Lovie Gets Contract Extension

The Chicago Bears have signed head coach Lovie Smith to a two-year contract extension, the team has announced.

After leading the Bears to an 11-5 regular season record and a trip to the NFC Championship game, Smith was given an extension after it had been rumored and discussed for some time. The extension will keep Smith with the organization through the 2013 season.

In his six seasons as head coach of the Bears, Smith has led them to three division titles (2005, 2006 and 2010), two NFC Championship games (2006 and 2010) and one Super Bowl appearance (2006).

LISTEN: Zach Zaidman’s Exclusive Interview With Lovie Smith

The contract extension comes as no surprise as general manager Jerry Angelo made it clear after the season that the organization’s “focus” and “intent” was to work out a deal.

Smith is 66-52 as the head coach of the Bears and ranks third in franchise history in wins and is the first coach in the team’s history to lead the team to the playoffs in two of his first three seasons.

  • AT3374

    Umm…great …… What else is happening in the Wide World of sports ?

  • Larry Horse's water trough

    The Bears will go 4-12 in 2011, provided there is no work stopage. This is THE dumbest move Angelo could have made.

    • momo

      The only dumber would be to promote Babich to D-Cooridinbator – I forgot we did that already ?

      What about Tommie ? 4 years $ 10 million ?

  • Barely Bear Fan

    Because Phillips and Angelo are involved, this is no surprise. And, until the unholy trio are moved out in favor of people who know how to run an NFL organization, we should expect more of the same.

  • southside

    Nooooooooooooooooo. Extend him after he actually wins something. Three more years of underachievement.

  • Three More Years of not very good.

    Way to award mediocrity Chicago Bears. So when does Jerry Angelo get to sign off on his own contract extension?

  • Lynn Livengood

    Oh, NO! I can’t believe I have to watch his expressionless face and unconcerned demeanor on the field for an extra 2 years. This guy has been out coached, in every important game he has ever coached for the Bears. Just another typical mismanagement move by Mr. Angelo….Makes me ill.

  • pat

    They came within 7 points of going to the Super Bowl. What…. should that be grounds for termination?

  • MIkeytron

    This is the most stupid thing the Bears could do. Rewarding a guy that made it to the NFC championship-and lost after many other seasons of dereliction! Makes no sense. Do you think there is going to be bidding war? Ha what a joke!

  • Jerry Fink

    He did nothing this season to deserve an extension. Their “success” had more to do with the coordinators he surrounded himself with and the fantastic play by a couple key players bouncing back from last year. Bears could have any free coach they want after next season! Instead, we’ll still be stuck behind the Packers (and possibly the Lions).

    • Three More Years of not very good.

      Don’t forget all the breaks the Bears got with opponents having key players injured. Also the Bears miraculously went through the season with little to no injuries. I agree, Lovie has done very little to deserve this extension.

  • Lynn Livengood

    Thank God! That loss saved the Bears from being embarrassed 2 weeks later. I cannot count the coaching errors in that game alone, against the Packers. If we had a better coach, we could have won at least 4 more games.He’s a real loser, IMHO.

    • Spoon

      Yup, our fan base really does get dumber and dumber each year… amazing.

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  • Joe suburbs

    Let’s face it, we all knew Angelo was going to extend Lovie’s contract. It was inevitable. He stood in front of the reporters and nearly said it to the media. Everybody who is a REAL BEARS FAN should support the team, the coaching staff, and the management in general for a great season. I remember when Iron Mike was hired………….everyone was pleased and then McCaskey fired him. Coaches are hired to get fired. Lovie should have a great season coming up,,,,,if not, BYE, BYE.

    • Meatball Pimple Popper

      I was with you until you said this, “Everybody who is a REAL BEARS FAN should support the team, the coaching staff, and the management in general for a great season.” Everyone has their own opinion on what is right wrong good or bad, we as fans have that freedom,. You can’t alienate fans just because they don’t agree with your faction’s way of thinking. Sorry, that is unrealistic and spawned from a ‘meatballism way of thinking’. That is why I can’t stand a lot of Bears fans(mainly the meatballs), if you’re not completely with them your against them.

