Officers Seek To Get Imprisoned Colleague Transferred

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — Some Chicago Police officers have started a letter-writing campaign, in an effort to get the Federal Bureau of Prisons to move one of their own to a prison closer to home.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, Officer William Cozzi was sentenced in 2009 to 40 months in federal prison for beating a man who was handcuffed and shackled in a wheelchair.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

Cozzi said he “lost it” when he beat Randle Miles in August 2005. Miles was at Norwegian-American Hospital waiting to be treated for a stabbing wound, and police said he was being combative.

Prosecutors said a videotape shows Cozzi hitting Miles about 10 times with a “sap,” or a bludgeon. Miles does not appear to resist, but he was charged with resisting arrest.

The beating was caught on surveillance video.

Cozzi initially served 18 months probation for the beating after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge, and was set to return to work.

But then-newly-appointed police Supt. Jody Weis referred the case to federal prosecutors, and it became a federal civil rights case.

In the federal case, Cozzi was sentenced to 40 months in prison, and he is serving his sentence in Louisiana.

The Cozzi case was long a sore spot for rank-and-file officers who were critical of Weis and his administration. The officers concluded that Weis did not have their backs.

The Chicago Police blog Second City Cop is now urging officers to write to the Bureau of Prisons. The anonymous Second City Cop blogger says Cozzi, who has been imprisoned just over 19 months, has a clean conduct record and could be transferred to a prison closer to home.

But the Bureau of Prisons will not transfer Cozzi due to “overcrowding,” Second City Cop said.

“For some reason, this hasn’t stopped other inmates from receiving transfers though (imagine that),” the blog added.

The blog urges officers who write in to “as always, be polite and respectful,” since the officers are angry not at the Bureau of Prisons, but at Weis.

Weis resigned from his post earlier this month, and former police Supt. Terry Hillard returned to take over on an interim basis.

  • Citizen

    Weis is a total peice of garbage. Probation was fully sufficient for this officer. The matter was closed. Talk about a miscarriage of justice, Weis should have just left it alone. I hope the new super will have the backs of his officers.

    • Joseph

      CPD is a gang within themselves… What about the other inmates who request transfers? Why is this officer so different? A crime is a crime regardless of who you are. I like Weis because he made cops walk and ride the trains. It’s another sad day in Chicago of Lazy Cops who embraces their shameful co-worker. …. How many over weight cops do you see daily who are under 40 years of age?

      • Johnson

        What about the other inmates who request a transfer? Did someone somewhere say they can’t request a transfer? Your argument borders on the ludicrous. And what does how much an officer weighs have to do with the story?

      • CJN

        How did Weis make cops walk and ride the trains? The CPD has been doing that for years. Way before Weis came to Chcago

      • Pete

        I guess this person did not read the article. Cozzie has served half his sentence and has been a model inmate. According to the rules, he has the right to request a transfer to a prison closer to home. But why bother with the facts when you can just spew hate anonymously.

    • Joseph

      Johnson must be a cop because he used his last name…Sorry about the Fat Cop joke and I hope you’re not overweight because we need fit cops to go to war with these street criminals. If so, go to the gym and watch what you eat. I’m honest and you know there’s a double standard when you have the “Star Power.” Again, Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. He abused his “Star Power” and it’s a disgrace to the City of Chicago Police Department. There are a lot of good cops who don’t get credit for their jobs and there are a lot of Scare Cowboys Cops who abused their “Star Power”.

      Think about it Officer Johnson, he beat up a guy for what reason. Please explain why?

      I hope Johnson is not a cop… If so, it’s another sad day in Chicago…. Go Weis!!!!! because he made cops walk the street and do their jobs.

      • Citizens of Cook

        If Johnson is a cop, I feel a little better knowing he is out there.

      • Johnson

        Joseph, I don’t think by the tone of my writing that I left any doubt as to what my profession is. I’m re-reading your comment and I don’t know where to start. So, I’m just going to disregard the first and stick with the second. I still don’t know what weight has to do with the discussion, but here goes. Some of the best police officers I know couldn’t run two blocks, however, that means they aren’t excellent at their job. Policing is more brains than brawn. Conversely, some of the worst cops I’ve met are the “I can beat every one up, because I have 22″ biceps crowd” Next, you’re right there is a double standard when it comes to “Star Power” as you put it, police should be and are held to a higher standard. I nor any of the cops I talk with say Cozzi was right for what he did. he was then brought to trial and sentenced. the criminal justice system at work. I don’t know what a “Scare Cowboys Cops” is or are, so I’ll skip to the next subject. Why did officer Cozzi strike that man? I don’t know, what I do know is that he was arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced, just like every other person. Joseph, I could care less whether or not you hope I’m not the police, if you have such a hard time with someone pointing out flaws in your comments, tough. It’s called a debate. Also, Go Weis!!!!! Go a long, long way away from here.

