CHICAGO (CBS 2) – He was one of five Chicago officers murdered last year and his case remains unsolved. Officer Michael Bailey was shot dead in front of his Park Manor home. What’s worse, some of his family members watched him die. Bailey’s daughters spoke with CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman about what hurts them most.

“I’d like us to have some peace,” said Danielle Drayton. She and her sister, Jada Bailey, say peace will come only when they learn who killed their father.

“It was the saddest day of my life,” said Bailey. They hope someone who knows something will read this story, and share the information.

“We have no idea why no one will come forward,” said Drayton, acknowledging there’s a $130,000 reward.

Bailey said, “All this has shown me, is how real the code of silence is, and how real death is.”

They buried their dad last July. On the morning Bailey died, he was wiping down the car he bought to celebrate his pending retirement. That’s when he became the victim of a violent gun crime.

“I saw my father stretched out in the street, lying there,” said Bailey. A neighbor heard her say, “They killed my daddy.”

“It was a very uncomfortable screech. You could tell she was in pain,” recalled Angelece Cook.

So profound was their pain, the family couldn’t stay in the neighborhood. They no longer call Park Manor home. They boarded up their place and left shortly after Bailey’s death. Then they waited for answers. Officers searched all over for clues. They continue to follow up on tips – still nothing. And missing him never gets any easier.

“I even tried to go to the phone in a rush cause I was excited about news,” explained Bailey, “I wanted to tell him I did it. I passed the police exam for Chicago.”

She knows it would have meant the world to him – just like she knows he’d want people to do right by him.

“I want him to be the case that kills the code of silence,” said Bailey.

Their mother chose not to participate in the interview because it’s still too difficult.

They hopes to be at the “Walk to Remember” April 30th.

Money raised from that goes to families like theirs. The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation hopes people come out in droves.

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