Bernstein: What Took So Long With Silva?

By Dan Bernstein–

Leave it to the Cubs to complicate something so simple.

Jim Hendry and Mike Quade ultimately did the right thing regarding bloated man-child Carlos Silva — releasing him, eating the remaining salary, starting Andrew Cashner and keeping Marcos Mateo – but only after the aftermath of the move turned ugly.

We urged that this be done 25 days ago; right after Silva’s embarrassing on-field spat with Aramis Ramirez was added to the list of his clashes with teammates, providing another example of his refusal to take responsibility for his struggles.

By dragging out what we now know was the inevitable, they allowed first-year pitching coach Mark Riggins to take fire, left Quade to rant like mid-season Ozzie Guillen, and were forced to take a defensive organizational position.

It’s never good to scorch the earth after a player exits, even one like Silva who deserves every single insult. The club is brought to the lower level when trading unnecessary shots with someone who doesn’t matter.

Silva was fat, loud and bad. He should have been cut on March 3rd with little fanfare. He was never going to be traded for anything.

Instead, Hendry felt he had to justify the obvious, in order to protect his guys from the worthless carping of an idiot.

“We’re dealing with a man that at this particular point in his career is not willing to face the facts that what he’s done over the last few years, except for a two-month period, is well below major-league standards,” Hendry said. “And he seems to have the continual problem [of] blaming everybody but himself.”

Agreed. The first point was just as true at the beginning of the month, and the second was on display as soon as the games began. Silva is expensive baseball detritus, and nothing happened in the last few weeks to make him any less costly or any better at pitching.

Now, Silva has been able to lob grenades at Riggins that caused Hendry to take the low road. This is the first time for many that the new coach is top-of-mind, and the context is not good: he’s being called a liar and a bush-leaguer — heavy stuff for someone so fresh on the job, even if we consider the source.

That’s why Quade was apoplectic, f-bombing like Lee Elia. Too bad the rookie manager’s first explosion had to do with something so meaningless, and that it wasn’t even during the regular season. Better used later, after Ramirez won’t get behind a hard one-hopper, Alfonso Soriano waits in the box watching a long single off the wall, or Carlos Zambrano berates Darwin Barney for dropping a popup.

Riggins himself handled it best, actually, not sounding at all like someone in need of such overblown, public cover.

“Carlos has his opinion, and I’ll leave it at that,” he told the Sun Times. “It’s water under the bridge. It happens. I understand the emotions that go with things. And so I wish him the best, and if I can help him in any way, the door’s always open.”

That’s a nice, easy way to let it go, and get on with bigger, better things.

The Milton Bradley saga is over. Just enjoy.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: What Took So Long With Silva?

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM. Read more of Bernstein’s blogs here. Follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein.
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  • Larry Horse's Arse

    The real shame of the whole saga is that Spendry didn’t trade his fat arse away last year when he was 8-0……couldda gotten some value back then.

  • George Oscar Bluth

    Meanwhile, Derrick Rose emerges as the premier tight-game closer in the NBA.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Totally true GOB, but that’s not Bernsie’s headline because he can’t say, “I told you so” with regard to DRose.

      • Lovie's Shiny Chin Scar

        HAHAHAHA!!! This made me laugh because it’s soooo true!!!

      • chitownduck

        Carlos Silva releasing is the top Chicago sports story this weekend. Why wouldn’t he write about it? Everyone knows Derrick is really really good basketball. There is nothing else left to be said at this point.

      • George Oscar Bluth

        chitownduck, then why was there a blog entry last week about Michael Jordan? Carlos Silva will never be a “top” story. Ever, never ever.

      • chitownduck

        No, GOB(if its ok to call you that as I see someone else did) but typically on a Monday Bernsie’s gonna write about the biggest story from the weekend since Bernsie doesn’t write blogs on the weekends. That’s of course if there is a big story. The story isn’t just about Silva. Its the bigger picture. Its about Quade mouthing off and seeing what its like when things aren’t going the way its supposed to. Its about Hendry again not doing the right thing at the right time. Its about Riggins taking fire already as first year pitching coach. Sorry, but I think its a big story.

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Stop talking about basketball!

        Talk more basketball!

      • chitownduck

        Just as long as it isn’t NFL labor issues, I really could care less what he blogs about.

  • kev in skokie

    How does Hendry still have his job? Is it a money thing? Does he have a lot of years left on his deal that the Cubs don’t wanna eat? Does he have incriminating photos of someone in the organization and their afraid to fire him and risk the exposure, like Mike Murphy used to have at the Score?

