With conference tournaments already underway, it’s not too late to to starting scouting some teams that could slip under the radar and do some damage once the big dance starts.

“Keep an eye on Kansas State,” Jerry Palm, of CollegeRPI.com, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Watch them in the Big 12 tournament. They’ve been playing a lot better the last, say, three weeks and looking closer to the team that was a preseason top five. They’re not playing at that level, but they are playing well enough where they could hurt someone in the NCAA Tournament, especially if they end up being something like a five or six-seed. Maybe a team like Marquette even. If they get some confidence outside their home-floor, they certainly have shown that they’re capable of beating some pretty good teams.

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“Further down the bracket, teams that won’t go deep into the tournament, but might win a game or two, I kind of like Oakland, the champion of the Summit League, from suburban Detroit. They are a team that has a quality big man in Keith Benson, which is something that you don’t see at a lot of schools like that. And they played a really difficult schedule, they played half the Big Ten, they won at Tennessee, they were pretty competitive against a lot of teams that they played this year that are all going to be tournament teams. So they’re not going to be in awe of being in the tournament because they’ve been there before and they’re not going to be surprised by what sort of level of athlete they find when they get there.”

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