place, site of the Chicago Auto Show, holding strategy meetings. The have said they may stay away for weeks if necessary.

“We welcome them to the Chicago Auto Show,” said Quinn, who was touring the show on Friday.

“In Illinois, we always believed in working together as a team and not kicking somebody in the shins,” Quinn added. Public employees, like teachers, “deserve some respect.”

Gov. Walker, Quinn says, need to take another look at the legislation.

Public workers are upset with the Walker cost-cutting plan, which calls on them to pay for pension and health benefits and removes collective bargaining rights for some. Republican lawmakers say they have enough votes to pass the bill, but Senate Democrats left the Capitol to prevent a vote from being taken.

Wisconsin Democrats say they are prepared to hide out for days or weeks, until the Republican governor negotiates with them.

“Some people look at it like we’re not doing our job but we are absolutely doing our job. We’re standing up for thousands of people who want to be heard on this,” Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, told CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan.

He said the governor should have had Democrats and union leaders in to discuss the budget, rather than plow ahead with anti-union plans.

“You’re tearing essentially the fabric of Wisconsin apart,” he said.

  • Concerned Citizen

    When these politicians begin paying for their own healthcare instead of the taxpayers, and taking meaningfull pay cuts, , I will believe that they are truly concerned about reducing deficits. Fat chance of that ever happening. They are only concerned with themselves.

    • PackerBacker

      Exactly. First and foremost, Scott Walker.

  • John

    Quin is as much as a joke as the Dems holding out! I would like to see how the media would handle this if roles were reversed. Hey, lets not try to balance the budget and keep borrowing like Quin!!! Someone will pay!!! Wake up America!!

    • Cindy Musgrave

      John I am with you. Goverment employees vactioning when they should be working doing there job should be looking for a new job. You don’t have the money you don’t spend it. unions should stop financing the partys!!!!!! Maybe they should just pay goverment employees!!

  • Douglas Thomas

    PAT QUINN YOU ARE NUTS! Is it too much to ask of unionized public workers to contribute to share in the cost of their retirement and medical plans? How many of us in the private sector contribute nothing for our retirement and medical benefits – NONE! This non-sense of fixed benefit entitlement programs HAS TO STOP. The backs of the middle class including these same unionized workers cannot take any more.
    RESPECT, Pat Quinn says…how about showing some to the people of your state. Two weeks after passing a record income tax increase to balance the budget you and your team have the BALLS to present a budget that violates state spending controls by $720 million.

    • TJ

      It’s not to much to ask! It is that HE NEVER asked!! He just feels that it will not be accepted so he set out to bust the union instead of wasting his time asking.

  • Mr. Justice

    Quinn is an idiot! The man has no integrity and the people of Illinois should recall this jerk. The only way he was reelected was by those who are on welfare and do not pay taxes. That’s how he was reelected because they don’t care if he raises the tax in Illinois. They are on the cash cow.

  • John

    I wish I is a private citizen spend more money than I make and not have to suffer any consequences of my actions. How is it that my property can be legally seized because I fail to pay for it but the same does not happen to the state? It’s high time that we citizens of Illinois seize our property back from the state.

  • Lew

    Of course he supports the Wisconsin Dummycrats! Like them, he only cares about his own class of people – government workers. This clown has no sense of business or the struggles that the tax-paying middle-class go through. He condones a system in which we, the taxpayers, have to pay for the government’s fiscal irresponsibility. We are ultimately working so government workers can have it easy.

  • Havgunwiltrav

    Hey Quinn if you are so in love with the cowards from Wisconsin that ran and sherked there duties that they were elected to do then why dont you invite them all to your house and pay for there dinner . If this had been Rebublicans that ran you would be singing a different tune. Oh by the way thanks for taking more of my hard earned money. Hell I didnt need it anyway.

  • Mr. Mars


  • Fed up

    Quinn is a partisan idiot. He could only get elected by a coalition of other idiots, namely the minorities in Cook County and east St Louis. This moron will out last his welcome in Illinois as the people begin to realized what a goof he is. Of course the goofs who elected him will never realize anything is wrong. It’s like a convention of ugly people. They all think they are pretty. Ugh-Illinois.

    • Mr. Justice

      You are absolutely correct. It is the welfare recipients that voted Quinn back into office. They continue to take and take from the State and do not pay taxes nor do most of them work.

