Strip Club Won’t Be Coming To Chicago Ridge

CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. (STMW) — Southwest suburban Chicago Ridge plan commissioners on Thursday night shot down a proposed strip club, denying a zoning variance that would’ve allowed liquor sales in a light-manufacturing zone.

JTC Entertainment was seeking the variance so it could open a club that would sell alcohol across from the village’s public works building.

Commissioners said a strip club would not be desirable in the village.

“It’s not in the best interest of the residents,” Commissioner Ed Stortz said.

Commissioner Don Cummings said such an establishment is not a good fit for the site, which is within a business park. He said adult entertainment is allowed by village ordinance in certain zoning, but the law prohibits “nude dancing along with the sale of alcohol.”

JTC Entertainment attorney Larry Woodard contended that the strip club would benefit Chicago Ridge by bringing in needed property and sales tax revenue.

But Stortz questioned how much tax income the business would generate, saying the “negatives outweigh the positive of tax revenue.”

He and commission chairman Roger Meslar said a strip club would be an added burden on the police department, which would likely need to have more patrols near it.

Woodard was vague on what JTC Entertainment’s next move will be. It could take its request to the village board or propose that the club not sell alcohol.

But he seemed to suggest that the company would not pursue a strip club, saying “we look forward to working with the village to find other uses (for the property).”

— SouthtownStar, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

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  • meme

    Anywhere there is liqour problems will always follow .A strip club only promotes drunks ,car accidents ,increase in violence ,infidelity and all the while never making and HONEST dollar !

    • Tammy

      You are completely full of it. A strip club does not promote drunks any more than any other establishment. It has absolutely nothing to do with car accidents. No increase in violence, and it is not prostitution. The only dollars made at a strip club are honest dollars. You have obviously not been to a strip club, it’s like any other bar only with nude hotties.

  • MS

    I have no problem with strip clubs and of the women who choose to make a living in that way but it would add to drunk driving in/around Chicago Ridge/Oak Lawn. Bars are a dime a dozen and people generally flock to the most convenient location…strip clubs are more scattered and people would be coming from all around to go to the nearest club (for many, the new addition being their chosen location). Personally, I would not be happy with the added patrons on the road (and let’s face it; no denial necessary – drinking and driving) when I return home from work around the time they would be closing shop.

  • You asked for it

    You are so misinformed .and obviously Bi ! No it is not a prostiitution but there is nothing good about it .It simply a place in bad taste it serves no good purpose.You Cant justify a strip club of hotties bouncing off poles for money while dummies are there paying for it ,yeah send them home drunk if they make it to their families .Real nice ,better if they get home safe with and $$ STUPIDILY SPENT .It is not an honest dollar never was and nver will be ! lIke any other so called establishment / bar or enteretainement it only promotes drunks and everything bad under the sun !

    • YouReallyAskedForIt

      I am a single guy and have gone to strip clubs occasionally over the years. It is nothing more than entertainment. You say there is nothing good about it. You are wrong, I had a good time. You say it is in bad taste. You are wrong, I wasn’t offended. I am not a dummy and a little money spent on entertainment is not money stupidly spent, I got my money’s worth. How is it not an honest dollar if no laws are broken? It seems to me, you just don’t like the idea of hotties prancing around in the nude. Most likely you are not attractive enough to be one of those hotties, or maybe you are afraid your husband will go there and not want to touch you any more. Maybe you are religious and that’s why you are against it. Either way, why shouldn’t the rest of us get to go and have a little fun? If you don’t like it, then just don’t go and you would never even know it is there!!


    No different than a bar or a casino ,can anybody else come up with a way to make a good fortunate and decent dollar here in Chicago give me damn break already ! It promotes noting but an increase in problems and a bunch of fools behind it trying to continue to justify and attempt to promote it !

    • Sam

      You obviously haven’t a clue.

  • Nothing but the truth

    I agree . We could not even get the olympics here ,we lost why because of crime ! Now you gots a bunch of foo’s pushing for more dumb ways to invest money when ,how and from who “Oh lets try getting us some casino’s and now strip clubs PLEEAZE !!!? Bunch of dummies !

    • Citizens of Cook

      Crime had nothing to do with the Olympic commitee’s decision. It seems you are the dummy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with casinos or strip clubs. It’s simple, if you don’t like them, then don’t go and you will not even know they are there.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      We lost to Rio… over crime? You cant possibly be serious…

  • xxx

    Think about this –
    Some people when they have to much to drink should not be in places that have hot women walking and dancing around. It is not the clubs fault that these people should stay at home and watch porn instead.

  • Nobody cares for a sensless opinion

    I could not agree more ! There are bunch of alcoholics drinking for no damn reasons at all PERIOD .The whole time trying to find one excuse for another .Just like if your gonna drink then you should stay home safe and deal with your own misery .Exactly my point and yet everyone is entitiled to there own oppinion ,sure okay .At the same time having a strip club would not make anything thing better ,or safer .As you can see the bottom line is that it WAS NOT APPROVED and I proclaim this to be fair to EVERYONE !If you gots to go to a strip club to pay and see women ,you must not be very attractive to find one for yourself .More power to the women working there if they are the ones suckiing up the dirty $$$ they earn .

    • Jack

      You are truly a moron!!!

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      I cant even read this run on mess…

  • MoJo

    The problem is that people in that town, a club in Chicago ridge or not, will travel to other towns to spend that money. And right now, strip clubs are one of the fastest growing industries due to the economy and they are bringing in huge revenues for the city. The other issue is that a club not approved become a club anyways but they are hidden underground. This causes even more problems with prostitution and no regulations to protect girls working in the underground clubs.

    There is a flip side to the coin, but the benefits sometimes do out weight the cons, especially the economy we are facing today.

    We have release a report on the democracy found with the strip club, read more here:

  • Keep it in the city

    something like this should be in the city, not in an industiral park near residential areas

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