U Of C Students Launch ‘Hookups’ Website

CHICAGO (CBS) — The University of Chicago has long been known for Nobel Prizes, but if the organizers of a new website have their way, the school will soon elevate its sexual reputation.

As CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports, a group of University of Chicago students have created a website called UChicagoHookups.com.

The site offers students a chance to spice things up on campus by helping them hook up with other students for casual sexual encounters.

The site also carries the motto “Where Fun Comes To Thrive,” a play on the school’s unofficial motto.

“This is known as the place where fun comes to die,” said Jon Clindaniel of Palatine, a junior archaeology major.

That will change if the students behind this website have their way. The site advertises: “Chastity is curable if detected early.”

Reviews of the website have been mixed.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said junior political science major Peter Visser.

“I’m kind of ambivalent,” said freshman Chinese major Anna Gustafson.

“I think it’s a good idea. It’s a lot of fun,” said Kimberly Wright. She said she wouldn’t use the site herself, but has friends who have.

Site officials said that more than 200 students have registered and sent more than 1,000 messages to other University of Chicago students, who in many cases are looking for a no-strings-attached experience.

Freshman Lynda Lopez logged on but didn’t like what she saw.

“I was like, ‘This is not for me.’ I could do a lot better,” said Lopez.

Clindaniel said the University of Chicago campus has been socially repressed for a long time.

He said if this site sparks something of a sexual revolution in Hyde Park, then that would be good for the stuffy academic oasis. And while he hasn’t used the site, he said he won’t rule it out either.

“This is a necessary step to allow people to feel free to hook up on their own time and unwind,” Clindaniel said.

Site officials said they hope to expand to other local campuses.

University of Chicago officials did not respond to an interview request.

  • JR

    I don’t blame these kids for trying to find a way to meet people.

    There are virtually no local bars in Hyde Park and you can be sure there are less than 2 people on AFF at the UofC.

    Where Fun Comes To Die is no joke down there.

    Maybe the UofC should start focusing on making Hyde Park a bit more social and welcome a few businesses into the area, instead of chasing them away or asking northside rent for southside properties.

    Just a thought.

    • Deb

      Meet people? Sorry, I thought this was a pimp your child out website.

      • JR

        You’re missing the point Deb.

        If there were more ways for people to meet in Hyde Park (which is a traditional way to find potential partners), a site like this wouldn’t be as relevant.

        Sadly, the UofC does not encourage a social scene….period. If you think elsewise, we can agree to disagree.

        Now that the Olympic dream is in the rearview mirror, maybe the speculating UofC can populate some of the vacant buildings they bought up and let people connect in a more organic setting.

        Otherwise, students will continue to spend their time and money on the northside, where there are actually a few things to do.

      • The Real Truth

        Hey. Helicopter mom. They are not children. They are grown adults. What’s wrong with you? Do you go on dates with your son or daughter? Approve their dates. Let them live their own lives; you’ve smothered them too much already. Let go.

      • DB

        this is ignorant and does not contribute anything to the discussion. Thank you for wasting the time of everyone that reads your worthless comment.

      • LOLhypocrisy

        pot meet kettle, DB

    • Bilbo

      They should call it “Meet a Doctor” because after the STDs increase that’s precisely what will happen. I used to work in a medical lab and tests for STDs always spiked once school started and many of the addresses on the forms were college campuses.

  • steve

    Amazing how you immediatly connect wanting to have casual sex to being immoral and believing in abortion. So anyone that wants to have sex, remember, you believe in abortion and have absolutly no morals.

    Very close minded statement made from ignorance.

    • yeaa

      Vs what??? The asine statment you just made??? Some STD are up 1000%from 20 yrs ago; 3 1/2 million abortions a year, yea……..

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        I guess if you cant use real facts, make some up!!!

    • Riley Smiley

      I say get out of the way and let the degenerates do what they want. I hope they all get AIDS and die.

      • Bob

        i hope you get you head cut off with a rusty blade , you moron

      • Bob

        sorry that was in reply Riley to Smiley

      • DB

        i hope you never have kids. because the hate filled environment you will raise them in will surely ruin them.

    • laceygreene

      Steve, you’re the ignorant one. Casual sex IS immoral and will lead to more STD’s and unplanned pregnancies. What rock are you living under? Of course it will. Also, yeah I believe anyone who wants to have casual sex is immoral and if they have no morals regarding sex, then it is possible they wouldn’t have any morals when it comes to dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. No, it’s not close minded or ignorant. It’s called logic.