      • Johnson

        Can’t even type myself, today. Sentence should say however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent at their job. My proofreading is not up to task today, I guess.

      • joseph

        Officer Johnson Please Explain why it’s ok to beat up a person in a wheel chair? Also, read your comments and I’m sure you will see the aggression in your words. You allowed me to get into your head because you commented on my jokes and not the true issues. I don’t care how big your arms are because I date women only.

        I only support the true Men and Women in Blue. The uniform does not give you a Hall Pass to compromise your integrity.

        Officer Johnson, I’m only joking and I wish you well and I hope you are one of the Good Cops…….

        Go Weis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joseph

      You are joking….. I pray you are not a cop because you would arrest people just because of your emotional feelings. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong… Would you fight a man in a wheel chair? I’m sure you don’t support the wrongful convicted who spent years in jail. Justice was served and Weis sent a message to the team that Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. It’s another sad day in Chicago….

      If a crime is committed, it should not matter what uniform you wear. A Crime is A Crime…….

      Go Weis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • willj

    He got what he deserved!

    • Sam

      He got far more than he deserved.

      • Jim

        Police officers should be held to a higher standard than others. We need more leadership by example and not a do as I say and not as I do mentality.

  • samw

    He’ll think the next time around. It’s about time officers are held accountable. I hope this serves as an example to the next officer that “just lost it”. You’ll just loose your freedom in bum **** Egypt with no transfer! Boo Hoo!!

    • Pam

      Police hater.

    • CJN

      So a cop shouldn’t get transfered closer to his home but the gang member or murder should? That’s why their writing letters. Because it seems a bit unfair to transfer one prisoner and not a former cop.

    • Pete

      Officers held accountable for their actions? OK. Then how about citizens being held accountable for their actions? By that I mean those that call IPRA to file a false complaint against an officer because they feel they didn’t deserve that ticket or that they feel that they should not have been arrested? The day that the City of Chicago was required by State law to have it’s citizens follow this rule was a great day. If the CPD has to be held accountable, so do the citizens they serve.

  • K. Chet

    This just shows how dumb “some” of the police officers are. The cop was beating a man. Jody Weis did what he should. If other police officials did what they were suppose to do instead of allowing bad officers to abuse citizens then we would not have some of the law suits we have now.

    • Citizens of Cook

      Almost all of lawsuits against the police are frivilous.

    • CJN

      The reality of the whole thing is he got federal time after his trial in Illinois. I’ve seen people do worse crimes and get less punishment. Is it your contention that he gets punished more than normal citizen because he is a police officer?

  • edward c. stengel

    Keep him where he is. No special privieleges for police officers. The federal bureau of priisons doens’t take orders from the Chicago police department. Jodi Weiss did the right thing. If it was up to the police or the Cook county courts no cop would ever go to jail for anything, including murder.

    • Johnson

      Again, why is it a special privilege for someone to ask for a transfer? Another person who doesn’t comprehend the English language, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure they asked, let me repeat that, I’ll even capitalize it ASKED the Bureau of Prisons to transfer him, no where does it say they order them to transfer him. Before you write something try not to sound too much like an idiot. As far as the rest of your comment, it went so far beyond the pale that I need to not look at it so that I don’t lose any more brain cells.

      • Stoughton

        I suppose if Bill Cozzi were an Former Alderman, Former Congressman or a Former Governor he’d be either in Oxford, Wisconsin or Terre Haute, Indiana. I suppose if he was a Former Governor who had an (supposedly) dying wife (she seems to have recovered well) he could be closer to home. The USBOP is taking it’s marching orders on this from the Oval Office and Eric Holder. Both Obama and Holder are police haters from way back. Holder just plain out hates white people–it has been shown again and again. Cozzi can’t even attend a Roman Catholic service down in Lousiana, Catholic religious people were denied to be even let in the prison to see him–where is the compassion and justice in that? There are Muslim services and Baptist services, not Catholic.
        Too all you police haters and bashers on this blog–remember this: Police will protect and defend you and your property no matter what color you are and over 800 have died in just Chicago doing it. A PO gets killed on the average of once a day in the US helping someone or stopping a violent act.

