Brutality Trial To Begin For Streamwood Cop

CHICAGO (CBS) — The trial begins Tuesday for a Streamwood police officer accused of brutality.

Fired officer James Mandarino was caught on his own squad car dashboard camera beating a driver during a traffic stop.

The video shows him hitting the driver more than a dozen times and firing a stun gun.

The beating victim, Ronald Bell, 28, required hospital treatment. He was left with a concussion, seven stitches to his ear and multiple contusions, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.

A passenger in the vehicle was stunned twice.

The videotape showed no evidence that the motorist or passenger ever resisted arrest or presented any physical threat to the officer, prosecutors said previously.

Earlier, the video from Mandarino’s squad car shows a brief pursuit – about 30 seconds – before the driver stops in front of his own home. Mandarino is shown ordering the driver and passenger out of the car with his weapon drawn, and they comply.

Mandarino’s attorney has argued that the car fled a traffic stop, and Mandarino didn’t know if the occupants had a weapon.

Mandarino was a 15-year veteran of the Streamwood police force. He is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct, both felonies.

  • witness

    Any policeman who does NOT draw his weapon under the stated circumstance
    is an idiot,there`s nothing wrong with that,why does the article make it sound as though the officer was wrong for doing so?

  • witness

    cbs sensors are jerks,there was no reason to sensor my privious comment

  • Mr. Dent

    30 seconds of a so-called pursuit..means only one thing..Mr. Bell encountered this savage previously and recognized it was him as did this POS officer recognized Mr. Bell..and Mr. Bell didn’t feel safe to stop..which if you are pulled over and don’t feel safe you can go to a safe area..the savage went too far and he should save the tax payers money by not going through the trial and manning up to say he was wrong and accept his punishment…

    • Bell

      When we hear “Pursuit” we assume that means the cop is chasing someone with their lights and sirens on. In this case, it wasn’t like that at all. The officer pulled out of a parking lot to catch up with Ron without turning his lights on until Ron was in front of his driveway and the officer turned left onto the street Ron lived on. That’s where the press is wrong with this 30 second pursuit detail.

      You can see this in the FULL video if you watch it closely. You will see exactly when the lights go on.

  • 73444


  • Kay

    Nazis with police badges………

  • joe college

    Another example of how the media leads the lemming public to convict a police officer. This incident was not 30 seconds long but that is the only part the media will talk about. Rodney King also lead the LAPD on an hour pursuit and had fought with the LAPD on numerous occassions, injuring police officers. The media only showed the end of the incident. The drunks or drug addicts themselves are never to blame, remember they start the incident

    • Kik

      We all know the media is biased and most of us take that into account when we read the stories but knowing howmost of the cops are out in the NW suburbs I can see this happening quite easily. I know Streamwood cops personally, although I never met this one. He was probably having a bad day and lost his judgment. If a perp or suspect run, backup is called, if the officers feels threatened and pulls his weapon, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to shoot..These guys are trained to access the situation. He had 15 years on the force. If he had time to beat this guy like he did the he had more than enough time to subdue him, cuff him and put him in the car. There is no call for anyone to ever get beat unless the suspect is going nuts and really trying to hurt the officer. IF this cop is wrong I really do hope he goes to jail for at least 5 -7 years and then I hope he gets sued personally. He needs to know how it feels when someones life has been destroyed when it didn’t have to be.

    • Mr. Dent

      Have a look at the video and you tell me if this beating was justifiable..obviously his superiors didn’t think so and that is clearly why he was cover-up for the truth..the truth will always be the truth..,0,3415220.story?track=rss

      • Kik

        That video is where the media decided to let the public see it from. It’s not the whole video from the beginning. Watching the video we see the suspect already out of his car and if you watch closely you’ll see the cop telling him to get down on the ground. The suspect refused to get down on the ground so the cop did as he was trained to do. On top of everything else the cop has 2 more potential bad guys come out of the house and split up. Now the cop has to try and watch 3 potential risks to his personal safety. There is no audio so we can’t here what was being said, but I can bet the cop was telling the others to get back in thier home!! You see the one guy didn’t listen very well until the other cops arrived then he ran back into his home…. Trust me I’m not defending the cop. I don’t think anyone should take that kind of a beating without being able to defend themselves, except maybe baby rapers, they deserve it…..I know I’d have torn that cop a new hole myself. But we need to see the video from begining to end, not just what they want us to see. They being the media and the cops. Don’t you just hate it when they only give you little bits and pieces and say we can’t give you more because it would interfere with the on going investigation…ALL LIES!!!!

  • Lew

    This guy looks mean.

  • Mary mitchell

    I be tellin ya all !
    those police are corrupt !
    shooting out the window then
    high speed chase is part of
    our culture !
    its how our young men learn
    how to drive !
    they have to learn to get around the
    spike strips !

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