    • AT3374

      For some misguided reason the new owners think Hendry is doing a great job and just needs more time . These are the same goofs that bought a franchise that LOST 72 million in value . Hope that answers the question ;)

      Ditka ….sausages ….Ditka

  • mike in davenport

    I’m confused by Dan’s argument.

    Is he implying that if Silva had been released earlier that this ugliness wouldn’t have happened?

    Silva is a jerk. He was a jerk a month ago, too. Had they release him earlier, it would have just gotten ugly earlier. If he had pitched well, they may have been able to trade him. They performed their due dilligence in a professional, unemotional way until Silva lashed out like a baby.

    I swear, if Bernstein has made up his mind about someone (in this case Hendry), then everything they do will be twisted and distorted to fit his opinion.

    • Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

      Mike…I usually agree with Dan but your comment is spot on. Obviously the 11 mil was a sunk cost and the Cubs did everything an organization should do in order to try to recoup any value out of a rock bottom asset. The easier, rash thing to do would have been to let Silva go on March 3 but the professional move was this action.

      I do agree with Dan’s other point that the Cubs didn’t need to react as they did so vehemently this weekend. A simple terse statement from Hendry or Quade that “Carlos is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts and we wish him well in finding another organization.”

  • bronzo

    Nice blog today and agree with Dan ..Silva is a bum …nice to see Quade step up amd tell him to F%$k off.

    But C;mon nothing about the NCAA ? if you didn’t like ALL of the games on Sat/Sun…I mean that was good stuff all around.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Among the zillions nof brackets, Booyah has a bracket contest going in which 6 Million people participated…and 2 people picked all four teams in this Final Four.
      I’m amazed that anyone got that far this year.
      What a toon-a-mint it has been, frickin’ amazing.

  • Denver Deadite

    Re: Cubs – Once again, I reiterate the fact that you get rid of Hendry to prevent further stupidity like this. Yet, he’s kept on. I’m so glad I’m a non-practicing Cubs fan right now.

    Re: Frday Fung – I don’t think anybody will ever be able to top the Abraham Lincoln “Relative Greatness” from last Friday.

    Re: Ohio State – As a fan of another Big Ten school, if it came down to firing Tressel and then OSU hired Urban Meyer, I’d rather they kept Tressel. I mean, it’s replacing one windbag for another anyways. Not to mention, Meyer is the one who unleashed the evil that is Tim Tebow upon the world.

    • bigtime sucker

      urban myer=big pay day at four lettered sports networks which will then= bigger pay day at Notre Dame when kelley prooves he can’t cut it

    • bronzo

      Denver I’m not a big Tebow fan or Urban Meyer fan for that matter…but last time I checked they both had pretty a good career while at Florida don’t you think?

      • Denver Deadite

        Meyer is just as slimy as any other, he just hasn’t gotten caught yet.

        And I really, truly hate Tim Tebow, even before he got drafted by the Broncos, which is an NFL team I could care less for as well. The ridiculousness of putting Bible verses on his eye black and all that garbage, the fawning over him? Remember the Quote of the Year stuff from Brennaman?

        Hint: Tim Tebow is not The Second Coming. Quit treating him as if he is, and Tebow himself needs to quit acting like he is.

      • bronzo

        Denver maybe you missunderstood what I said…I’m not a big fan of either I said that…WHO is treating Tebow like the second coming…I merely said that both had pretty good careers at Florida..which is true..check the record.

        I realize you don’t like ( hate) Tebow that’s the popular opnion on the B&B show I get it.

      • bigtime sucker

        its funny because i am a huge florida fan, been so since the 7th grade, watching them really ignited my love for football, and a lot of that had to do with spurriers creativity in creating offense, innovating offense and manuevering personell and formations to confuse defenses, it wasn’t like anything i had ever seen before and it was fun to watch. Zook really took that down a notch, and meyer really did, they won more under meyer but it wasn’t as fun as spurrier. not innovative and too zone readie for me

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Here’s a tale of relative greatness: Joe from Evanston’s great-great-grandfather was the best man at Lincoln’s funeral.