    • Gee-reg

      There are 2 kinds of peoiple in this world….Those who are the police and those who wish they were the poliice

      • Jake

        I doubt any of the black African homies want to be a cop. They hate their guts.

  • Zack

    All you people are police haters. We need to support our police officers, even when they make a mistake. For what he did, probation was a good enough punishment. Black homies are beating people down every day and are never charged with a federal crime. Weis is an idiot who was just looking for brownie points from police haters like all of you.

    • MrDent

      I suppose a black man beat you up once or twice..maybe more eh?? oh well get over it..and considering he only has to serve 34 months of the 40..that support enough for me..after all he will not be able to carry a gun and unleash the problems of his everyday life on the public..after all he CHOSE to take a job dealing with the public..that being said he knows what his standards were but he CHOSE to stoop below them..CHOICES is what makes man above other animal species..and cleary he CHOSE poorly…

      • MrDent

        does the n word make you feel a lot bigger than what you are..but to each its own..and by definition of the described give yourself a pat on the back for jack@$$ of the day…

      • Joseph

        Come on ZACK….. What about the men who did years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit? Zack as a kid I watched cops plant evidence to get a conviction. He committed a crime and was convicted by the law he protected…. Zack..Zack…Zack….If you’re a cop I pray that you work behind the desk because of your choice of words.

        Go Weis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Zack

        18 months probation is plenty for a poor choice. 4 years in prison is major overkill. And I have never been beaten up by a ni…ger.

    • NWA

      Yes! and, Yes! I hate the PO! PO!

      • Dan

        And what is your gang affiliation NWA? What does NWA stand for anyway?

      • Against "NWA"

        N_A_G_G_E_R_S WITH ATTITUDE…..
        (Substitute an I for the A)

      • LittleOldLady

        @NWA, You should be more sensitve to the feelings of black people. The use of the “N” word is a disgrace and twice as much so when used by someone who is black.

      • NWA

        O.k. if you truly most know?

        NWA stands for North West Anglo-Saxon Person, Ok.


    • joseph

      I don’t dislike the police but I do dislike dishonesty regardless of who you are. Regardless of race, a person should be convicted of their crimes if they commited the crime. Two wrongs don’t make it right. If you are a cop Zack, it’s another said day in Chicago because of how you feel and think. A picture is worth a thousand words and without this video who knows what would have happen to this person.

  • Ted

    Weis was a mistake from the start. Daley was under orders to take a Fed as the Superintendant or the CPD was going to be run by Feds anyway. What that officer did would is a simple battery for any other citizen of Cook County and would be thrown out in Misdemeanor Court by the judge. This officer served probation and then was RE-RECHARGED with the same crime (Double Jeopardy?) This does not happen to anyone other than the police. So next time when someone is acting the fool in a hospital, don’t be surprised if the police don’t just tell them to get a summons and have the offender arrested at a later date.

    • ed

      he suppose to up hold the law not beat somebody down in a wheelchair he said i just lost it how many time has he lost it without getting caught

      • Citizens of Cook

        That’s why he got a year and a half probation for simple assault. It should have ended there.

    • Zack

      Exactly my point Ted.



    • Citizen

      4 years in federal prison for simple assault? What the hell communist country are you from? Idiot police hater.

      • Julie P

        It was my understanding that unlike communist countries, America has this silly law about civil rights. That is why the Feds “re-charged” this officer (as some brilliant legal mind pointed out). Reguardless of your feelings this is NOT double jeopardy. Civil rights violations are prosecuted by the Federal government. Get your head out of your arse. 18 months probation was a crock.

      • CJN

        Julie P
        Where do you live? 18 months probation is a normal sentence. In Cook County a rapist does about 4 years. Get your hear out of your rear!

  • I respect good cops

    From article above ” The officers concluded that Weis did not have their backs”. Does this mean that Weis did not sweep things under the rug and orchestrate cover ups? Shouldn’t cops (and judges) be held to a high standard? Who knows how many other hand cuffed criminals got their tails kicked by this officer. Good cops should applaud a tough stance, incidents like this give the whole department a black eye.

    • Citizens of Cook

      The matter was closed, Cozzi got what he deserved. Weis made it more than it needed to be. That’s what is meant by not having their backs.

