Report: Calgary’s Morrison Taunted By Blackhawks After Injury

Brendan Morrison had just signed a one-year contract with the Calgary Flames just days before he injured his knee in a game agaisnt the Chicago Blackhawks, and according to a report, was taunted coming off the ice.

“It wasn’t easy getting off,” Morrison told the Calgary Herald. “I couldn’t put much weight on that leg. To be honest, what I’ve tried to do is not stay down every time I’ve gotten hurt. It’s not trying to be manly or prove that I’m tough. The play is going on and you’ve got to get off the ice.”

Morrison suffered a knee injury after being hit by Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson. His status for the remainder of the season in uncertain.

“What was a little disappointing was coming off and guys from the Chicago bench being a little disrespectful,” Morrison said. “That was uncalled for. But you do what you do and try and get off the ice. I don’t know if they understood what was going on but some young guys on their team were standing up and yelling. I don’t think it’s very professional. But they’ll learn.’’

The Blackhawks went on to win the game 6-4, it was the two teams’ last scheduled meeting this season. However, they could potentially meet up in the playoffs, as both teams are currently among the top eight in the Western Conference (Blackhawks No. 4 and Flames No. 6).

  • Man Up

    What a big baby.

  • Tim Toporek

    Sniffle, LeBron is waiting for you in the locker room to console you.

  • Marc S

    Sounds like BS to try to create some sort of revenge feelings from the Flames.

  • Jack In Rogers Park

    Welcome to the sports world. Get over it

  • Joe Friedman

    Wow, that’s just terrible. Life can be so cruel at times. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A JOB ON THE PANSY TRUCK YOU JACKWAGON!

  • Jayboto

    That is such a vague recollection by Morrison that he makes it nearly impossible to address. What does he mean by “being a little disrespectful”? Without knowing Morrison’s definition, the “young guys” could have been saying almost anything to him. Plus, who are the “young guys”? That could cover almost everyone on the roster short of a few players. Morrison should either be willing to disclose specific comments made by specific players, or he should just let it go.

  • jay chiz

    Everyone knows it was that mouthy little goof Kane! he loves to yip but won’t back it up, nobody in the league likes him including his own team mates! you can tell Toews despises him just look at the way they are around each other, but it’s ok though he’ll get his in the playoffs this year… especially since the Hawks traded off all their muscle in the off season.

  • JR

    Yo jay chiz, get a clue. Toews is a roommate and good friend of Kane.

    Beyond that, Morrison provided no evidence or names to back him claim. And his claim amounted to a couple of Hawks were “talking”. Talking on the bench–can you imagine?

  • BC

    Morrison has been a class act his whole career and never given any indication of misleading the media or the fans. Sounds like a lot of Hawks fans aren’t willing to accept the bad with the good of having young players that haven’t learned the difference between swagger and stupidity. The Hawks are a great team with great players, but they certainly lack class. I can’t believe fans don’t lose their minds with anger every time they see Kane chewing on his stupid mouth guard. Give him a pacifier and tell him to keep his mouth shut until he decides to back up his talk with muscle. Seriously, the chatter on that bench is embarrassing to the entire city of Chicago.

  • JR

    Yes, Kane chewing on a mouth guard is almost like grabbing one’s crotch.

    Care to backup that claim of the Blackhawks “certainly” lacking class?

    Don’t let me down. God hate’s a coward.

    • MR

      Well god must hate you unless you own up to Kane being a spoiled little baby!

  • Bob Probert

    The Blackhawk players are wimps and crybabies,they will catch their lunch sooner or later.and most of you Jagbags don’t fall off the wagon you jumped on.

    • SpellingIzHawrd

      Arent you a rotting corpse?

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