  • Dennis Fritz

    Good going, Quinn!!!! Fianlly, the Dems are showing some guts!!!

    • Mr. Justice

      You are an idiot Dennis!

  • John Sheehan

    Good for Quinn! Good for the Democrats! Glad to see the likes of you Tea Party rubes upset. On Wisconsin!

    • Mr. Justice

      Your an idiot too John

  • MaryK

    This is an example of how elitists are so protective of their own kind. If the Demon-crats are soooo for “the people”, then why did they all run away from their state? They obviously do not want to change anything because they are just too comfortable with their business-as-usual mind-think, and have no testosterone to face up to real problem solving measures. All that they want is OUR money to keep THEM fat and happy. As long as they keep getting voted back into office, with their sugar-coated promises that most lemmings love, nothing will change. Lemmings are the reason why Illinois is stuck with these types of politicians. It will be even worse if RAHM becomes mayor of Chicago.

    • Melrose Park to Oshkosh

      Very nicely said MaryK! And so true.

  • ismael martinez

    don’t these idiots know how crooked our politicians are? if i were them i would stay miles away from QUINN, MADIGAN AND CULLERTON. government workers, teachers and unions in general should pay more for their pensions and healthcare. who do you think is paying for mine? just me. when i look at my real estate tax bill i start cursing. i pay for so many pensions it makes me sick.

  • sreamwood bill


    • Jim

      The problem is that these dirty unions want everything including the kitchen sink; for the kids of course. You know a new passionate teacher making $50k/yr wouldn’t work when you can have a poor performing, tenured teacher making $140k/yr. Oh wait, that union mentality doesn’t make sense does it? If I had a hard project at work and hid because I didn’t want to do it, I would be fired. I also work in the private sector, not the fluffy public sector. These protestors look and sound so stupid on tv. Most taxpayers are forced to work and can’t take a union paid day off to protest. Down to reality people, welcome because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you last!

      • Alex

        As a teacher I dont know any tenured public school teachers making 140k, nor do I know any new teachers making 50k. Teachers make 50 grand a year because the state requires further education which requires money. A Masters degree is not cheap. Most teachers do not make 50 grand until many years on the job which is no different than the private sector. I worked for a major corporation and made good money before switching to teaching and I know I work just as hard teaching. If your kid cant read or write its not the teachers fault. It is because you suck as a parent, you buy your kids video games, they have TV’s in their, and parents spend no time with them. Today’s kids have no family guidance, no moral foundation, and no respect. Parents are more concerned about themselves and keeping up with the Jones. They buy into this FOX news fantasy. Fox makes stuff up and rile you up. The rich drape themselves in patriotic fervor to hide everyone behind the fact that 1% owns 99% of the money in this country. Much like religion has been used to pacify our small paychecks, patriotism is designed to hide the fact that the rich is robbing us all blind. If they defeat Democrats they will move on to Republicans and we will all be peasants to the kings. We have learned nothing by leaving England and we are repeating the times of Thomas Hobbes and Leviathan. Mark my words all Americans are slowly suffocating under absolute monarchy.

  • streamwood bill

    I might have to re-think my summer vacation up in Door County this year.

    • Brad

      You probably won’t be able to afford it anyway after Quinn gets done taxing you to death.

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  • Rick Schubert

    I keep on hearing the Republican candidates brag saying that the people have voted them in to do the job and now they are going to carry their mission out full spead ahead. Maybe the next time everyone votes, they may want to make sure they are voting for someone who cares about their values and not just assuming that if they vote for the other side – that they will get their way! From what I see I think it is a long shot that the Republican politician will take into consideration the will of the people they represent and whom they are working for.

  • joshcomm

    Those Democratic Senators who are hiding out in the land of the crooks and graverobbers are trying to “justify” their stupiidity and lack of clear thinking. Since they are NOT working, but trying to draw a salary they will NOT thwart the will of the Wisconsin voters who told our governor and those elected officials to cut spending, bring the budget into balance, and other common sense things we need in Wisconsin.

  • ron

    Quin, you’re a stupid pos and I hope you could go and hide in Wisconsin but too bad they wouldn’t want you there either.

    • Melrose Park to Oshkosh


  • WI Union Hostage

    Gee, maybe the good Gov of IL should make them honorary residents of IL. Lord knows he could use a few more pockets to pick when it comes to tax collection time!

  • Move on

    Isn’t there some way the people of Wisconsin can remove/replace their estranged senators from office so the state can move forward?