      • Denver Deadite


  • bigtime sucker

    now that dan is on twitter, i get a feel for what he is going to be putting out there, and this story tended to peak his interest quite a bit. ROSE IS AWESOME, not much more can be said about it, can’t use a duke education to really extrapolate a thinking mans thought about what generally can be stated in three words. I would like to see him talk about the NCAA’s though. Lots of undercurrent here. what’s the world going to do without 4 marquee matchups, does it matter in the end? are the one and done’s ruining c-basketball. oh those small schools and their seniors…. those can be extrapolated, but they bear no burdon nor benefit on the chicago sports scene, so he took this direction

  • Rick

    Hendry and Quade reacted exactly like Ozzie and Kenny would have reacted. I actually find that a little refreshing for the Northside.

    • bronzo

      I do too Rick …It’s nice to see a Coach / GM speak their minds and not be polittically correct.

    • Denver Deadite

      It wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that this situation need never occur in the first place.

      Signing Bradley in the first place and all his troubles, then trading for Silva but not trading him when he had value last summer, Silva getting into it with Ramirez… and then you send your new pitching coach to tell the fat man that he’s out of a job? For crying out loud.

      If a business in any other industry were run this poorly (well, unless you’re a car company or a major bank), they would be out of business, and deservedly so.


    Back from staycation. Had to abandon the mother ship, though while we were getting tile. Looks great. Golfed, bowled, saw a movie (Cedar Rapids–funny).
    And now, daddy day care (another story).
    Good stuff guys.


    Well. . . uh. . .Dan, that last paragraph is kind of the rub.
    “Better save it for an A.R. who won’t. . . or a A.S. as he watches a single from the batter’s box. . .”
    I agree that you don’t fire an elephant gun at a fruit fly, but I think practice is included in the Cubs Clubhouse handbook.
    The best thing to do might have been to trade him after the 8 and 0 last year.
    But, Hendry was running on optimism that that 2010 ball club was going to start caring.

    As a side note, didn’t Mike Fontenaut make the World Series (winning) roster?

  • Jake from da burbs

    The Cubs as always fumbled this completely. I’m not even going to argue the fact that Hendry should have used Silva’s first half of last season as an opportunity to get rid of him.

    Hendry and Cubs look pretty much like complete fools. First, you dont rid yourself of Silva after what happened earlier in ST. Both Hendry and Quade look dumb for this. That was mistake #1 but even if you wanted let things settle down and see what happens, the decision to not have Siva on the 25 man roster is even more baffling on a couple of counts:
    1. You could have expected this type of reaction from Silva. He’s a hot head. He slammed your coaching staff and you stooped low to try and save face.
    2. Marcos Mateo deserved a spot but he’s no big time reliever and he has options. Send him to AAA and bring him up when you need him.
    3. I understand giving Cashner the opportunity to start but guess what, he’s going to end up in the bullpen by August or even shut down completely because he’s not going to come out and give you 200+IP this year. Cubs will have to be conservative and pitch him 120-150IP and let him build up the IP over the next 2 seasons.
    4. The cutting of Silva and eating of 11.5M is even worse now for the Cubs who are begging the city and taxpayers for money. This makes Ricketts look terrible. I can’t believe he signed off on this move, no matter how terrible Silva was.

    Thats why this whole thing doesn’t make sense and why Hendry is plain stupid.

    Why not have Silva as your 5th starter. He pitched well in his last start. If he can have a decent April and May like he did last season, try and ship him off while eating less of his salary. Then have Cashner come in around May-June and finish the season out as a starter. If Silva sucked completely through April-May, then cut your losses.

    If it was me, I’d go into the season with Mateo in AAA, Cashner in bullpen and Silva as my 5th starter. If things go right, the moment Silva seems tradeable, I send Cashner down to AAA, stretch him out to be a starter and bring up Mateo to be in the bullpen. Then when you trade Silva, you bring up Cashner to start and he’d be able to start the rest of the season setting himself up nicely for 2012.

    This team continues to mire in mediocrity because there is no vision and long-term plan to develop players and get this team through this transition period. The fact that Hendry has a job is an indictment on Ricketts and I would love for someone to ask Ricketts to his face about his 11.5M check he has to cut to Silva while still going around asking for charity.


    Good Stuff, Jake,

    Two words that have yet to be mentioned
    (formulate the new PA voice in your head):
    Now pitching, from Notre Dame

    Jeff. Samardzija!

    There was only room for one of them on the 2011 roster. I hope Cashner can last 5 months.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      What will The Shark’s role be for the Cubs, long relief???


    The little guy! and the Shark! bring it home!

    Boy, I hope he learned to throw off-speed. Or, change his delivery.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Rather than just cut SIlva, the next logical extension of Spendry’s Milton Bradley win-win strategy would be to have traded Silva for Father Pfleger.
    Ya know, clubhouse cancer for diocesan cancer.