  • Bob

    Stupid idea should of waited to the end of next season….bears were lucky this past season….too late now

  • La Trice Bivens Devoe

    A lot of Bears fans are so racist. Just because he’s black he shouldn’t get an extension? Any of them white coachs like bilichik and shannahahan never get scrutinized like the fans do to Lovie. Yet they get long contract extensions and no one complain. I hope more black coaches get hird, they deserve this. Maybe then people will understand our struggles.

    • The Anti-Meatball

      Hey i forget, is Jay Cutler black. I can’t remember but when he was raked over the coals for quitting, Chicago fans were like a lynch mob. Now really Lovie does not deserve an extension for almost winning. However it is not Lovie we dislike, but the smug “I know better than you do” attitude he displays, the cloak and dagger press conferences, and his playing to the lowest common denominator of bears fan.

      Let’s not forget that even the Jay Cutler issue was mismanged because someone on the coaching staff (let’s say Lovie) decides to not tell the media that the quaterback is hurt and may not be back to start the second half.

      Does Lovie deserve an extension RIGHT NOW,….no. Is that because he is black…. no. Is it for any of the myriad reasons I explained, plus

    • Bob

      my comment is not racist…..i just wanted them to wait until the end of the 2011 season….their record was a fluke this year..the only team they palyed against that had all their starters was new england..we know what happened there..

      • Spoon

        So what exactly does waiting tell you that you dont already know about the man?

        Does our fan base get dumber and dumber each year? I just dont get it…


    Here’s what you don’t get with Lovie Smith:

    A true master of the game at hand. He’s also no ministry of truth.

    Here’s what you ALSO don’t get with Lovie Smith:
    A complete waste of recognized superstars. Poor discipline in playoff games. In other words, you’re not in “matty?. . . San Diego.” They actually believed the saw that a running back can be tossed aside. Where was L.T. in January? Where were the Chargers?
    You also don’t get a ton of first round picks that mean, absolutely, nothing. How are those working out in Detroit? Any prop bet that Stafford completes next season?
    His defense did what Mr. MVP’s defense could not. They held Aaron Rogers to less points in two games than the Steelers could in one.

  • bears fan

    TIME OUT! Where?


    on the field.

  • packerfan

    GREAT! I’m so happy that Smith will be the Bears coach! He’s the best chance the Packers have! And I put a lot of money on the Pack!

    • Spoon

      He’s got the best record vs the Packers of any coach the Bears had for years… apparently stupidity knows no team colors…

      • PackerBacker

        Lovie is 1-4 in his last 5 games against Green Bay. (And the one win was when the Packers beat themselves with a record setting amount of penalties.) You Bears fans really know how to put a positive spin on sub-par performances. Jay Cutler is the best QB you’ve had in a while too, and that’s not saying much…

  • Jim

    Chicago needs a strong man like Cowher, not a wimp like Smith. Bad move here as he is the only thing holding the Bears back.

    • Spoon

      “Bad move here as he is the only thing holding the Bears back.”



      wait, wait, wait…. ok… i think i’m better….


  • Gregg Hampton

    How many chances are they going to give this guy?

  • Bob

    Lovie is not a field coach or a game day coach….way to go chicago bears management….stupid

  • PackerBacker

    On behalf of the Packers and all Packer fans… THANK YOU!!! Best news the Packers have had…. since their SUPER BOWL WIN!!!

  • christo

    “our number one goal is to beat the packers”. Unreal. did Angelo forget we allowed the Packers into the post season? I mean, could there have been a worse scenario of failing to reach the “number one goal” than what we experienced this playoff season?” this is a slap in the face of true chicago bear fans.

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