Gas Prices Near $4 A Gallon At Some Chicago Stations

UPDATED 03/01/11 7:12 a.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — The cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline crept close to $4 at some Chicago stations, as prices at the pump spiked almost 10 cents over the weekend.

Late last week, the average price for a gallon of gasoline stood at $3.50–which was 17 cents higher than the week before, according to the AAA Chicago Motor Club.

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On Monday, the average price rose to $3.59, according to That would make prices in Chicago among some of the highest in the nation.

By Tuesday morning, that figure had risen to $3.61, although the Web site indicated that prices were falling.

Some Chicago stations were selling gasoline for as much $3.95 a gallon, according to Premium was selling for well over $4 a gallon at multiple stations within the city.

One year ago, Chicago motorists were paying an average of $2.84 a gallon. These are the highest prices seen since 2008.

Nationally, the average for a gallon of regular unleaded was $3.37.

Oil analyst Peter Beutel said unrest in the Libya, Egypt and the Middle East are playing into market jitters.

“The thing that is really grabbing traders’ attention, and scaring them very dramatically, is how quickly events are turning,” he said.

Oil prices were actually lower on Monday, trading at $97 a barrel, down from a high of nearly $100 last week.

It could get even worse, fuel analyst Phil Flynn says.

“Unless things calm down in the Middle East, we’re probably looking at the most expensive summer driving season ever,” he said.

Gas prices could hit the $4, even $5, mark.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    You deserve it. IF you elected Rham and got Obama to the Presidents office, you deserve $ 10 a gallon of gas. Remember the anti drilling for oil in the USA by the Obama administration. You are getting the change you voted for…

    • James R. Edwards


      • lotsoflaughs

        If you haven’t checked out this blog yet you should…it has some really funny stories and it’s all clean and kid friendly stuff.

      • BillYBoy

        Change, that’s what it’s all about baby. Change like when your wallet goes from something to nothing.

    • Fred White

      The democrats are fully responsible for the lack of oil production in the US.

    • Sheila L.

      They have not seen anything yet! This incompetent bunch of Liberal Loons does not have a clue on foreign or domestic policy. Their academic paradigms of Socialist Utopia have failed and the 35 years of deficit spending and exploding budgets in order to create a welfare state in return for votes and power is starting to crumble. All those unrealistic public sector pensions and benefit packages given by Dems will cause the financial colapse of all the states now in fiscal crisis. All that “free stuff'” for votes is now coming home to roost and we will all pay the price for their incompetence!

    • F. Thomas Cain

      We can all thank the Democrats and extreme environmentalists for $4-$5 gasoline. They have not allowed a new refinery or for increases in domestic production since the 70s! Think demand has increased since that time? Anwar must be protected for the 27 caribou that live there! They also will not allow new nuclear or hydroelctric plants to be built to keep up with increased demand. Someday not too far off when you flick that light switch there will be nothing there for part of the day-just like many 3rd world nations-Thank

      • Fact Checker

        You think so? You’re not very smart. Remember $4 a gallon during the Bush years? Oh….you probably forgot. Or that was the Dems fault, too.

    • shish

      I fully agree. Unfortunately not only do these fools have to pay the $10 but it affects us as well. But if they suffer it might be worth it. They looks so stupid now.

  • rammrodd

    Obama said it himself.. “Energy costs will NECESSARILY skyrocket” !
    You made your bed, You lie in it!

  • Joe AStroturf

    Thanks Obama you said you’d get gas to sky rocket. “Mission Accomplished”. Next healthcare. Gotta run I think I hear the IRS coming.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    Hey guys if you fought at Iwo or the Chosen
    when they stop giving your wife her meds and her last breath comes over her face
    you’ll find comfort knowing Nancy’d gladly take her place.

  • Concerned

    Right on!!! Here is the “change” you voted for…..

  • REV Wright

    Chicago is all idiot commie Democrats, and Democts want to “save the Earth” with high energy prices. So…………..What’s the problem here? Why not pay 10 bucks a gallon? hehe, REV Wright

    • Dan

      It really doesn’t matter what you are, rep or dem. We all need fuel to move our food from other countries to here.

