Chicago area-native and former Fighting Irish safety Tom Zbikowski has a backup plan if the NFL Lockout becomes reality, he’ll return to the boxing ring.

The current Baltimore Ravens’ safety is scheduled to for a March 12 fight in Las Vegas, according to The Baltimore Sun.

“It’s an opportunity for me to do what I love,” Zbikowski told the paper. “It’s tough to pass on. What am I going to do with my free time until August anyways? If you know me, I’d go nuts. It’s not healthy for me to do nothing.”

He’s only expecting to make $100 from the fight, so he’ll likely stick to his day job in the NFL, assuming there will be a job for him and the rest of the players.

Normally NFL players’ contracts prohibit them from certain physical activities that would result in them suffering an injury, like boxing for example. But the restricted free agent hasn’t signed his tender offer, because of the labor negotiations, so he’s technically not under contract with the Ravens.

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