After the first inning of their third spring training game Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez got in to a dugout scuffle after Silva became upset over errors the Cubs’ defense committed.

While the scuffle drew a lot of attention in Chicago, and around the league, it doesn’t really seem to be anything out of the ordinary when you get talk to one former Major Leaguer.

“You don’t like to see this happen, but unfortunately it happens in 30 clubhouses through Major League Baseball, sometimes it gets a lot of attention,” Dan Plesac, former Cub and current MLB network analyst, said on the Danny Mac Show.

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“And I think the reason it gets more attention, now, is that there’s so much more media. I go back to the beginning of my career, my first spring training in 1986 in Chandler, Arizona with the Milwaukee Brewers, you were lucky in the morning if you saw three writers is the entire clubhouse. Now I know that was playing in Milwaukee, it’s not Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, New York. But so many of these games are on TV. In spring training it’s a tough thing because there’s so much more access to the players, and it’s really hard to really hide anything. You know, these things go on all the time, and unfortunately now, the day and age we live in, now anything that you see, it gets reported.

“But I don’t really know if it’s anything [different] than what’s going on in the other 29 camps. This is a team that’s kicked the ball around a little bit the first three games of the cactus league, but who is going to remember the cactus league when opening day starts. I tell people all the time, you know who won the grapefruit league batting title last year? No, nobody knows and nobody cares.”

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