Walter: Illinois Already Full Of Do-Nothing Politicians

CHICAGO (CBS) — Congratulations to us — all of us of Illinois.

Our state is more famous than ever before. Not only are we the great state of political corruption, now we’re the great state of political escape, the one in which politicians from other states are hiding.

When elected officials don’t want to do what they’re paid to do — in Wisconsin, for example, Indiana, and tomorrow, maybe Ohio — when they’d rather hide than work, they’re coming to Illinois. They don’t like proposals in their states to reign in the power of big labor, so they’re leaving their states to lie low in Illinois.

I spied one on TV the other day at a bar in Chicago, a state senator from Wisconsin burping about how it’s good for Wisconsin that some senators are not even considering those proposals, how better it is to stash themselves in Illinois so there’s not a quorum in the state assembly in Wisconsin, so there can’t be a vote.

So Illinois is now America’s poster state of Great Escape. 

Trouble is, we have enough politicians not doing what we pay them to do.

So I vote for not letting new ones in and to kick the ones who are in out.

  • Dan Massa

    As a union member and an educator… I watched your aged Walter Jacobsen tonight as he screamed someone else’s paid viewpoints… Jacobsen’s view reflects a fear for job security and not the wisdom he once had… shall he and his views retire… I will share this with my working associates who put you with the other ‘purchased’ beliefs of focused views such as FOX news… Mr. Jacobsen… I at least had the pleasure to watch you when you weren’t praying for a job and you weren’t for sale… old age and job security have made you a subject you would have covered when you were in your prime…

    with regrets…
    Dan Massa
    Valparaiso, IN

  • vhug

    I agree Walter. They should be kick out of their jobs.In a regular job, we will be fire inmediatly. Fire them all.

  • Joel Blustein

    Big labor my eye. Walter you know that the Governnor of Wis. and his Republican buddies are trying to break the back of the unions that protect the little guy. Without the help of union to level the field the little guy is at the mercy of big business and big government. Witlhout unions the little guy would just be a slave. The Wis. Governor is being vindictive to the unions that did not support him. When you tell your story be fair and tell the truth. Untill then I will be tuning in to another channel for the news.

  • Walter for Mayor

    Walter always says it best. Why do we want these cowards in Illinois, oh wait, cause our state politicians are just as big of losers as these guys are. They are cowards, go back to your state and do what your elected to do. Our founding fathers never ran because they didnt get their way. Unions are part of the reason where the economy is. They must be kept in checked, and that is by limiting benefits and collective bargaining. Good for the governors to stand up for once and do the right thing. Union workers can certainly join the rest of the world and get a 401k and pay more of thier share.

  • Former Viewer

    Apparently there is no complaint email address, so I’ll voice my objections here.

    It is unbelievable to this viewer that Walter Jacobson is still a “newscaster” with CBS. Anchors are supposed to present the news independent of their personal beliefs, yet you allow Mr. Jacobson to taint your whole broadcast with his tacked on “perspective.” It doesn’t matter what his personal beliefs are because that’s not the news. Providing him a platform to spread his bias unchecked is irresponsible and borderline reprehensible. Perhaps it would be acceptable if the “perspective” format paired his opinions with an opposing, balanced one, but it doesn’t. Granting Mr. Jacobson free reign to spew his rhetoric as the last word of the night is outrageous. I don’t appreciate his flagrant proselytizing, delivered with condescension and admonishment as if the audience needs a lesson in what really to conclude from the night’s report. People can reach their own conclusions without his spin. Honestly, CBS, how does his “segment” even justifiably exist? Are you intentionally aligning your news coverage with a specific political slant? Because that is what Mr. Jacobson is doing, and his partiality is painfully obvious. Please find another role for him to fill since “reporting” is clearly outside his purview. Tonight is the last evening I will watch the CBS news for your prejudicial coverage has just become too offensive.

  • ileen

    Walter give up your job and let a young student in journalism have it. I not a union worker but I do know if you don’t stand up … you will regret it later.

  • Skorps

    Wow, I actually agree with Walter for a change!

  • Unrepresented Constituent

    The normal process for getting things done in the government is being discarded. We are moving to mob rule, regardless if the angry mob is in the minority or not. This is a move towards anarchy.

  • Tired of Union thugs

    I guess Wisconsin want sot be like Illinois. Where 6% of the voters(the union thugs) want to dictate to the other 94% of us. Good luck, just WAIT until 2012
    Keep up the good work Walter, the majority are behind you, it is just that we have jobs that we have to work at so we cant sit on here all day typing misinformation like the 3 man crew on a chicago garbage truck can.

  • R U Kidding me?

    “Walter give up your job and let a young student in journalism have it. I not a union worker but I do know if you don’t stand up … you will regret it later.”
    I Not a union person either and clearly YOU NOT a jorunalism major judging by your grammer and composition skills. Must have had a union teacher????

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