  • fel121

    What are you like 100?

  • Dave

    Let me guess…98% of the users are men.

    • tony

      Ha, dont even have to see the sight to know thats true.

    • Rachel

      I wouldn’t think so, as a female college student, I know quite a bit of young women who don’t want a relationship but do wish they could find a brief fling or hook-up. Especially in college, women are more open these days, without as much shame being placed on them about virginity and whatnot.

  • Jim

    At least they’ll know who to market for STD info. Some young entrepreneur will have to set up an after-hours lab and pharmacy. What’s really scary will be the homeliness of the clientele.

  • KipNoxzema

    So it’s another Facebook, in other words.

    • zeek


      • nmvvcc

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    • Scott

      @ KipNoxzema… you’re exactly right; however, it’s more of a “sit on my facebook” approach… gotta love the ever-evolving moral decay of our pathetic society.

      • bob

        moral decay ? yer because in the past everyone was of such i moral calbre, what a pile of bs. Get off your high horse and realise that people can do what ever they like to be happy as long as it dosn’t endanger people they have been doing this since the dawn of time and will continue to do so. Your idea of moral decay only exists in your small mind

      • Jane Smith

        @ Bob. Says the main going to hell.

      • Jeff Allen

        Sit on my Facebook. That’s the single redeeming comment in the whole page. Still laughing.

      • Jesse

        Wow… Moral decay?? People are afraid of their own sexuality. Hard to be a person with a solid foundation if you don’t know yourself. I gotta agree with Bob… What a load of BS…

      • Dirk

        Would you prefer organized religion maintain its strangle hold on our natural instincts? Let adults make adult decisions. Don’t see how it affects you.

      • bob

        Damn Straight Dirk and Jesse !

      • Mark C

        @Bob spoken like a true amoralists who will use others for his own selfish gratification. If you think the sexual revolution is not harmful, then read what J.D. Unwin wrote about a society and culture when they they are given to sexual license–87 civilizations that went down the toilet can’t be wrong Bob, but you can!

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        This is the same logic that was used to try to prevent women from voting…

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        lol, rabid post reporting idiots have broken the blog completely. Good job morons.

      • Steve

        Dirk: You’re right. We humans are no better than animals, so we should just do whatever we want, whenever we have the urge. So rape, murder, theft, etc. should never be prosecuted, according to your logic.

      • bob

        Spoken like a true uptight pessimist who thinks everything musty end in tears just becuase things didn’t go his way.#
        If your imply that sexual repression is the way forward you need help. as far as 87 past civilisations going down the toilet are u really suggesting that their sexual revolutions are soley to blame ? GIVE ME A BREAK. You live in the ‘Land of the Free’ if you can’t handle people experimenting sexually and choosing what they desire , go to a muslim country

      • andy

        Mark C and Steve

        You are exactly right. If the standard for conduct was, “It was my natural instinct,” we would all be in trouble. Because people’s instincts are in general to satisfy their carnal urges. Hence we have people getting robbed for a pair of Nike Air Jordans (back in the 90s, I don’t know what the new hot shoe is). The robbers carnal instinct was — I want that. Whether or not you subscribe to a Christian worldview (I do), it is clear that society can only exist if people set aside their own carnal instincts for the greater good of society.

        No one is saying there should be a law requiring people to not have sex outside of marriage. People who find this appalling are calling on rational people to exercise their free will to adhere to a higher standard of conduct, and not be a slave to their carnal instincts.

      • bob

        Andy – love how your grouping sex with robbery and violence (carnal instincts)
        Gods you christians are so afraid of sex it make me laugh.
        And as far as a higher standards of conduct (set by who- the bible HA i thnk not)

        Religion is responsible so much death destruction oppression and abuse you’ll forgive me if i don’t want to be enslaved to your repressive fairly tale enduced rubbish.

        Also you do know we’re talking about students in the 21st Century in the west ?

      • Andy


        I love sex. Given your inability to put together rational arguments, I bet I have had sex waaay more than you have. I probably started having sex before you were born. Sex is great and good within the context of marriage.

        You never addressed how sex — a natural carnal instinct — is any different than the natural carnal instinct of greed. You never had to teach kids to be greedy or selfish. It comes naturally. You have to teach kids to share. My point is that humans cannot use the excuse, “It’s natural” to justify behavior. When you that as the threshold for acceptable behavior, you unleash pandemonium. Because a) everyone’s internal instincts are different, leading to different standards of acceptable behavior, and b) some instincts would lead to behavior like robbery, which harms other people.