    • PackerBacker

      The people of Wisconsin want to remove/replace their “Governor”. Unfortunately the law dictates that he can’t be recalled for one year, meaning January 1, 2012. Hopefully the Democrats will stay here until then…

      • arbonnelady

        You have only heard the oppinoin of one side. They are not the “silent majority”. Don’t jump to conclusions.



      • Rob

        I’m also a loyal Packer Fan, in this great state….But you my friend are WAY off base. The unions don’t represent me or the majority. The unions represent the greed that got us into this mess in the first place.

        I’m all for firing the Senators that are neglecting the duties they were elected to do IN THE SENATE. The Governor is doing what needs to be done IN HIS OFFICE…the office he was elected to, by the majority of us!!!!!

    • slime ball dems

      Let’s bring up charges of fraud and malfeasance in the workplace—revoke their pay and benefits—and fine them until the little _ _ _ _ s return to their stench of resdiences!

  • Melrose Park to Oshkosh

    “Some people look at it like we’re not doing our job but we are absolutely doing our job. We’re standing up for thousands of people who want to be heard on this,” Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton

    Erpenbach and the other 13 losers lie with this statement. The cowards aren’t doing the job they were elected to do. If he thinks the collectivists want to be “heard on this”, it is his candy-ass job to be their voice, IN THE SENATE CHAMBER!

    Lame, sorry attempt at deflecting their jack-wagon intellectual void.

  • Otto

    AGet your facts straight: ctually, the budget reduces the fat pension benefits of elected officials, who had a higher “multiplier” to increase their retirement benefits. The budget changes that so that they have exactly the same pension benefits of regular civil service workers.

  • Jim

    Quinn paid off Illinois unions before his election (promised no layoffs) so of course he is pro union. Does anyone think this bozo the clown wanna be could actually win an election without any pay to play tactics? Quinn needs to learn how to make a stand and grow a set, but we all know that he only does what the unions want to keep his job. I truly don’t think that he could even clean toilets in the private sector; he’s a pure moron.

  • Robert Reyant

    Here is a question for Quinn. When did you get elected to the Wisconsin Senate or for that matter any other office in the Sate of Wisconsin? Oh, I forgot you are not even a resident of Wisconsin. Therefore, why is Quinn concerned about how we in Wisconsin decide to run OUR STATE as long as it does not have a direct impact on his state?

    Maybe he is worried that we in Wisconsin are going to stop working, move to Illinois and get on the Quinn welfare plan? This would cause him to have a problem balancing his budget and have to raise taxes but that can’t be his concern as he already did raise taxes in Illinois. Oh wait, could it be that his real concern is that Gov. Walker just may balance the Wisconsin budget without raising taxes therby making him and his state senate look bad?

    Gov. Walker, on the other had, was elected by the majority of the (tax paying) voters in Wisconsin. Even before Gov. Walker was elected most of us fully expected that he would do whatever it took to balance the budget without raises taxes! Therefore, I and the majority of the Wisconsin tax payers are applauding his actions.

    Most Wisconsinites would love to get retirement benefits and health insurance fully funded by our employers. The only problem is that if private sector were to supply the same out of control pay and benefits, that the public sector seems to believe is their right, most of the employers would go bankrupt or move the company out of the country and then even more of us would be unemployed. If this happened it would only make it harder to balance the budget.

    As to the assertion that Gov. Walker’s plan is anti-union, I can only say that, maybe it is time that the almighty unions were taught some basic economics.

    I know that at one time the unions were very helpful in eliminating the abuses of companies/employers that we once had. However that time is long since past we no longer have sweat shops and 16 hour work days with very little pay. It would do us well to remember that the workers we are talking about get a better than average income and do not have to pay for their benefits. They get these benefits and pay at the expense of the rest of the private sector workers.

    These same private sector workers often can not afford retire until they are too old to enjoy it because their health is failing and their income is very limited. In fact alot of these private sector workers retire on just the income from Social Security. They also have to pay their own health care which can cause them to have to choose between going to the doctor or paying for the other essentials of life like rent, food or owning a car.

    As a closing thought, it may be better for Quinn if he and the other politiciians from Illinois balanced their own budget and concerned themselves with the problems in Illinois. WE WILL TAKE CARE OF WISCONSIN WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM ILLINOIS OR IT’S PAID OFF POLITICIANS.

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