Emanuel Criticizes Weis’ Handling Of CPD

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Mayor elect Rahm Emanuel is being critical of Chicago’s Police administration as he prepares to take office in May.

During the campaign, Rahm Emanuel made it clear that he would be looking for a new Police Superintendent, even as he said he has nothing personally against the current Superintendent Jody Weis.

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But, this week, in his first news conference as Mayor-elect, Emanuel brought criticism of the Police Department into sharp focus.

Emanuel said that at a time when the Police Department has added administrative personnel, it has not added more beat cops. And, he said, the officers on the street are the way to fight crime.

At his first news conference as Mayor elect, Emanuel acknowledged that Chicago’s crime rate is dropping, but said that’s not the whole picture.

Emanuel acknowledged statistics showing the crime rate dropping and said there has been progress, but he said the progress has not been enough.


    When country follows democratic ruels, role of security agencies are tobe
    curtailed and more and more community/social organiszations/people roles
    are tobe incresed and encourage. This is an essence element of democratic
    society. Without fear of any kind, people are more involved in nation building.
    Honesty and Trust is established between government organizations on one
    side and people on the other.

    • larry

      Which do you fear more, Patel, the police officers or the politicers? The 13000 Chicago police officers have proven themselves with reduced crime year after year. The politicers have stolen more of your money year after year. These latest tax increases are just the beginning. The debt will be paid- by us.

  • jeff

    This Bozo just got back from DC, how does he know if Weis isn’t doing his job. Is he going to lay out specific goals so we can judge his progress? Will he quit if they aren’t achieved or will he blame it on someone else.

    • min mirz

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that weis is totally “clueless.”

  • elgnman

    Well, Jody, it looks like it’s adios time. With a salary of $310,000, per year, I hope you saved enough for retirement. His choice was dumb, but look who hired him. It will be interesting to see who is next.

  • Roger F. Maslon

    My comment has not been posted. Any reason for that?

  • Roger F. Maslon

    Is CBS like Yahoo, censoring truth? Same school as not whowing flag-draped coffins -truth is offensive?

    • Citizen

      I think I can help Rog.Jody Weis has done a fine job with what he has to work with.Rahm Emanual is in position to become the second best mayor Chicago has ever had,second only to mayor Daley.I hope they continue in the excellence we in Chicago have come to expect. How was that Rog? No need for thanks,My pleasure.

      • Roger Maslon

        Are you the censor, Mr. Citizen?

  • Roger Maslon

    Right. I’ve said that, Mr. Censor -and it has not been published.

    • Ralph

      There is no cencorship here. Try eliminating certain words.Say SH!T to work around the computerized censor.Keep trying.

  • Min Mirz

    Wake up Chicagoans!! Weis is about as much a Police Officer as those medals he gave himself pinned on that “borrowed” dress uniform he never earned the right to wear!!

  • dailylooker

    Still far too much unprofessional conduct within the ranks, we need him to stay.

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