        Religion is not on trial here. Classic progressive inability to argue the points, and address everything but the actual issue being debated, when you have no good response.

      • bubba

        Don’t forget, you’re trying to argue common sense and worldly experience with college kids that do not question their peerage. Good luck —

      • What is Truth?

        @ bob

        I implore you to do a little research as to what Worldview is responsible for the most death and destruction in the 20th century. You might be surprised (and disappointed) to find out that a the Christian worldview doesn’t even come close…nor does a religious worldview enter the picture…Take a wild guess, bob…I’m sure someone as enlightened as you should know this…

    • daryl duke

      Ok! Where do I sign-up and do you deliver, like say to AZ.

    • N Waff

      It’s more like F*ckbook

    • Shawn Clark

      @ bob your a moron if you think this can’t hurt someone, im not even going to waste my time naming the dozens of ways…

      • Scott

        Won’t it be great when we have a world where adults can no longer make any decisions for themselves? We must protect everyone from doing stupid things and I’m sure your subjective judgment knows what is best for everyone!

      • John Heymann

        @Shawn. “Your a moron.” Good point. You clearly represent the intellectually superior position. This website is only providing another vehicle by which consenting adults can engage in, well, casual sex. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that a casual encounter might turn into a relationship or even something more. I don’t think the “dozens of ways” this site could hurt someone are unique to this site and wouldn’t apply to dating or hooking up through more traditional means. Knee jerk reactions to sites like this, especially where phrases like “the moral decay of our society,” are thrown about are usually the result of religious provincial thinking.

      • bob

        Well Said John Heymann !

    • Robert

      Ladies…. don’t forget some handsome young man might like to take you somewhere far away… and sell you for pleasure to his friends, all kinds of SEX!!!… human trafficking is a real issue.

      • Wanda

        This doesn’t even come close to human trafficking. How do people not know the difference between consensual sex and forced sex? “Ladies” who go to this site go specifically for a hook-up… and we know what that is, we’re not all stupid. Also, we like sex, too. Shocking!

  • UCH Admin

    Great rebuttal to the point, Steve!

  • Josh

    Dorm sex , O yea baby lets get it on.. College kids are full of fun and energy…

  • kandyce Baker

    its like craigslist for U of C students there is not illegal about it

  • Randy

    STD Central. Mom and dad would be better off spending their money on a new car.

    • Martin

      And that’s saying a lot because new cars are REALLY bad investments.

  • Nobody's Fool

    Sex outside of a committed relationship is to real sex what putting a fishbowl on your head and sitting in a cardboard box with “USA” drawn on the side in crayon is to interplanetary space travel. Its advocates and practitioners are deluding themselves, thinking they’re accomplishing something great while demonstrating themselves to be fools to those of us who know the truth.


      No, sex outside of a committed relationship is a lot more fun than sitting home on a Friday night wishing you were in a committed relationship so you can have sex.

      • Unbelievable

        If you’re single and you choose to stay home on friday nights just wishing you weren’t single. Then you are just the type of genious that should use this site. Breed yourselves into oblivion, it will protect the rest of humanities gene pool.

      • marc

        why don’t they just use squirt dot org . its free and world wide?

    • Navymum

      Great Post!

  • Deb

    Watch the grades drop faster than a speeding bullet. Only in Chicago…idiots.

    • Greg

      Chicoago needs to get their abortion numbers up for federal funding Under Ozombie care.

    • PJ

      Oh, so I guess since you say it’s the best then that automatically makes it true. Thanks for wasting my time with a pointless comment. Other than the Bulls of the 90’s there hasn’t been much good to come out of Chicago in a very long time.

      • ChicagoMarine

        Yes there has… the Blackhawks of 2010!!

    • Yooj

      Only in Chicago? Why, does Deb prefer to do Dallas?

      • Epstein's Mother

        That’s a good one

    • K-mon

      Do you even know how intense the academic atmosphere is at UChicago? There is no space for dropping grades, believe me.

      • Bob

        But you can drop your drawers…..

  • herm hollaway


  • richard

    Hoorah for our evolving culture and the advance of human shallowness.

  • maryh

    “The things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand”.

    Welcome to the intelligentsia of the future.

    • zeek

      just keep listening to the music and drowned out the world!

  • arl98

    Hedonism is for people who have no greater purpose in life.

