Barber Accused Of Using Facebook To Attack Women

CHICAGO (CBS) — A West Pullman barber already accused of raping a woman he met on Facebook has been charged with a similar attack two years ago.

Wayne Smith, 25, allegedly communicated with the woman over the phone and through Facebook before they met in person in October 2009, according to Cook County prosecutors.

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When the woman took a bus home after meeting Smith, she realized that Smith had also gotten on the bus, assistant state’s attorney Tom McGuire said.

The woman, then 28, got off the next stop and Smith followed, hooking his arm around her neck as he forced her to his residence, McGuire said.

The woman believed the sharp object she felt in Smith’s pocket was a gun, McGuire said. Smith allegedly told her that he would hurt her if she said anything, McGuire said.

Once at his residence, then in the 8700 block of South Crandon, Smith let the woman use the bathroom where she tried to call for help on her cell phone, McGuire said.

Smith heard the woman and busted into the bathroom before he dragged her to the bedroom and raped her, McGuire said. He allegedly choked her and struck her during the attack.

Smith eventually tried to force her to perform a sex act on him but he was interrupted when his sister came home, McGuire said.

Smith told the woman not to say anything or he’d kill her, McGuire said.

The woman told her parents and ex-boyfriend about the attack and she was treated at Roseland Community Hospital.

The woman identified him in a lineup a year ago, but because of a lack of physical evidence, he was not prosecuted at the time, according to a police report.

Authorities re-opened the case when Smith, 25, was charged with raping another woman in his home on Feb. 28.

Prosecutors say the latest victim was also a Facebook acquaintance and went out with Smith, then to the apartment he shared with his mom. They say he raped the woman and told her he’d shoot her if she didn’t perform a sex act on him.

They also say she ran to Smith’s mom’s bedroom naked to her what happened before calling police.

Smith’s mother, Isabella Smith said she didn’t see anything that would support the assault allegation.

She emphatically defended her son when asked about the charges.

“My son is a good boy,” she told CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman.

In the older case, Smith communicated with his alleged victim over the phone and via Facebook before they met in-person at a restaurant on Oct. 13, 2009, Cook County prosecutors said Wednesday.

In that incident, Smith is accused of attacking a woman he met on Facebook while his mother was at home, in the 12000 block of South Wallace.

He also allegedly choked that woman, told her he had a gun and threatened to kill her if she didn’t have sex with him.

Smith was ordered held on $200,000 bail for February’s attack at a bond hearing last week. A judge added an additional $300,000 bond on Wednesday for the 2009 attack.

(The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.)

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  • mcgver

    cant we all just get along?????

  • Mary mitchell

    A very romantic man of color !
    and , a very sweet good young man

    • Tiffany Carter

      A very sweet, good, young man?? Is that your way of describing a rapist?? Your ass will probably be next, Goofy!

  • Question

    I see that some PC lib reported my earlier comment so I will reiterate……………….how did this species of simian get social networking and computer skills??? A rare breed indeed!!

  • Mary Mitchell - You're Not Funny

    You know, the whole “Mary Mitchell” doppelganger bit could have been a really good idea if it wasn’t wasted by the author who just seems to have not one iota of comedic talent in him/her.
    Just because you throw in a couple of “ya’s” and “you go girls” doesn’t make it funny. You just come off sounding like a racist buffoon.
    Please do us all a favor and just STOP!

    • Tiffany Carter

      Well said!!

  • michael crowder

    I seen this dude around where I used to reside @ and a matter of fact I got homies that was letting this goofy dude cut their hair.well if it’s true I feel like in the joint he’s going to be in a bad position lmao cause it’s alot of rapist where he’s going. Don’t drop the soap homie lol

    • anonymous

      And he has a daughter that lives with him

  • B. Perkins

    People need to be more careful of the company that they keep. His mother knows he is a loser. Why would the woman run out naked if he wasn’t assaulting her? Two different people can’t tell the same lie. He is guilty of something.

  • thank ful friend

    i always had a bad feeling abou thim thank god he didn’t hurt my friend !!!!!!!!! THank you Jesus ……He derserve what ever he gets

  • God WIlling

    Met him off FB and dated him a while back in 2010. Learned early on he was not to be trusted, one too many lies. Thank God I had that clarity, and I am not one of the victims on his roster.

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