Pat Kennedy has 488 career wins as a Division I men’s basketball coach and has taken eight teams to the NCAA Tournament and five NITs. After 40 years of coaching Kennedy knows it’s not something you can easily walk away from.

“What happens is it gets so deep in your blood,” Kennedy said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “And like people say, ‘why do you constantly want to deal with the academics and the NCAA rules and the street agents and all the people that you have to deal with?’ Because it’s not easy work, it’s hard work, and that’s why coaches are being paid at the level their being paid at all levels of college football and basketball.

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“So it just kind of really gets into your skin and into your fiber and, you know, for me  I’ve been a head coach for 31 consecutive years, and before that I was an assistant for nine. So for 40 years I’ve laced them up every year and I’ve been on the floor teaching and coaching and recruiting and helping kids with their problems. Some people say ‘jeez why would you want to do that?’ But then when you start doing it, it becomes a part of you.”

Kennedy recently stepped down as the head coach at Towson University after a 4-26 season that ended with 19 consecutive losses. He had previously spent time as the head coach of the DePaul Blue Demons from 1997-2002 and Florida State from 1986-1997.

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