    • Shane Truax

      Thanks for showing some sense in this wading pool pretending to be an ocean. Hedonism is it’s own reward and for those of us who are there with it there is no greater life.

      • The Chairman

        What a pathetic child you are, Shane. You too, Bob.

        You kiddies need to grow the hell up.

      • Stan B

        If rutting like a pig in heat is your greatest calling, I pity you….

      • bob

        Shane well said , these uptight idiots will never do what they want only what everyone else says they should do, sad really.

      • bob

        The Chairman – What an out of date , sad , pesimistic old loser you are. If your the example of a mature section of American society i pity your youth ,

        MUPPET !

  • Stan Kowalski

    So can I register for just one class so I can bang these Univ of Chicago chicks?

    I assume you have to be a student.

    • http://conjuice.wordpress.com conjuice

      Have you been through the U of C campus? Trust me, its not a great pool to be choosing from. Mostly dogs.

    • idiots

      Sure, just audit a class!!!!!

    • tuition?

      If you’re willing to pay the $4000 per quarter tuition fee for non full-time students then go right ahead.

    • UC

      If you think you’re anywhere near smart enough, please, give it a shot. I’m sure you could find at least ONE chick who’d like to “bang” you.

      • Bearfuel

        Based on the title of the article, intelligence has nothing to do with getting into UC if this representative of the student body at that school. This is nothing new. like a previous commenter said it’s just small minded version of Faceplant.
        My advice is look up and wait upon the Lord.

    • emit gib

      these people are so ugly they can`t get a piece of azz on their own merits.

  • Harry Reems

    Can 40-year-old single dudes join?

    • The Chairman

      Harry, aren’t you 64 and selling insurance in SLC?

  • justthefacts

    has the compulsively tweeting and status updating social media generation become so dysfunctional, insulated and anti-social that they can’t foster deep and meaningful relationships? hey kids, there’s lots of free porn. another loser narcissist generation

  • lorajeanee

    You are absolutely correct.

  • serraserra


  • G Lucky

    40 years ago when I graduated, we had to buy a hamburger to get a “date”.

    • Rebut

      40 years ago blacks and whites were segregated. are you excited about that too?

      • Rowdy Boots

        OH, THE RACE CARD!



      • NotUofCGrad

        Um…no. Segregation has outlawed before 1971. Either you’re bad at math or bad at history, though I suspect you’re probably bad at both.

      • UC

        It’s still segregated…when’s the last time a UC student went south of 62nd?

      • dc981924

        @ UC –

        Only when you missed your train stop. I had that happen to me one time and found myself quite conspicuous. I got on the very next train headed the other direction.

      • Aleph

        I’m sorry, Rebut…but are you insane?

        I enjoy Renaissance paintings…which, of course, means I’m a big fan of witch-burning..

        I like Medieval architecture…which means I’m just wild about the Plague.

        I marvel at prehistoric landmarks…because I’m a big proponent of human sacrifices to The God of Grain.

        I like old-fashioned morality…so I MUST have liked slavery, too.

        Obviously, you didn’t graduate from Chicago’s F U.

      • Wanda

        I think the point that Rebut is making is that change is not always bad, there’s no need to romanticize the past, change is inevitable and can, at times, do some good. But no one got that.

  • Marty

    I don’t think I’d want a sexual encounter of any kind with someone that needs a website to find it.

  • Ghostsouls

    Finally a website made to widely distribute STD’s and AIDS, freely. Free love…. woots. Get the antibiotics ready, pregnancy tests, AIDS testing center, abortion clinics all warmed up and raring to go. Hire more people for the welfare to take care of the pregnant moms with no dads, and hire more people for the child support agency for the dead beat dads,, woo hoo hell yeah!!! Then, you can bring in the lawyers, for when everyone is sued for transmitting diseases they knew they had and put themselves on the website, and suing the website for allowing it…woots this should be real fun for all. This is what the enlightened and educated do with our tax dollars and student loans?? Really??? /sarcasm off

    • zeek

      what a world eh?

    • Terry

      Maybe you and PJ should hook up.

    • justin

      Finally, someone has a realistic idea for how to stimulate the economy….no pun intended?

    • Rachel

      People seem to not know that condoms exist. Must have been that abstinence-only education. Contraceptives? What’s that?

  • athwarthistory


    I’m in my twenties and agree 100%. From our unprecedented debt to our regressive attitudes on sex, our inability to defer gratification is destroying our society. Sadly, the U of C site is just a common manifestation of this problem.