      • Hal McCombs

        What country does your food come from?

        Has Obama killed the farmers too?

  • The Truth

    Inside of 2 short years this socialist messiah has really F’ed this country harder the I ever imagined that he could!!! Thanks to all you “obamanites”!!!

  • Hank Warren

    Obama’s energy policy, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • jesse jr.


      • Hal McCombs

        Even Obama has pretty much stopped blaming everything on Bush. Didn’t the DK send you the memo?

      • Joel

        Yes, and everyone knows that sex offenders shouldn’t run a country because it will raise gas prices. And when you “desposed” a dictator it will lower gas prices. That’s an interesting thought.

        Hurray Bush!!!!

      • Shish

        You are mentally challenged. Barry owns this . He is the only problem…a huge problem in this equation.

      • Drill here drill now

        Bush inherited a white house from a sex offender. He went through a terrorist attack and desposed a dictator. The current regime will do nothing to help us. The Dems will blame everyone else – running to other states or hiding. Fire them all!
        Take back the senate – oh were you too busy having a party.

        21 months will go by – but you will spend $500 million on marketing for relection – nice savings for the tax payers!?!?!?!?!
        Say good bye

      • mazuba

        how people forget that he last 4 yours Bush had a democratic Congress. Let’s stop blaming Bush and put the blame were it belongs on Democrats in Congress.
        They have been in control now for 6 years and things just go from bad to worst


    2008: “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”

    2011: YES WE CON!! YES WE CON!

    • shish

      Well said

  • mike

    i say let do a gasoline boycott to put a damper in oil companies boycott will work i bet if gas reach over 4 dollars a gallon i bet people will either walk or ride a bicycle or use public transportation do not buy gas for 1 week it will hurt iol companies and opec they then will be forced to lower prices opec use excuses to jack up prices and opec should be charged with perjury

    • Big Mac truck driver

      MIke – a boycott does no good – the fuel in the ground is already paid for,,,,, get a grip.

      Fuel pumper

      • Hal McCombs

        Mac? Mike is a troll. You’re talking to a tool who can’t spell ‘oil’.

  • Frank3

    All of you got what you deserved so, stop crying about it.

    • The Truth

      Hey genius! Does it seem that any people commenting voted for the “messiah”?? We got f-ed due to white liberals and the fact that this was the ONLY election that the blacks came out in force to vote in!!!

      • Drill here drill now

        Yo brother I be the one who voted and I be the one who votes in 2012. White liberals are part of the whole left side. Drill here drill now.

        Drilling brother

  • Matt

    Somehow, the media has not been reporting the high gas prices with the same furor, as they had been immediately preceding the 2008 election. With the Democrats having run the economy into the ground, and the drilling moratorium in place, the skyrocketing gas prices should come as no surprise. In 2008, Obama himself had no problem with gas reaching $4 per gallon, but just that the price increase was not gradual enough. This time, it has been a bit more gradual. There is no doubt that the Administration is happy with the outcome. Kind of hard to blame this on Bush now, isn’t it?

    • Drill here drill now

      Yes all the Bush bashing is so passe – over with – let’s move on and face reality. Free Libya and drill in the Gulf NOW.

      Drill rig foreman ready to work,

    • LOTD

      Well said sir!

  • Get real

    Do we niot remeber the gas prices during the Bush years,…really come on look at history

    • Drill here drill now

      Tha prices were much lower – especially after 9-11 about 1.78 Do you remember or were you still driving a big wheel. Oh yes F7 does spell check too.
      Get it right or don;t post at all – get real – get a job -loser.

      Low price watch dot com

    • mazuba

      However gas was selling for $4.25 a gallon and Oil was at $140. Today oili in under $100 and we are nearing the $4.00 for Gas. Something is not right here do the math. If oil hits $140 again we will be paying close to $6. The oil companies are getting rich on this. They made huge profits in 2008 and will make more now.