  • swizzle

    lmao, everyone see how the chicago cops rush to defend a man who beat a helpless wheelchair bound man?
    chicago cops are some of the most corrupt and violent gangs in chicago and having 6 killed last year wasnt’ a bad thing, it was a great start.
    Weis made the correct decision and i’d give him 40 years, not 40 months.

    • Gee-reg

      The person was in a wheel chaiir because the hospital puts every patient who comes in in a wheel chair. And he was not beat, Cozzi gave him a couple of slaps, thats right just a couple of slaps. Was it wrong, yes it was but it was not a beating.

      • Tim

        Bravo, Gee-Reg.

    • Allen

      And what gang are you affiliated with, Skizzle? 99.999% of Chicago police are top notch officers. Only the people they arrest hate them.

      • joseph

        Allen….It’s a sad day for the Chicago Police Department….I didn’t get arrested but I’ve witnessed wrong committed by the “Top Notch Officers.” Read the commits from your “Top Notch Officers” and you will see the aggressive attitudes. I supposed they are the 1% your don’t support.

        You get support from doing your job everywhere… There’s a different type of policing in the South Loop than from the South Side of Chicago. The same crimes are committed in both areas because I live in the South Loop. I was told by one officer, “We have to be careful of our approach because most people on this end of town have good lawyers.” Policing should be the same everywhere because the mission statement is, “We Serve and Protect.”

  • FR

    There should be extra strong punishment for beating the disabled, and being wounded and chained to a wheelchair sounds like disabled to me. the cop deserves as much time in the hashest conditions as the law allows.

    • Vick

      Like 18 months probation

    • Pete

      The man was NOT disabled. He was in the hospital because he suffered a stab wound. The HOSPITAL STAFF called for the police because he was combative with them. He was handcuffed because he continued to be combative when the police arrived. The fallout from this incident is that more and more police officers are letting the hospital’s own security handle more and more of these situations.

  • MrDent

    As bad as you people want to defend this officer..might i add..if a civilian pokes an officer with their finger..a simple poke to the chest in the heat of an arguement will get one charged with aggravated battery..which carries 2-5 at 85%..and clearly 10 hits with a weapon is the upgraded charge was there as needed..i’m quite sure before federal prosecutors decided to charge they made sure all their t’s were crossed and dotted his eye(all the pun intended)..whats good for the goose is good for the 40 months is what he had the guy already had a stab wound..they should have upgraded the beating to attempted murder..and thank the father above for the cameras that caught the incident..can’t argue the facts..just like anthony abate..caught in the the price as any non law abiding citizen would…

  • Larry

    It’s simultaneously hilarious and disturbing how the CPD likes to embarrass itself with billboards such as this one. They think they’re a state within a state and not accountable to anyone. Gang of fools on the loose. Cl0wns.

    • Gee-reg

      Don’t be a hater !!!!!

  • Dainon

    I find it disturbing that people are blaming Weis. Wasn’t it the federal jury that convicted Cozzi? It sounds like he was convicted by a jury of his peers. If your logic is to blame it on Weis, then you may as well also blame the manufacturer of the security camera that filmed the incident.

    • USCitizen

      Cozzi was setenced and the case was closed. Weis made it into more than was necessary, not a very good team player.


    The CPD is the largest gang in Chicago they also are a band of Liars . When one gets what he deserves some cry like babies. Do your time pal and think of all the falsely accused , convicted of killed people you and your buddies are responsible for . The lives that were lost or ruined family’s destroyed by those actions . If you think I making this up just read the paper. By the way how much money was paid over the years to settle this abuse. The city wants cooperation from the community to help the police Ha Ha Remember BURGE

    • Hal

      All Burge did was tell an alleged lie.

      • MrDent

        And now the cancer will eat at him..and ashes to ashes dust to dust it will be..all for a lie..oh you sad it must not be true..don’t worry his pension will used to pay for his stay at hotel fed..

  • Johnson

    To all of the people on this comment board who don’t understand or comprehend the English language, I will attempt to explain the article to you. The police blog asked for people to write the Bureau of prisons to request a transfer for this Police officer from Louisiana to somewhere closer to home. No one is asking them to release Cozzi, just that he be transferred, presumably so his family could see him more often since I’m pretty sure it’s not cheap to travel to Louisiana frequently. So, everybody, next time you read an article, try to actually read it before making oneself look like an idiot.

