Teacher Facing Sex Abuse Charges Heads To Cancun

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS 2) – He is a high school counselor and coach, accused of sexually abusing a student. So why is he on his way to Cancun?

Dupage County Judge Blanche Fawell made that decision Wednesday, shortly after 33-year-old John Carbonaro pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Prosecutors didn’t like it.

The beaches of Cancun attract hordes of people this time of year. Next week the Naperville North High School counselor and coach will be there too, despite the fact that he’s facing two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse stemming from an alleged, inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Carbonaro was arrested last month and initially released on $20,000 bond and the understanding he could not leave the state or have any unsupervised contact with minors.

But Wednesday, Carbonaro’s attorney asked that his married client be allowed to go on a pre-planned, prepaid Cancun Spring Break trip. The judge said yes.

In court, DuPage County prosecutor Michael Pawl told the judge, “We strenuously object,” adding Cancun during Spring Break, “We know what that attracts”.

Carbonaro was not at home and his family refused comment. But his attorney said, “He is not a flight risk whatsoever,” – adding he’s going to vigorously fight these charges.

  • Voltaire

    Judicial arrogance !

  • Sgt Friday

    hope one of them drug cartels get this child molester…..
    Just the Facts,,,,,,,

    • Homer

      He is not a child molester. The story says 16 years old. It was a concentual relationship. A 16 year old is fully capable of choosing who they have sex with.

      • Tammy

        I agree, a 16 year old is not a child, but rather a young adult.

  • Just Goes to show you..

    Just Goes to show you.. Even all the yuppie money in Naperville, IL cant help screen out child molesters…… Put that in your GIANT GAS GUZZLER HUMMERS/SUV’s and smoke it !!!! ROTFL

  • Justice...

    I’m waiting for the post from Mary Mitchell…..

  • Tracy

    I hope this guy disappears and starts over down there. The age of concent really needs to be lowered to 16.

    • Citizens of Cook


  • Pearlee

    He says that he is innocent till proven guilty. So the can go to Cancun to relax and reflect on what he has done or he did not do anything.
    Some girls blame their teachers or counselors for their own personal problems. May be this is the case.
    We all must find that out.
    Check the Americas Most Wanted is his name is on it or any other site where pedophiles or murderes names are shown.
    We do not know is he is guilty or not. But Cancun is tempting because of their hot beaches and the women that roam freely there.

  • Hiroshty

    My yuppie money did not hire this nut. It is consesual or not? We must see the film. Ussually this types make videos out of themselves doing horrible thing with all kinds of wemen. So check his cell phone too. The computer hardware will show you lots of things.
    To me he does not look like a rapist. He seems to be an innocent man.
    But looks may fool you.
    Does the girl age 16 has something to prove that he did it?

    • Paul

      He doesn’t look like a rapist, he’s not black.

  • 33 & 16 ......?

    33 & 16 the numbers say it all ……. Lets hope to all you who see no prob with have to live it.

    • Pam

      People’s ages are quite irrelevant, it’s much more important how he treated her and whether she was happy in the relationship, don’t forget, she is less than 24 months away from being legal tender.

  • Pam irrelevant

    legal tender.

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