  • Bachsman54

    Yes, I DO remember the gas prices under George Bush which were not as high as they are today and yet the Liberal Lame Street Media, man-child Obummer and other useful idiots like Get real ranted and raved about George Bush giving all that money to his oil buddies (even though Congress—who really controls the budget—was completely under DEMOCRAT CONTROL.)

    Hey Get real—-GET A BRAIN! and USE IT!! Stop being a lemming!!1

  • toldya

    Don’t worry, sheeple, they’re planning on opening the Bakken oil field and a few others that we own so we can drill our own oil. As soon as the price reaches about $200 a barrel. By then it will be a choice between groceries or gas.See the scam?

  • $3.60/gal in Seattle

    “I’m not gonna have to worry about payin’ ma mortgage. I’m not gonn ‘ave to worry about puttin’ gas in my car no mo!” – Barry Soetoro supporter, 2008

    You people crack me up to no end.

  • Cheryl Stoba

    Remember gas prices got over four dollars a gallon during Bush year?

    • Hal McCombs

      Yeah, OPEC raised oil prices just before the 2008 election. And dropped them just after the election. Sure was a cool coincidence for Barocky, huh?

  • Richard Frank

    The Dept of Energy was started in the 70’s to get us OFF foreign oil. 35 years later we’ve more than doubled our dependence and the DoE has bloated to employ 30,000 federal leeches, many making six figures. Close it down!

    It’s almost as if they want us to go Egyptian on them I swear. Better get ready. You can still get an AK-47 for about $375, well, not in Chicago, but most anywhere else. And here I was thinking this is about the most boring time in history to be alive…

    • JustAGuy

      Over two years ago, we were told once Obama became president, all will be well. Since Obama became president, things have gotten more perilous. Your advice has merit. It’s wise to be prepared to protect your loved-ones.

  • Gibbs Bentley

    “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow

  • Tom

    I have my electric bike to get around Chicago. Gas prices mean nothing to me. Ha!

    • Early Ardmore

      So you don’t eat any food transported on trucks? You don’t buy any goods transported on trucks?

      How do you think your electric bike got here?

      One dimensional thinking.

  • David

    Peak Oil + Mideast fighting! ! Learn about it!

  • ed wood

    Better raise the pay of the public leeches er teachers. Wouldn’t want those noble pubic servants to suffer now would we? Besides it’s really all for the children.

  • Mad Max

    I would not like to be in any metropolitan area when those awful fossil fuel-ed trucks stop bringing food to the supermarkets. I think I would hold enough gasoline in reserve (at any price) to get out of there when it happens.

  • Babypecan

    We (my family) grow some of your food you eat there in Chicago. I also drive a “gas guzzling SUV” without it, the produce doesn’t go anywhere and you don’t get to eat it. We are small producers so our vehicles must serve a dual purpose for personal use as well. Yes, your food prices are going to go up this year (again). It costs more to harvest, irrigate and transport those products for us, which we then pass on to the wholesale buyers, who then pass their costs onto the food companies, who will in turn pass the costs on to the consumer. Even if the prices go back down, the costs for the winter growing season will be already built in. Even if you walk to the Daley Plaza for work, it is going to hit you in the wallet.

  • JustAGuy

    I travel to Chicago fairly often. I try to gas up before I pass into Illinois. And DEFINATELY gas up before I enter Cook County and Chicago.

    Reason why is Chicago has such high gas prices is because of the government taxes! Chicago taxes everything moving and not moving. It’s the Chicago way!

  • Franklin

    Come to California or any Democratically controlled state and you will see high gas prices, high taxes, fees and surcharges, unrealistic and underfunded public sector pensions and benefits and budgets that are unsustainable. Every single state that is near financial collapse is run by Democrats-yet Liberals continue to blame Republicans-Welcome to the Orwellian world of 1984 where DOUBLESPEAK is alive and well. Up is down, black is white and words only have meaning as defined by the governemnt or the state owned media!!1

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