    • bronzo

      Wow that is brilliant Larry!! Good stuff…LOLLLLLLLLLL


    Smooth move, In Bev. Wish I had stock.

    Scandalous, L.H.A. simply. scandalous!
    Well, I never! (cough.)

    Now, if you’ll excuse me. My daughter wants to watch the end of Price is Right
    and the Young and the Restless.
    (I guessed within 200 dollars of the final showcase last week)

    • Judge Smails

      Get your foot off the boat!!!!

      • SPAULDING!

        You look like a scotch ad!

      • Judge Smails

        I’ll give you asthma.

  • Spoon

    What a long winded way of saying “Shoulda cut him sooner”.

    Of course then he’d blast em for not trying to get max value before hand.

  • Jim Shew

    Just as usual Bernstein writes another stupid blog. With all the pitching injuries happening around the league the Cubs had a chance that some other team in desperate need of pitching might pick him up and you don’t have to pay the whole 11 million due to the slob. Typical Bernstein just like how adamant he was that the Bullls trade Noah to Denver for Carmelo. I see how great Carmelo is doing for Knicks right now, Danantoni is about to get canned and Carmelo is worse than Boozer at playing defense.

  • mike murphy

    What does Danny know, he’s Sox fan. Quade is the man! But a brain dead south sider like Dan wouldn’t know anything about the FIRE and PASSION OF BEING A MANAGER.

    • Joakim's bong

      Looks like somebody, has a case of the Mondays

  • Gentleman RaRa

    We Chicagoans are blessed to have not one, but TWO, curse-happy managers in town.

    Now all that’s left is for Coach Thibs to develop a nasty streak. “F@%*IN’ ICE!!!”


    Two quickies regarding Milton Bradley & Carlos Silva. At the time the Cubs dealt Milton the malcontent to the Mariners and got Carlos in return, it was garbage for garbage, and now both guys are history. All I can say in the wake of Silva’s rant towards Cubs’ management is good riddance! I don’t think the Cubs could’ve gotten a 24 pack of Bud Light or Pepsi Max for this boob!

    Meanwhile, those groans in the background are executives from CBS Sports in regards to the unlikeliest of Final Fours next Saturday in Houston. Needless to say, while VCU & Butler are still the feelgood stories of the NCAA Tournament, their matchup Saturday just after 5p is not exactly “Must See TV”. I’ve got to think that the winner of UCONN/Kentucky in the nightcap cuts down the nets next Monday night. I think that team is UCONN, who have played a lot of basketball since playing DePaul in Day 1 of the Big East Tournament in New York, and have not looked back. In fact, Sports Illustrated/CBS Sports’ analyst Seth Davis thinks Jim Calhoun might retire as UCONN’s veteran head coach after the Final Four is complete. Seth made his remarks this morning on “The Dan Patrick Show”, citing Calhoun’s health, not necessarily the suspension he’ll be serving next season.

  • uncle russ

    The last part of this article is dead on “The Milton Bradley saga is over.”I agree the trade for bad and crazy for bad and fat is over. If only the man in charge of signing and then trading for the large one, was also packing his bags would be nice.

  • Bob in Rockford

    I agree with Rick and Bronzo; Quade’s reaction was oddly refreshing. We don’t see much authenticity on the North Side.

    Your point is well-taken, Dan, but I’ve been wanting “complicated” for a while. Everything with the Cubs is seemingly “air-brushed.” Sure, Silva should have been sent packing earlier, but having said that, let’s embrace the mess. This is not even a .500 team, so a first step is to tell me (the silly, loyal, Cubs fan) the truth. If Ricketts wants to impress me, he’ll peel back the “Cubs life” garbage and choose complicated realities instead.

  • David Hochberg - TownStone Financial



    I agree, Dan.
    That was a tough game, and they aren’t fielding the strongest team (and, they still held their own).
    Crawford is one of the better goalies in the conference.
    Stop talking hockey!

  • Jim

    Quade is a minor league manager who has a minor league pitching coach. His tirade just masks the opinion that Riggins perhaps did say that to Silva and Quade goes Ozzie to cover up how minor league they are. Hendry can rip Silva now but it was Hendry that took Silva to cover up his MB trade. So if anyone is to blame for this mess, it is Hendty who acquired Silva, hired Quade and Riggins the pitching coach, Only a matter of time before Hendry himself gets the boot. Who is going to tell Hendry, he is gone, the traveling cub like!!!

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