Lyric Opera Patron Charged With Shoving Usher

CHICAGO (STMW) — A Lyric Opera patron was arrested over the weekend after allegedly shoving an usher twice when he was not allowed back into a performance of “Carmen” after leaving to get opera glasses.

On Saturday night, Sergey Dembski, 38, of Mundelein first asked a 31-year-old female usher where he could go to to get opera glasses, even when she warned him he wouldn’t be allowed back in until intermission, police said.

He instead went down to the main lobby and tried twice to get back in. He told the same usher he paid $200 for the ticket and wanted in, police said.

Dembski then shoved the usher twice, police said. Police responded to 20 N. Wacker Dr. about 7:45 p.m. and arrested him.

A police report indicated that once at the station, Dembski was “intoxicated and became obnoxious and hostile.” He was put into a “rubber room to prevent him from hurting himself.”

Dembski was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery, police said.

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  • Men who stare at Goats

    Hey Sergey Dembski,
    this is not the motherland where u pay to see 2 goats having sex in a straw hut with dirt floor.

    Man Up Chump.

    • lwlfnm

      Sergey is most likely from Russia. Bolshoy Theater and Mariynsky Theater harldy are straw huts. Chicago won’t have Russian level of performance in thousand years. Enjoy 2 goats yourself:)

    • kay

      You are as bad as the opera patron and a bigot as well.

    • mrbarolo78

      You’re right. This is not “the motherland.” It’s the good ol’ USA, where any fool with at a keyboard can insult strangers with impunity. You and Sergey seem to be made for each other.

  • Guy at work

    Although he definitely should not have pushed her, he does kind of a have a point. He did pay $200 for the ticket. It would not have been that hard just to let him return to his seat. What if he had to use the bathroom? I hate people with a false sense of authority that see the world in black and white. Just like those losers at Costco who want to see your receipt when leaving the store. I already paid so get away from me!

    • B

      What about consideration for the other people who paid $200 a ticket as well? Why should they be interrupted by his actions? FYI, you would have to wait until intermission to get back in even if you stepped out to use the bathroom.

    • SmartyPants

      And what about all the other people who paid $200 a head? Is it ok to disrupt their experience of the opera by this guy crawling over them and in front of them back into the row during the performance? The usher told him before he left the auditorium that he would not be allowed back in until intermission, so he should have expected to be stopped. Clearly, you’ve never been to the opera (really–get up to go to the bathroom during the performance? that’s what intermission is for), so you can’t speak to the norms and expected behavior at such an event. The guy was completely wrong. And, apparently the norm of behavior at Costco is to show your receipt before you leave the store. Either play by the rules in the arena you’re in, or go elsewhere.

  • Guy at work

    Just because it’s the norm at Costco, doesn’t make it right. Is it right for old people and kid’s to be patted down by FAA goons at the airport? According to your logic, that’s ok because it’s the norm. I refuse to lay down like sheeple. Since I’ve paid for my purchase at Costco, I shouldn’t be scrutinized further by some loser with a marker. If the store thinks that I stole, they can refer to their security cameras. I know it has them. As for the guy returning to his seat, don’t be some dramatic. How hard is it to adjust yourself so he can move by? It happens in the movie theatre all the time.

    • SmartyPants

      If you don’t like that Costco checks your receipt before you leave the store, then don’t shop there. Nobody is forcing you to go to that store. If you want what they have to offer, then you abide by their rules. It’s just that simple. And, old people can be terrorists like anybody else, and a terrorist could place a device on a child. Again, if you don’t llike the rules, don’t use the airports. And, just because people walk over me at the movies doesn’t mean I like it, or that it’s not rude. If I pay $200 for an opera ticket, I expect to watch the performance without some lout climbing over me or creating some other disturbance partway through Act 2. That’s how it works. Again, if you don’t want to live by the rules, don’t patronize establishments that have rules. Grow your own food, walk to Pittsburgh. It’s all about choices, man.

