The health of Jake Peavy is important to the Chicago White Sox, but it might not be the most important thing to the team’s success. Their success will hinge on the pitching staff’s depth.

It’s that depth that will help the team get through Peavy’s injury and the uncertainty that surrounds his health and his return. As an intense competitor, the White Sox have to careful taking the positive things Peavy says about his health as the absolute truth.

“The one thing I’m not so sure about Peavy, and maybe this is why he’s so anxious to get on the mound,” Phil Rogers, of the Chicago Tribune, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “What kind of pitcher is he going to be when he is healthy and full speed? And if he can be on the mound for a full season this year, what will the White Sox get from him? There were a lot of questions asked when he came from PETCO [Park], the easiest park to pitch in in the major leagues, to U.S. Cellular in 2009. And he hasn’t answered those questions when he’s been on the mound.

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“I don’t really think he’s a key to the Sox [pitching] staff. I think the key to that staff is the depth and the fact that they’re going to get a lot of quality starts and they have a lot of guys who are going to go out and turn in good outing after good outing. I think he’s just kind of one of the guys on this staff. So certainly his health is a focus, but I don’t see him as the key to this team by any means.”

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