    • MrDent

      dumroll..thats not where he wanted to go since he wanted..terra haute is too far for his ailing wife he cried..but oh well…there is your drumroll…so where ever they send/sent this individual what makes this more special..Ryan wanted to be in oxford which is in wisconsin..didn’t work out that way eh? what point are you trying to clarify to justify his family can i said earlier he should have thought about it before committing the atrocious act…

      • MrDent

        send neither one anywhere…they are respectfully placed…

      • Johnson

        Okay, send Cozzi to Oxford. I still don’t see your point. Or send George Ryan to Louisiana.

      • LittleOldLady

        I know, sorry. I meant Johnson.

      • MrDent

        @little old lady..i’m speaking on the officers family..who wants him closer to home..i say so what he is where he needs to must think of the actions before they act..the cause and effect ordeal in life…

      • Johnson

        They are respectfully placed? What does that mean? Oh, because George Ryan is a former Governor, he gets precedent? Again, you proved my argument for me Mr. Dent.

      • MrDent

        not because he is a governor..its because the B.O.P decided thats where he would go…not because he gets special choice of his stay…

    • Anglo-Saxon

      You are a true scholar Johnson. I couldn’t agree more. The people on this message board are too blind with hatred towards police. The only people who hate the police are the criminals the police are after.

    • MrDent

      well i guess the B.O.P should consider that same argument you have for any and everyone didn’t work for George Ryan why should be a privledge for anyone else..and when he commited this cowardly act he should have thought beforehand how it was going to affect his family..

      • Johnson

        @ Little Old Lady, who runs the DMV. The Secretary of State, who was Secretary of State? George Ryan. Why is George Ryan in jail? Here’s an excerpt… The corruption scandal that led to Ryan’s downfall began over a decade earlier as a federal investigation into a deadly crash in Wisconsin that killed six children of Rev. Duane “Scott” Willis and his wife, Janet. The investigation revealed a scheme inside Ryan’s secretary of state’s office in which unqualified truck drivers obtained licenses through bribes. As the AP wrote: “The probe expanded over the next eight years into a wide-ranging corruption investigation that eventually reached Ryan in the governor’s office.” So, yes, I lay the deaths of the Willis family at the feet of George Ryan.

      • LittleOldLady

        Oops sorry.

      • LittleOldLady

        @MrDent, That family? If you are referring to the Willis family, Ryan didn’t work at the DMV. Someone who worked there was selling liceses under the table. The improperly licensed truck driver had a mud flap bracket that failed and caused the horrible fire that killed the Willis’s children. Equipment failure can happen to any driver. The bottom line is, neither Ryan or the truck driver were at fault. It was simply an act of God.

      • LittleOldLady

        @Johnson, That family? If you are referring to the Willis family, Ryan didn’t work at the DMV. Someone who worked there was selling liceses under the table. The improperly licensed truck driver had a mud flap bracket that failed and caused the horrible fire that killed the Willis’s children. Equipment failure can happen to any driver. The bottom line is, neither Ryan or the truck driver were at fault. It was simply an act of God.

      • Johnson

        George Ryan went to Hotel Fed, as you so succinctly put it in an earlier comment, in drum roll please…. Terra Haute, Indiana! Yay, Mr. Dent you proved my point, send Cozzi to Indiana. Get a clue before you comment.

      • Johnson

        While I’m at it, I’m pretty sure that George Ryan, may he rot in hell for what he did to that family, asked to be released from prison. Like I said in my original post, read the article, they are asking for Cozzi to be transferred, not released, so your argument makes even less sense the more I read it.

  • Joseph

    Hey everyone…. Johnson is a Cop 1/2 and where’s plus sizes….

    • Anonymous

      Learn how to spell dumba$$. Police hater.

      • joseph

        As we all can see from the conversations of Officer Johnson, Zack and the Anonymous One, they are very aggressive and it shows Johnson, Zack and the Anonymous One took this conversation personal.. I have respect for the Real Men and Women in Blue.. I don’t respect the unnecessary aggression and the support for anyone who committed a crime.

        Officer Johnson, Zack and the Anonymous One have aggressive issues and I’m sure they have released their personal aggressions on innocence people. Come on Officer Johnson, I don’t need to know your body weight or how big your arms are, that‘s So High School. I want hard working Men and Women in Blue who can make a sound decision when face with any given situation. Also, I want hard working Men and Women who enjoy protecting the public and keep their emotions under control.

