Psychiatrist Charged With Abducting Kids

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Gold Coast psychiatrist was arrested at O’Hare International Airport Wednesday, after she allegedly took her two children across state lines without the consent of their father.

Dr. Zabrin Inan, 43, of the 1000 block of North Lake Shore Drive, was charged with felony child abduction and violating a domestic order of protection, police said. She was also wanted on two warrants.

Police said Inan allegedly took her two children out of the state without their father’s consent from Nov. 6, 2010 to Mar. 2, 2011. She was arrested at 5:10 a.m. Wednesday at O’Hare Airport and is scheduled to appear in bond court later Thursday.

Police said she has no criminal history and the warrants were issued because she missed several court dates regarding the children.

In December 2010, the children’s father filed a police report that said he applied for an order of protection granting him temporary custody for their two children and on Nov. 6, 2010, Inan texted him, saying that she was leaving the state and moving to California, police said.

The father made an arrangement to fly out to California and retrieve the children, and when he arrived at Inan’s home he found that she and her 47-year-old live-in boyfriend had moved to an unidentified location with the kids, according to police.

According to her Web site, Inan is psychiatrist whose office is located at 125 S. Wacker Dr. She is an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of attention deficit disorders, mood disorders/depression, anxiety disorders, stress disorders and eating disorders in children, adolescents and adults, according to the site.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Dan

    Creepy eyes on this woman. I wonder if she treats her own mental conditions

  • NUkidonBlock

    Why is it so many PSYCHIATRISTS are always getting into trouble with the law??

    Dentists, bone doctors–even OB/GYNs(!)–don’t get arrested as often as shrinks and these other “mental health” types.

    And we’re supposed to entrust our brains, kids and families to them?

    I think their Hippocratic Oath has become a Hypocritical Oath!

  • JP

    Another case of the victim fleeing from the abuser and being admonished. Creepy eyes? Looks like the eyes of a woman who has been fighting for the life of her children to me. Sad.

  • Victim-Schmictim

    There’s nothing in the story to even slightly indicate the psychiatrist or her kids were victims of anything at all. You can’t second-guess the courts who gave the dad his share of the rights based on evidence we’ll never know. It was she who broke the agreements and the laws.

    Psychiatrists too often think their degrees and alleged “superior knowledge” of us mere humans puts them above the law. This is just one more example.

  • joann dudley

    Wow Im really sorry to hear, shes only human, and sometimes its hard juggling home and work. Nobody could judge her till you walk in her shoes, and just to let everyone know , i find her to be an excellent doctor, who really cares about her patient, maybe she just is dedicated to a degree, we will never understand ,not being her. so i will put her in my prayers, and hope the best for her and her family,

    • When good people go off their rocker...

      As a psychiatrist, she was most probably self-medicating “to take the edge off” with psychiatric drugs. It’s easy for those “brain-scramblers” to throw off anyone’s judgment.

      Self-medication with psychiatric drugs was apparently what tipped U.S. Army Muslim psychiatrist Nidal Hassan over the edge when he shot 42 military personnel in Ft. Hood, Texas, in November 2009.

      Some may “blame Islam” for his massacre. I don’t.

      The correlation of mass murderers to psychiatric drugs is nearly 100%.

      To clarify, not all people taking psych drugs go psychotically violent.

      But nearly 100% of large-scale murderers are on–or have recently taken–psychiatric drugs.

  • mary

    I have been a patient of Dr Inan’s for 8 years and I know her husband and children as well as her mother she has been a very caring doctor and a devoted mother,her sons were born early and very tiny do to this she lost one and from that time on she has spent many hours taking care of a sick child and her patients her mother did help as much as she could. As for her husband he didn’t make things easy for anyone and spent alot of time unemployed which put more on her. So I can understand why she took the kids it was in thier best intrest. So please don’t be to quick to judge her.

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