Clock Nearly Run Out For Police Supt. Weis

UPDATED 02/28/11 10:00 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Widely criticized Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis had hours left on his contract Monday night, and it still wasn’t clear whether he would stay until a new mayor takes office in mid-May.

Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel met with exiting Mayor Richard Daley Monday morning to discuss the handoff of city government. Daley told reporters later in the day he would like Weis to stick around for the next couple of months — and left it at that. Emanuel did not clarify things, either.

“I’ll have more to say about that later,” Emanuel said Monday evening. “I think it’s very important, though, that we focus on what’s very important, and that is reducing crime and have a strategy to do that. The mayor and I had a good discussion on a host of issues today.”

An announcement about Weis could come Tuesday morning, a Daley spokesperson said.

Over the weekend, Weis said he had not yet spoken with Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel, who during the campaign said he would replace Weis.

“My contract runs (out) on March the first, so we probably could just leave it at that,” Weis told reporters at a Sunday news conference on another topic.

“When this positions ends, then I’ll probably look into doing something else,” he continued. “Hopefully I can do something here in Chicago — if not, I’ll go where a career would lead me.”

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Weis, a former FBI official, took his post in 2008 under Daley, at a time when the Police Department was plagued by scandals.

Most infamously at the time, Officer Anthony Abbate had been caught on videotape beating a female bartender half his size in a Northwest Side tavern. The surveillance tape was shown around the world, and lent to a perception that Chicago Police officers were out of control.

As an outsider, he has had a rocky relationship with the Police Department’s rank and file, as well as the residents of crime-plagued neighborhoods.

In September, hundreds of rank-and-file officers marched outside of Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave., demanding that he be let go.

Rank-and-file officers have said morale dropped after Weis took office, particularly after he subjected Officer Bill Cozzi to a new federal prosecution and prison time after the officer had already been convicted and sentenced to probation for beating a man in a wheelchair.

In a scathing criticism of Weis in a blog posting last year, Lt. John Andrews said officers feared similar reprisals for doing their jobs, and thus “have reduced their proactive performance and now only contribute at minimum levels.”

Weis has also been criticized for meeting with gang leaders last year and warning of consequences if they didn’t stop violence in city neighborhoods. Critics called it negotiating with urban terrorists.

But Weis told reporters on Sunday that he believes Chicago streets are safer since he took over.

“With being down more than 1,100 sworn positions in 2010, we had our lowest homicide total in 45 years and the lowest number of violent crimes since we tracked crime this way, and that started back in 1991,” Weis said.

Supporters said the meetings with gangs likely played a role in cutting the homicide rate.

But in his comments, he seemed to concede that the future of law enforcement and crime fighting in the city will be another official’s responsibility.

“I think it’s important that whoever is here will look at creative ways of doing things, because we can’t rely on the past where we throw more officers on it,” he said.

  • carlos

    Good Riddence


    Hey jody,you got to hang out like the joo Rahm on the southside and tell them Obumba said the checks are in the mail.

  • mary

    just go,your contract wasn’t renewed because we don’t want you here.
    take a hint & run back to where you came from. you are 1 of ritches biggest mistakes.

  • johnny chingas

    3 comments and not one made much sense. Maybe rahm should give some thought into getting someone else to run the chicago school district too.

  • jesse jr.

    snowball,your name is really SLIMEBALL,

  • dailylooker

    We absolutely need him. Far too much unprofessional and corrupt behaviors still within the ranks.

    • Sam

      That’s BS!!!

  • Roberta Waker

    How about hiring Sheriff Joe from Arizona? We could clean up the Chicago PD and the ILLEGAL immigrant problem at the same time. Most of Chicago’s problems come from gangs and drugs, courtesy of Mexico.

    • BRAVO!!

      Great thought, but unforetunately Obama would get the dept. of “justice” on Joe while he was here also. Have to love an administration that sides with the illegals just to make sure the democrats get the votes they need!! THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!

    • Bill T.

      You Rock Roberta. Send them all back to Mexico!!!

  • Tom

    Roberta and Bravo-I just got back from Arizona. You better do a bit of research on Arpaio. He’s in it up to his neck. The federal prosecutor are breathing down his neck, and it’s got nothing to do with immigration.

    • BRAVO!!

      It’s got everything to do with him handling criminals the way they should be handled!!! The ACLU and all the other liberal organizations (like the DOJ under Obama) want to kiss the a$$ses of criminals and terrorists!! PLEASE provide PROOF of his supposed crimes and violations. Don’t site the BS about civil rights violations, this guy does his job and does it properly, UNLIKE the DOJ!!!

  • Mary Mitchell

    it is unfortumate that Mr Wies,
    by reducing the crime rate , has
    taken activitys such as robbing
    and killing away from the black
    and minority youths .This leaves black
    youths with nothing better to do than
    study and get good grades !
    this studying and finishing school
    is not part of our culture !

  • ovalheart

    The City of Chicago Police Department do not want corruptions in their offices changed. Crooked rank and file officers do not want Weiss because he cracks down of their corruptions when identified. Let Weiss remain and let him clean up the City of Chicago Police Department. The newley elect mayor need clean people in certain positions not those who will work for crooks in office. Keep Weiss

  • mr reality

    This says it all…he is a coward. ……Wikipedia says.-
    On April 6, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Independent Police Review Authority received a complaint charging Weis with “failure to take proper police action.” The complainant, retired Chicago Police Sergeant John Northen, called Weis a “coward” who “cut and run” from a shooting incident where a man was killed, instead of responding to assist and support his officers. Weis was holding an outdoor press conference at an intersection in the crime-ridden Englewood District on a recent 26 hour period of violence in Chicago where 41 people were shot with four dead. Four blocks from the shooting incident, Weis abruptly left the media event and reportedly returned to headquarters after the shots rang out.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Weis actually is an excellent Superintendent. The one area he may have needed work on was in getting the street cops to understand what he was doing and for them to know how much he respected them.

    • Thats right

      Oh they knew what he was doing all right..Where did all his staff end up again Suckup Hamilton???? In the choicest phonecall only units maybe. Yes they did. Transparency huh? Where did his last two drivers go …oh I know… to sgt school. This guy is a doubletalker and a narcissistic pathological liar. How about the crime was down during the blizzard statement??? How bout the district realignment lie??? He disrespected all cops in Chicago by making their working conditions more dangerous. Thugs are shooting at cops all day everyday and it is because WEIS fired the first shot at the police with the Cozzi case.

  • Just the Average Joe

    The police want someone from their own ranks, somebody from Chicago. The prosecution of cops that are thugs should remain diligent, and jail time is appropriate, despite union rules.

  • Debra Mahaffey

    I may be among the very few that appreciate what Supt. Weis has done these 2 years. Perhaps many of the citizens of Chicago need to look at the stats during Supt. Weis Tenure. I wish we had the funds to continue his employment. Hillard did not and will not have the record Weis had. I’m speaking as a professional black female. I tremor for fear of what’s expected in the future fo my sweet home Chicago. Good Luck Supt. Weis. Perhaps you can tackle a city like Atlanta, Georgia.
    Debra Mahaffey, Dialysis Patient

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