Todd Stroger Applies For Unemployment Benefits

CHICAGO (STMW) — Like thousands of Illinoisans who have lost their jobs, former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has applied for unemployment benefits.

But newly minted Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s administration officially “protested” the claim with the state’s unemployment agency.

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“. . . Former Board President Todd Stroger did submit an application for unemployment,” said a source in the Preckwinkle administration who is familiar with the application. “That application was protested because, as a former elected official, he is ineligible.”

Greg Rivara, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Employment Security said he can’t talk about specific unemployment applications.

But he did explain that his office is the first stop for the jobless seeking unemployment benefits.

Those benefits are tied to wages earned in the year leading up to the job loss. But state law doesn’t recognize the wages an elected leader earns in office when it comes to unemployment benefits.

“When someone applies, their weekly check is based on how much money they’ve earned,” Rivara said. “Could be from one source, could be from multiple sources, but wages earned from doing the job [someone was] elected to don’t figure in.”

In other words, it’s as if they didn’t work — or earn a dime.

That could effectively disqualify Stroger from collecting unemployment benefits — at least benefits resulting from his elected position.

It would be different if he were a regular county employee or worked in the private sector. If he could prove his case — that, say, the voters didn’t fire him for cause but that he lost his job through no fault of his own — he might qualify for unemployment, according to state law.

In that case, Stroger, who earned $170,000 annually as board president, would get about $530 a week in unemployment, according to the state.

On Friday, it was unclear where Stroger’s request stood. County officials hadn’t gotten final word from the state.

If he loses his bid for benefits, Stroger has the option of appealing his case all the way to circuit court.

Repeated attempts to reach Stroger at his South Side home and by phone were unsuccessful.

The 48-year-old married father of two left office on Dec. 6 when Preckwinkle, who edged him out of office in last year’s primary, was sworn in. On his way out the door, he told reporters he was thinking of getting into the insurance business and couldn’t rule out a return to politics.

The county was notified about his unemployment request on Jan. 7 of this year.

  • Average Guy

    Are you kidding me? Denied!

    • ann

      If he wants to take more money from taxpayers I’d be willing to let him do it in the form of living in prison off taxpayer dollars. How about that Todd Stroger? Then you won’t need those unemployment benefits you’re trying to skim off of tax payers….all your meals will be paid for.

  • Russ

    $530 a week!? Thats more than i make in a week working 40 hours! Thats some sh!t

    • amm

      Yep – I am unemployed and get about that for two weeks.


        here’s a negro that just keeps stealing and stealing….next his link card so when he walks out to his caddy in the hood,what a lowlife…..

    • Jesse

      Todd, Didn’t you know that raising the state tax to 10% hiring family members and mispending the state tax money would not get you re elected. What were you thinking Todd!!!!!

    • Average Guy

      No, it is not some Sh!t. I was working for a company where I made good dough. Suddenly, I lost my job. On unemployment I took home close to two thousand a month. It sounds good but, when you suddenly lose a job paying you three times that amount you could be hurting.

      • Gerald Spencer

        You are correct, Mr Average, you deserve your benefit. Your compensation package paid into unemployment insurance. Mr. Stroger’s package doesn’t include unemployment or, probably, worker’s comp. I hope you are back in the employed swing of things.

  • Judy

    Hey Stroger, how does it feel not to have a job. You stuck it to us now it’s payback time. You did not get laid off your job you were FIRED!!!!!!!. Have a nice life, or at least try to get one.

  • Citizen

    This guy truly is an idiot.

  • Tom Vlasic

    This guy is a loser…DENIED!!!

  • mary

    let him use the money i’m sure he has stuffed in his mattress. from being a crook for years.

  • One less tax eater

    I would have loved to be there to see this moron apply. He should have made a youtube video. I bet it would have gone viral. Too bad Todd, after all the money you spent giving lavish jobs to your friends, Yoy should go back to your job as Eurkel. Good riddins.

  • Did You evah!!!

    He has balls as big as church bells for asking for benefits. And so it goes…

  • 73444

    he desirves NOTHING ok maybe a penny for every day he was in office stealing our $!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck w/ that give em NOTHING, i’m sure he has stached $!!!!

  • Wonder Weirdo

    I cannot believe for the life of me that this man has the audacity to actually apply for benefits after he was robbing the people of this county and running into bankruptcy. I hope the Feds are investigating him and take him away soon.

  • Kathy

    He raised tax after tax. HIred his relatives and friends, gave them huge salaries to do nothing. I just never understood how he was able to get away with it, before an election kicked him out. Wasn’t all his hires against some type of major infraction, it is in the City, and State. right?

  • What a snake

    thats like the bank robber going back to the bank to get a few pennys he left behind! He’s gotta steal every penny he can get!

  • Jim

    When you are not re-elected then you are fired so no benefits for you!



  • Kendall Davis

    Poor Todd Stroger,how is that possible seeing all the time in the city council,state house and county board president. I’m sure he has friends in high places so he won’t have to resort to filing or attempting to file for unemployment. Time for his crony friends to come thru for him. He is one of the boy’s and a goof foot soldier.

  • evets wej

    seems like a catch-22 for him. under these rules it sounds like he could have earned unemployment benefits while he was an elected official? makes no sense, and frankly i don’t have a problem.

  • asil

    Hello Karma, I was wondering when you were gonna introduce yaself to my beloved Todd. Nice of you to FINALLY make an appearance:)

  • Hirosh

    What did he do with all that money he made while at City Hall?
    He was the top cat and made lots of money. Didnt he save some ot that?
    He is still young guy and can work as an assistant police officer or in any human resource place.
    He is got the experience and the abitllity to do what needs to be done.
    My wife told me to save as much as you can and give to God what belongs to Him and you will be OK
    Please do not ever hire your relatives or any in laws, that will get you in trouble.
    I hope the best for him.
    God bless you all.

    • evans

      He shouldn’t be working ANYWHERE. He should not be in charge of ANYTHING. McDonald’s would be too good for him.

  • The Truth

    This crooked shine belongs in prison!!!

  • mike

    Gee Todd! What happened to all of the money you stole? Did you BLOW IT ALREADY??

  • show me the money

    LOSER and a parasite’ hopefully this ahole will soon join george and rod in the joint with the rest of his bros

  • Want Cream In Da Coffee

    Mary, I want to party with you cowgirl!!!

    • mary mitchell

      johnie !

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  • DTW

    He’s so pathetic.

    He knows he can’t qualify because he was an elected official.

    The guy is really sad.

  • Hurting Bad

    Todd is getting what both him and his farther deserve, may he rest in peace. To bad he didn’t live to feel the pain he caused my family and other families like mine. I guess he never thought about his future, bet he never thought he’ll need to ask for money which he made it hard to get himself with his tax hike now he needs unemployment. As far as Todd well he can go to hell as well.

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