$5M Worth Of Pot Found Hidden In Load Of Carrots

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two Florida men were arrested earlier this week after allegedly trying to smuggle $5 million worth of marijuana by hiding it in a large shipment of carrots.

Abraham Garcia-Acosta, 44, of Loxahatchee, Fla., and Diego Diaz-Perez, 49, of West Palm Beach, Fla., both have been charged with possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and have been ordered held on $15,000 bond, Cook County Sheriff’s police said.

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Acting on a tip, Cook County Sheriff’s investigators conducted surveillance on the two men, following them to two hotels in Elk Grove Village.

On Monday, officers observed a black Isuzu engaged in suspicious activity at the Days Inn in Elk Grove Village, Asst. State’s Atty. Kilby Macfadden said in court Tuesday.

The officers followed the rental car to a Motel 6 in Elk Grove Village, where they saw Garcia-Acosta exit the semi and enter the Isuzu, Macfadden said. After a few minutes, he got back into the truck before he drove off.

A short time later, officers stopped Garcia-Acosta in Mount Prospect after he committed a traffic violation while driving a white semi-tractor trailer truck with a Florida registration. Garcia-Acosta and Diaz-Perez, his passenger, allegedly gave police conflicting stories about where they were going and what was being shipped in the truck.

$5 Million Worth Of Marijuana Found Hidden In Load Of Carrots

Cook County Sheriff's Police found more than $5 million worth of marijuana hidden in a load of carrots being shipped in a semi-tractor trailer truck on March 14, 2011. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Police)

Elk Grove Village Police canine units were called in for assistance, and the dogs detected the presence of drugs in the truck.

Sheriff’s police searched the truck and found 80 large plastic-wrapped bundles containing 1,173 pounds of marijuana, police said. A load of carrots was being used to conceal the drugs.

The drugs have an estimated street value of approximately $5,325,000, police said.

Garcia-Acosta and Diaz-Perez were arrested and, on Tuesday, bond was set at $15,000 for both men. They were due back in court on April 8, police said.

The driver of the Isuzu was not charged.

(The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.)

  • Gregory J Malis

    what’s up doc!

  • LoveTheHerb

    big deal…legalization is almost here!

  • joe

    “They were due back in court on April 8″….. Yeah, I am sure they will be there! Only $15,000 bonds for having $5 million in drugs? Who was their attorney, I want him next time I need bonding out.

    • snot

      Maybe you shouldn’t break laws and you won’t need to be bailed out.

      • jeff

        Okak goodie two shoe…

      • Proud Stoner

        Have you smoked pot even once in your entire life, snot?

        I’d be willing to bet you haven’t.

        If you haven’t, as I think, then you shouldn’t comment on something you know nothing about.

  • Ju Holley

    I wouldn’t think they’d come back to court they’re in Mexico somewhere and with such a small bond.who’s the attorney the ghost of Johnny Cochran?

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    Whoever gave the ‘tip’ should be drug through the streets and shot.

    • Jeff

      Don’t the cops have something better to do..

      • Vaxjo

        They just found over half a ton of pot; I’d say their weekend is booked.

    • Proud Stoner

      I agree 100%!

      The cops should focus on actual crimes like rape, child molestation and harder drugs like heroin and crack.

      But, I suppose its easier to bust a bunch of peace-loving, gentle, nonviolent pot smokers. After all, that’s what the energy, paper, alcohol and tobacco industries want. And they definitely don’t want the marketplace competition legal pot would bring to each industry.

      • jeffrey

        Yes I have .. didn’t like it freaked me out .. maybe try it again , not sure where to get it now that these guys got busted..

  • jeff

    I guess so , where’s the party !!!!!!!!!!

  • Biff

    Garcia, Perez? What the hell are these idiot’s immigration status?

  • jeff

    Ship’m back to Mexico.. I’m sure they are already out on bail and back there anyway..

  • Toon

    Did I mention how much I like carrots?

  • Ime

    Glad to see this pot off our streets. Its 5 million less corrupting our society. Now a word from our Budweiser sponsor.

  • Lene

    Yeah, and I wonder what they will be smuggling in from Mexico when their trucks start driving our highways. I wonder how many people in how many ways they can pack into a semi. How stupid is our government!!!! Are these guys illegal or are they plants disguised as people just looking to work hard and make an honest living and be American…lol See where politically correct gets you!

  • jeff

    now that’s deep????

  • RsubG

    So the cops say the street value is over $4,500 per pound? $5,325,000 / 1,173 lbs? Some cop is stroking his ego behind his desk. I would say the street value is more like $500,000

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      The police take the total amount of confiscated material and divide it into it’s smallest marketable (and most-profitable) sales amount.

      In other words, the total $$ estimate is as if the dealers were to sell all of it as dime bags. That’s not going to happen.

  • jeff

    Not sure what a pound goes for these days? know it’s not that muchn

  • Proud Stoner

    What a waste of police resources. Pot is safer than alcohol and should be legalized.

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