    • mrbarolo78

      The “loser with the marker” is an employee doing his or her job and dealing with jerks like you on top of it. You buy a membership at Costco, you play by their rules. They have a 2-phased check-out system, and you know that. When I check out a library book, I also have to show the security guard my bag on the way out. Same deal.
      You don’t like it, write a letter. Cancel your membership. Why insult someone who’s already working hard for a pretty meager living?
      (You seem very enamored of the word “loser.” A little insecurity there…?)

      • Guy at work

        As far as I’m concerned, the guy at Costco taking a marker and swiping a receipt over and over again is a loser. How much skill is actually involved in doing that job? Did he go to school to learn how to swipe receipts? Was a college degree an actual requirement for his job? It’s one thing if he faced insurmountable hardships and absolutely needed that job for survival. I get that. But he’s been doing the same meaningless task over and over again for the last 8 years. Do you honestly mean to tell me that he couldn’t find anything better in that time? He couldn’t advance his skill set in 8 years? Networking or low-cost tuition at a community college could have helped. So go and keep espousing your socially acceptable rhetoric. The guy is a loser. A successful person with a halfway decent head on their shoulders wouldn’t do his job. And I’ve had bad jobs before. I just never stayed there after 8 years.

    • eman

      One does not have to show a receipt when leaving a store. Just say ‘no thank you’ and go your way. If you’re under the eye of store security for a REAL reason then you will be stopped on the way out.

      • Kelly D.

        So tell us, Guy at work, what awe-inspiring cubicle are you typing from at 3:41 in the afternoon? LOSER!

  • theatreworker

    It’s not a movie, where it is also rude to get up and leave and come back. The performers are interuppted. The other audiance members, who so generously paid for their tickets as well, are interuppted. It’s increasingly aggrivating to see certain individuals with the thinking that they can do whatever they want because they bought a ticket. From answering a phone or texting to letting your child talk through the entire show, it’s rude! Be aware the other people around you. It’s a theater, not your couch. I will say, that for the most part Chicago theatre goers are wonderful and they keep the arts alive here. And don’t be afriad to glare when others are ruining your experience, they hate that..! thanks

    • Guy at work

      To Kelly D.

      I guarantee you that I’m doing better than the guy at Costco.

      • someone with compassion

        You may be making more money-but you certainly are NOT doing better. Some one with your attitude better pray they never loose their job. You won’t get hired going into an interview with the attitude that you are better than any one else.

  • Is OK For You I Put Name Here

    Where it say name, I put my name or your name? You put your name Sir, oh thank you Sir OK for you then.

  • Dan

    Just stay home and watch PBS if you can’t stay seated it’s that simple. Then you can get up when ever you want for what ever reason.

    I think the cops got even with this jerk by placing him in the “Rubber Room” since he was probably obnoxious to them as well.

  • mike

    HEY SERGEY!!! What part of” YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO RETURN TO YOUR SEAT” don’t you understand? BOLSHOI DURAK!!!! DUPAH YOSH!!!

  • M Bradley

    Anyone that have ever gone to the Opera knows an annoucement is made that you may leave during the scheduled intermissions (and if you must leave for any reason prior to this, you will be asked to wait outside the auditorium as not to disturb the other patrons). Since Mr. Dembski was obviously unfamiliar with this, it seems to have added to his anger. Who would deliberately leave the auditorium knowing they would not get back in unless there was an emergency? Who goes to the Opera to be charged with battery? Seems like this guy is the loser….. DUMBSKI, not Dembski

  • Tony Clifton I Did It My Way

    Lets face facts anyone attending the Opera is a loser. You know who you are.

  • Lew

    Amen Tony Clifton!

    • South Side

      Right on. Did you ever see those idiots out on Wacker before the opera, dressed up in tophats and scarves and stuff looking like the freakin’ Monopoly guy? Pompous handjobs.

  • Respect Mr Tony Clifton

    Thanks for your freaking support, enjoy the veal, goodnight all.

  • jstcnw

    Actually, a lot of people attend the operas at the Civic Opera House in casual clothes.

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