Man Charged With Choking Daughter, 7

CHICAGO (STMW) — A Back of the Yards neighborhood man has been charged with choking his 7-month-old daughter who had to be hospitalized earlier this week.

Steven Rossel, 26, of the 1400 block of West 48th Street, was arrested at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital about 8 a.m. Thursday, according to police.

The 7-month-old victim suffered bruises and redness to her neck after her father used his hands to choke her on at least two occasions before she was taken to the hospital Wednesday, according to a police report.

Rossel was charged Thursday night with two counts of aggravated domestic battery, according to police, who said they are also looking into allegations that on Oct. 6, 2010, he battered and choked his girlfriend, the mother of the victim.

Police began investigating after a notification came in on the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services’ child abuse hotline.

A DCFS spokesman did not immediately have information.

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  • fitz

    And this guy claims to be such a great “father”. Look him up on facebook. Lots of info from this punk. Have a good time locked up-they don’t like your kind in there.

  • Old Sparkies Waiting

    Hurt a Child, Death.

  • Ay stupid Mary Mitchell

    You are so ignorant for all your dumb comments you leave. I’m quite sure you don’t want to portray your own self because you are a punk!

    • LittleOldLady

      That is a terrible thing to say. You should feel ashamed of yourself!

  • dq

    he was turning his life around…not to mention his 7 month old daughters neck…

  • Lisa

    first of all you need to watch what your saying becase thats my sister your talking about and second of all you dont even know what happened, you only know what people post or tell you, you easliy believe people and what they say, soo why dont you wake up?

    • charger

      Dear Lisa, you poor child, you need to wake up. NO man is worth your child’s life!

    • 2:25

      “Ceci” what proof do yous have that the mother did anything? Did your mom tell you to take the blame for this? Or is this really her using her 14 year old daughters name? Petty.

    • ceci

      On that what this lisa is saying is wrong all there saying is what he did but nobody knows. The truth she also did things to that baby girl. And who knows what that so called boyfriend she has did but thats fine the truth will come out. If she didnt do anything why doesnt she have the girl she just as guiltie as him she need to be in jail right beside him

  • the one

    Hmm. I agree with Lisa because yous don’t know the whole story. People that jump to conclusions just end up feeling like a fool.

  • Lisa

    i agree, no man is worth a child life, but you jumped to a conclusion, instead of knowing the whole details, and what really happened

  • Lori

    The mother sounds like a real loser. I hope she doesnt get those little girls back. Is her boyfriend being investigated?

  • baby be safe

    This father is a loser but the mother is just as bad or even worse they both should rot in jail if the father did something to the little girl. It wasnt the first time and the mother letbit happen.

  • 9:05

    Nobody even cared about Steven until he had a baby. And not even in a good way. His family just looked at it as a way to make money. His mother wanted to claim the baby on her income taxes and when the baby’s mother said no, all of a sudden she stopped calling and answering Steven’s phone calls. And his sister also got mad because the baby’s mother didn’t want to do her taxes with a friend of hers. So his “family” needs to stop bothering the mother and her babies. Let them live peacefully.

  • just saying

    Haaaaaaaa! Stupid, ignorant “family” that is. Maybe he wouldn’t have done this if he had a real family. Everybody has problems, but it doesn’t mean you have to disown them. Especially if its a family member.

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