1 Fatally Shot, Another Wounded Leaving Club

CHICAGO (STMW) – One man was fatally shot and another wounded while exiting a West Side club early Sunday in the Garfield Park neighborhood.

The men were exiting a club in the 3800 block of West Madison Street when shots were fired about 1:50 a.m., police said.

A 22-year-old man was shot in the head and taken in critical condition to Mount Sinai Hospital, police said. He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2:55 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, which was not releasing his identity pending family notification.

A 24-year-old man was shot in the leg and taken to Loretto Hospital in “stable” condition, police said.

A description of the gunman was not immediately available.

Harrison Area detectives are investigating, but nobody is in custody early Sunday.

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  • DB


  • mike

    lets teach these boys to shoot better and kill two birds with one stone

    • mshoney

      Idiots. You must be stupid skinheads

  • Shane Truax

    Good idea Mike, see you at the club tonight around 2. You do the talkin’….

    • NWA

      You two wouldn’t be caught breathing in front of that club!


  • gposner

    Why not just remain in the club if you know you’ll be shot when you leave. Simply use a woman as a shield.

    • mshoney

      like your mama?

  • gposner

    Ahhh good old fashioned “herd thinning.” Can’t wait til summer round up…

    • Albert

      We all couldn’t agree more G.

  • gee-regg

    Don’t you worry , I’m sure father Flakey (Phleger) and the most reverund Jack^^S will be there tp protest these black folk being shot and killed OH WAIT they won’t care because it was black on black crime so they don’t care

    • F Phleger!!!

      Phleger is another race-baiting disgrace!!! Thnx for bringing him up and causing my blood pressure to rise!! Another “good reverend” who needs to remember what side he should be on, instead of pointing the finger at whitey!!!

  • Zarathrusta

    If we stop blaming the guns we gotta look at who’s pulling the trigger and that’s not good for the Democrats.

  • Mary Mitchell

    What is wrong with these parents ! Teaching their kids to kill and rob !
    And our politicians : spending time on the death penalty , then marijhiana reform,
    then gay rights !! ( gays should not receive any government assistance !
    they are dysfunctional people ! why should the taxpayer pay for this ! )
    We need the FBI and national guard to sweep the city !
    Jesse Jackson has never done anything positive for the black community !
    ( what the hay was he doing in wisconsin ? we need him to fight the gangs ! )
    And Mary Mitchell ! , etc !!! They prey upon the weak !!!!
    Is the black community so stupid not to realize this ? I hope not !!!
    Now we have the muslim thing ! ( making pretty girls cover up in a blanket
    On a 95 degree day , sweating like a pig ! WITH A TOWEL ON THEIR HEAD ! )
    Should a newspaper hire a person just to write a racist column ?
    Is society stupid ?
    Shame on you SunTtimes !
    There’s talented young journalist out there wanting to make a difference !
    And no , Mary Mitchell , rap is not an art ! just another money scheme to
    prey upon the weak ! , check out band: Garaj Mahal for talented black musicians !
    Billy Cobham ! Miles Davis ! Stanley Clarke ! Dizzy Gillespie ! Tony Macalpine !
    ( but, everyone calls me stupid ! )

    Here”s a Mary Mitchell response :
    Hi , Im Mary Mitchell !
    This Police crackdown on men of color will have an
    adverse effect on our culture !
    Our culture is based upon receiving free stuff from the
    Government ! Police enforcement of drug crimes,
    robbery , burgleries and murders will cause our
    young men of color to have to study hard in school
    and get good grades and work at McDonalds and
    learn to make a living the honest way !
    ( the way white youths do ! )
    This must stop ! Jesse and I will help get our
    Color society back to a freeloading
    Taxpayer based economy
    of which we are accustomed to !
    Im a crazy crack ho bee atch !
    Why don’t they crack down on the St.Pattys gang !
    Irish gang , they all wear green , have a shamrock tattoo on check !
    The ring leader goes by “ Lord of the dance “

    Why censor my opinion ?
    Just go to another site ! Dum people !
    Am I saying anything that isn’t true ? Tell me !!
    Im going to be a politician soon , making a taxpayer fair wage and helping
    the USA people ! ( I cant be any worse any worse than what”s out there , roland buris , todd stronger )

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