Updated: Woman Fatally Shot In Chicago Heights

Updated 1:39 p.m. 3/12/11

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (STMW) -Police have a person of interest they are questioning after the death of a 19-year-old girl who was fatally shot at a home in Chicago Heights Friday night.

The teen, identified by police as 19-year-old Haley Pelock, was shot Friday night at 43 W. 26th St., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. Pelock was pronounced dead on the scene at 7:50 p.m., according to the medical examiner’s office.

Chicago Heights police Capt. Jeffrey Bohlen said the shooting happened about 7:30 p.m. and she was found inside a home.

Crews from the Chicago Heights Fire Department rushed to the scene, and tried to render aid but could not find any signs of life.

Bohlen said Pelock had some time off from school, possibly a junior college, and had gone to visit a guy prior to the shooting.

Bohlen said he and his daughter knew the victim, and he used to play softball with the victim’s father.

“She was a peach, an absolute peach. She was an absolutely beautiful girl,’’ Bohlen said.

The captain said police have taken one person into custody but as of Saturday afternoon, no charges have been filed.
“It’s a tragedy,’’ the chief said.

Pelock lived in South Chicago Heights, in the 3100 block of Courtney Lane, according to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy was scheduled for Saturday but results were not immediately available.

A motive for the attack was not known immediately.

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  • Felice Wyatt

    This was a girl that had a loving family, went to the best schools, was beautiful, and did not deserve this!!!! My prayers go out to her mother and father.

  • Tammy

    Jesse Jacka$$ isn’t about helping the black or minority communities, all he does is shoot down whitey any chance he gets. Racism is all he is about.

    • Mr. Justice

      Good comments Tammy.

  • Keri

    So you are saying that colors should get back to free loading the government and living for free??? I really hope that’s not what you meant. Otherwise that is just great!!! As you can tell I’m being sarcastic. How about work hard. Companies legally have to hire a certain amount of race…….what about qualifications??

    And Tammy you are sooooooooo right!!! Jesse is about shooting down whitey instead of helping those like him.

  • Concerned

    The shooter in this incident is certainly a black nig. What the hell is going on in this city?

    • Appalled!

      Actually he is not! he is a nice boy but something happened. He was a good kid back in the day. I cant believe you all are talking about this the way you are. I used to live right down the street from him and he was never like that. he must have snapped!

      • Citizen

        Crack rocks will do that.

  • Appalled!

    This kid was a good kid back in the day! I know him and he just must have snapped about something. He would have never done anything like this. I think it is a horrible thing to do But everyone says it was an accident. Of course it wasnt, and yes he deserves jail time. And The freaking economy and government arent doing anything about it. In the past year, 3 ppl I kno have either killed themselves, or killed another person and are currently doing time. Why isnt the state doing anything about it yet?

    • A. Saxon

      The state can’t possibly lock up the entire black population. But it was a good idea anyway. HaHaHaHa!!!!

      • T Green

        No, the state can’t. They CAN and DO lock up idiots and morons…kinda like yourself.

  • sick of uninformed people

    these are good kids, just a terrible accident, another case of kids playing with guns, i know both families very well and they are both good kids… i am sick of people posting things that they really dont know anything about good god at least wait until after the investigation… PLEASE remember these kids have family who may read these posting so PLEASE let all be respectful… and pray for both families they are going to need it.. god bless you hayley you are going to be missed,,,,,,

    • T Green

      No matter the story or situation, there will always be people like those on this page who will reply with their stupidity. Apparently, they have nothing else better to do with themselves, and putting down others is just a mechanism for coping with their own sorry lives. Asking them to be “respectful” is a lost cause.

  • T green ( either rightious ego man or total idiot !

    you decide !

  • yalonda

    i think the boyfriend did it!!!!

  • Mike

    Take a moment and think about how long it took Ryan to get up after he shot his girlfriend Hayley “The love of his life” he had to leave her there and go outside and hide the gun. How long did that take him? Could Hayley have been saved if he would have called 911 and helped her instead of himself?

    What’s the timeline here? Was Ryan checked for drugs and/or alcohol? Who made the 911 call and what does it say? This is all public info especially if there’s no murder charge. Why not report this story in an ethical manner?

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