Animal Shelter Owner Indicted For Another Dead Dog

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — The owner of a north suburban animal rescue facility, charged with cruelty and torture after 18 dogs were found dead, is facing more charges.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports, Lake County officials say two more dead dogs have been found on the property of the Muddy Paws facility, located on Rand Road in Deer Park.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports

Owner Diane Eldrup, 49, was indicted on two new counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and animal torture for the death of one of the dogs, named Licha.

The two additional deceased dogs were found when Eldrup’s estranged husband, Kurt Eldrup, visited the property to collect personal property, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Mermel.

This dog was reported to be Eldrup’s pet. It was identified through a microchip found with its remains, Mermel said.

Officials say the animals were starved to death.

A total of 23 to 25 dead dogs were found at the former animal shelter, according to co-prosecutor Suzanne Willett.

Eldrup has pleaded not guilty to the first set of charges, and is due back in court next week.

The Lake County News-Sun contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

  • Watching2011

    lock up that scrag and starve her ugly ass to death.

    • JW

      I agree with you. Starve her to death and let her see what she did to poor defenseless animals.

    • KARIN


  • Kyle

    What happened to her face, did a truck run over her?

    • JW

      That’s the look of a MEAN, UGLY WITCH that kills defenseless animals.

    • T

      If not, someone should!

  • Tom

    After someone smashes her teeth out with a hammer, contact the State’s Attorney and ask those folks what exactly are they NOT doing to send the message to this lady. I know it’s like comparing apples to oranges but it’s like a guy beating his toddler, arresting him and then sending him back home to care for the same kid.Attention States Attorney. DO SOMETHING.

  • jeff

    @ Kyle… When she was younger her face caught on fire and it was put out with an axe… She is a sick individual.

  • from me

    I guess a trip to the cosmetic Dr. Could have really benefited her raggedy beat up face….but then again that’s probobly the reason her husband left her in the first place! I mean…would u wanna wake up to that God awful mug every morning!?! i live in that area and would looove to run into her somewhere!. … i will definitely remember that white trash face…I would have LOTS of fun making her run in with me a nasty one!! I may even make some IMPROVENTS on her face ; )


    Why was she even allowed to keep the dogs the first time? they should of ben confiscated the first time then we wouldnt have this problem again, an her license should of ben pulled! She should get prison time!

  • Stella

    Sad, very sad. There is no excuse for any kind of cruelty to animals. Starvation is the worst form of animal abuse. I can only hope when that woman gets some prison time she too should be starved. What a cruel, wicked, mean person she is.

  • Roberta Waker

    You know the old saying about beauty being skin deep? Well, in her case, her skeleton is showing. She should definitely serve jail time, but unfortunately they won’t be able to starve her because it’s “inhumane.” Maybe the other inmates that are/were pet owners and love animals will take care of her. Our laws DEFINITELY need to be changed to better protect these beautiful creatures.

  • Lori Goldstein

    I actually have some personal experience with Diane. In the summer of 2009 I found an emaciated dog at the side of the road in Glenview on a Sunday afternoon. I stopped and coaxed the dog with cereal and a protein bar. Finally, after setting small amounts of food on the sidewalk, he began to trust me enough to eat out of my hand so I finally was able to pick him up.

    I carried him into my car and called the police. When the officer arrived I was told that he would be put in the pound and if nobody claimed him in a week he would be euthanized. So of course I took him home, but I already have three dogs and just couldn’t handle another.

    A friend recommended Muddy Paws and the woman, Diane, said she would take him if I arrived before 4:00 PM. I rushed out there and met her. First, let me say that she is perfectly fine looking. Obviously, while I don’t want to defend her, these personal insults are immature. She was very nice and brought him immediately to PetSmart to see if he was microchipped. He was not.

    In the ensuing several weeks we spoke a handful of times; I was checking to make sure he was progressing. She assured me he was. I felt very guilty for not keeping him and wanted so badly to go back and get him, but unfortunately I did not. I was uncomfortable that she never called me as she had promised, but she was always nice and patient whenever I called.

    After maybe around five weeks when I called for the last time she said that he had been adopted out to a family who came to adopt a different type of dog but fell in love with him so took him instead. Whenever I drive by the place where I found him I am full of regret for not keeping him, but at least I knew he was in a good home.

    Now who knows. I have a hard time sleeping because I keep seeing his little face look at me as if to ask, “Why was I rejecting him” when I handed him over. He became very attached and trusting of me within an hour so I feel tremendous guilt about what likely happened to him. He was a very sweet little dog who deserved much better than what he got. He would have been much better off in the pound.

  • pearlee

    What is wrong with her. Is he Ok? Why she gets so many dogs and then lets them die.
    Does she have children?
    May be the high prices of dog food and cat chew is making all this puppy mill owners go bananas. She should go tot the Salvation Army or any food pantry to get some food for those poor animals.
    God save her soul for doing such a deservice to dear creatures on earth.

    • Lori

      I have no way of knowing the doggie’s fate, which is very difficult for me to live with. She has a son who is around six or so years old. Who knows the real story. The media gives mostly her ex-husband’s story without getting her side. She seemed like a nice person who loved animals when I met her. My friend who recommended I take the dog to her had been in the kennel area and said it was immaculate, yet the media reports that the place was a terrible mess, so who knows the actual story. Hopefully at trial the entire truth will come out. I’ll sleep easier when I know what really happened.

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