        It was only a conversation to see if I was able to get a rise out of you and you gave me what I wanted. Aggression does not solve problems, it only add fuel to the fire.

        Remember, a Crime is a Crime no matter who Committed the Crime. It also the Duty of the Men and Women in Blue to hold their Team Accountable for their Action.

        Go Weis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Johnson

      Joseph, you are a genius. What? Are we in kindergarten? Johnson wears, not where’s…, if you can’t have an adult discussion, go home. I mean if I read your comment the way it was written, i would say i don’t know where the plus sizes are. Maybe at Men’s Wearhouse? Big and tall?

  • swizzle

    I’m not with any gang but your comments are laughable, your percentages are incorrect. Any cop who knows of another cop committing a criminal act keeps silent, and that’s corruption and we see it every day. When they refuse to stop at stop signs and roll thorugh, when they take naps for hours in alleyways, when they drive through red lights when they dont’ want to stop, when they speed, tailgate, cut you off, etc.
    Cops in this city think they are above the law and they break the law daily, and the ones who don’t remain silent and protect the ones that do.
    Like I said Allen, they are the worst most violent gang in this city.

    • Alvin

      You just cited a bunch of traffic laws, where does the worst, most violent gang in the city come from?

      • Al


    • Allen

      You’re crazy. I hope you never need assistance from law enforcement.

    • Rick

      Do you want to know why I stop and then go through red lights? Or park in fire lanes? I’ll tell you. I stop and continue through red lights because if I sat at every light, it would take me 25 minutes to drive from one end to the other of my assigned area. It all depends on what kind of job it is. Sometimes I’m going to a job, lights and siren, passing cars and going through lights. Then the dispatch gives a disregard due to the number of cars already there or new information obtained on scene. I shut my lights off and continue driving. I’m not just driving fast to be reckless or blow past people. I also park in the fire lane because I’ll be the first car to know if there is an emergency and that lane is needed. I can wait for a legal space to open up, but that’s one you won’t get and go ahead and park in that reserved spot. You can get your car at 701 California.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        Thank You for your service. It is appreciated by the majority of us.

  • swizzle

    @Allen, well for example
    Officer Alvin Weems
    The list goes on and on, lmao.
    You can try to justify your love for these thugs Allen but you cannot deny that there are plenty of violent cops on the beat and you cannot deny that other cops protect these thugs, thus making them as guilty as those doing the crimes.

  • O'halloran

    I hope he loses everything and its the longest 40 months of his life. He blugioned somebody 10 times. Not a couple slaps. He is where he belongs.

  • Jeffrey

    When the Chicago Police Department quits bashing 2nd Ammendment Rights and standing by the Political Icons saying how much guns kill people I will support you. ILL is a laughing stock when it comes to corruption, taxes, gun rights, etc. Then Chicago Police AND their FOP stands there saying how us law abiding citizens can’t be trusted. In the State I used to live the Cops would have never said anything like that and believed Citizens other than them could make a good decision. There are always a few bad eggs in every police department and maybe those are just some of the idiots against the contstitution, I can’t be sure. Tell those Reverends and Politicians to fight their own battle on guns and get you guys more help on the front lines too, you are under manned!!

  • J......C

    When the public needs its peace restored, it asks first for peace to be restored and then as a result, justice to be meted out. The entire purpose of a police officer is to restore order and maintain peace. As grotesque and appalling as one might find that happened that night in the hospital, peace and order, if not decorum were maintained in that hospital, while dealing with an abusive, bellicose and belligerent drunk. A drunk who had a history of being combative.

  • CJN

    It’s actually funny and sad that the Chicago media gets a lot of their stories from the Second City Cop blog.

  • Joe

    Go to the South side and witness what goes on there. THEN you get back to us and let us know what you saw. Yeah, the same crime as the South Loop, I bet.

  • Art Stan

    I am not here to say if he should or shouldn’t be in jail. But there are plenty of people walking the streets that have done a lot more then he did. But I don’t see why he was sent so far away. All the elected officials that go to jail are close to home. I think by then putting him so far has something to do with doing Weis a favor. I never cared for weis after his 2nd month on the job once he showed that it was going to business as usual for the bosses & Reverands in the city. I am glad he is gone. Hopefully that department will go back to being the best department in the country. And I an not on the job either.

    Not A Cop

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