    For those of you who think I’m being a prude, consider the ramifications of your actions. Societies with institutionalized promiscuity tend to keep their women in chains. Women have no security or rights in society when they are continually objectified as sex objects. Why do you think the phenomenon of Women’s suffrage originated in Western cultures?

    India’s history can attest the truth of this fact. When the British arrived, they discovered the practice of Sati, where a widow is burnt on a funeral pyre or buried alive because her existence is meaningless without her husband. They were horrified by this practice, and suppressed it. It has experienced a resurgence in recent years, only time will tell whether this practice will stay in the past or will again become prevalent.

    Rich people portrayed in popular media can afford the ramifications of multiple sex partners. Unfortunately, poor people assume they can as well, and the result is rampant illegitimacy which statistically increases the chances of their children becoming criminals and/or dependents the state.

    Our actions have consequences. Putting self gratification before those consequences will only inflict greater damage on everyone involved; we must relearn this crucial truth. Nothing less than Human Progress hangs in the balance.

    • athwarthistory


      The exception that proves the rule. There are any number of Tribal examples that I could cite to prove my case as well. To borrow from King Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes,”What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

    • Taylor

      well said!

    • Walt

      Actually, women’s suffrage originated centuries ago among the Haudenosaunee [whites called it the Iroquois Confederation] which is why the first Women’s Suffrage convention was held in Seneca Falls, NY. For more information, check out Sally Wagner’s _Sisters in Spirit_.

    • deron

      wow…you are crazy. Are you telling me college kids having sex with the help of the internet is going to put women back into chains and take away their rights? OH NO…NOT HUMAN PROGRESS…look, people make their own choices in life (yes, women too), this is not one that is going to enslave women. Sounds like you may need to join actually.

    • athwarthistory


      Deron doth protest too much, me thinks! Aside from that, you have absolutely no historical context. I’ll reference recent history to put a fine point on it.

      Fifty years ago, Marriage was the norm. The Fringe of the Women’s Liberation Movement found the institution of marriage to be a Patriarchal Plot to oppress women and actively undermined it. They clung to the stereotype that every man was a cynical careerist who would do anything to get to the top, chase skirts from morn ’til night, then come home to his wife who was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. To them, Equality would not exist until every woman replicated this model. As Birth Control became more sophisticated, the “Free Love” mentality was encouraged to short circuit this oppressive mechanism of control.

      Imagine if time travel were available, and we transported a Hardcore Feminist from the 1960’s to 2011. If she seen a modern office, male and female executives working along side one another, she would think she had won…for a while. Then, all I would have to do would be to turn on MTV for a half hour, and let her watch half naked women dance around some thug who continually degraded them with names like B!TCH and H0, and she would leap out the nearest window in despair.

      The truth is that marital sex empowers women. Without the firm commitment, men can use, abuse and lose women at will. For all of their virtues, the Women’s Libbers actually threw away their hole card. The Hook Up arrangement SOLELY benefits the man, and enables him to dodge any responsibility.

      As for my craziness, I can’t take all the credit. Vishal Mangalwadi is a Christian Scholar from India; he is the one who advanced this theory. He likes to tell a story where he and his wife are working in rural India, and his brother and her decide to go to the market together one morning. This apparently was controversial, because it was unheard of to let your wife be alone with another male. His Hindu neighbor confronted him, but he said it was alright, because he knew he could trust his brother alone with his wife. The neighbor was aghast, because had he left his brother or father alone with his wife, he was certain that they would have sex.

      Ask yourself, are women exploited more or less now than they were 10 years ago? Things like this website tend to say yes, even if the arrangement is consensual. The culture tells these girls that if they aren’t willing to hook up with some frogs, they won’t find Prince Charming(barring the girls that like frogs of course, they learn the hard way).

      “If it feels good, do it” will be to America what “Bread and Circuses” was to Rome, that is plain to see. The question is, Will people like you see it in time?

      • Wilson

        Making men who use and abuse women marry them is hardly much of a solution. Women wanted easier divorces and that means less marriage. Some things have gotten better for women, some worse, but not only are they equally free to have sex (which can be enjoyable in itself) , but they have the advantage of natural selection and of a legal system that guarantees them alimony if they have a ring and child support even if they don’t.

    • bob

      get off your high horse , u muppet and let young people have fun. Just because your not into it dose not mean you should restrict other people experiences.
      You lot can’t stand the idea of people having no strings sex without negative fallout.
      Grow up losers

    • Bill C

      You need to get laid.

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