City Plans To Cut Back On Rodent Control

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — If you see a rat scurrying through your backyard, you might have no choice but to deal with it.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report Wednesday morning, the city Department of Streets and Sanitation has lost workers because of a hiring freeze and chronic absenteeism.

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Thus, Rodent Control and the Forestry Bureau are being moved to garbage control.

While spokesman Matt Smith tells the Sun-Times the changes are temporary, representatives of Laborers Union Local 1001 say the plan will backfire. In the story, he says real life could resemble the Kia commercial where rodents are seen rapping and dancing with boomboxes to “The Choice Is Yours” by Black Sheep.

But the city does offer some advice for keeping rats away.

As the city points out on its official Web site, rats have an average lifespan of 6 to 12 months. Females females can produce four to seven litters per year, and came become pregnant again within 48 hours of giving birth.

While rats prefer fresh food, they will eat pet food, dog feces, garbage and plants too, the city pointed out.

The rats in Chicago are Norway rats, which prefer to live in burrows in the ground, and can climb and swim easily. They can also chew through wood and plaster, crawl through holes the size of a quarter, tread water for three days, and land safely after a five-story fall.

But the most worrisome aspect of wild rats in Chicago is the risk of disease. They carry a variety of infected fleas and ticks that can be passed on to people, and if cornered, they can bite, the city points out.

  • Rick Stubblefield

    Rat poison is cheap. If you see a rat buy some. I will.

  • tom Sharp

    I bet that makes the aldermen and other City Hall vermin feel safer!

  • Enrico

    Maybe the rats can be deported with the stupid illegal Mexicans.

  • Darkie

    “Rodent Control?” That’s no way to speak about the city’s ghetto population.

    • Jake

      That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!

  • Mamacita

    The tax bills are sky high, there is a red light camera on every corner, the water bills have gone up, the streets are raggedy, the schools are falling apart and closing, and now we will be overwhelmed with rats! Where is all the money this city is generating going? We have to buy our own rat poison?! Seriously?? Living in this city is a joke!

    • MoFo

      The money is going to the all those useless programs and folks asking for handouts! Such a drain in society.

    • Rick Stubblefield

      Move then Mamacita ! I here the handouts are great in Bell California.


    good te plague can spread thru the getto chicago, all the corrupt hacks and lackies paying the family member for the do nothing job, getting kickbacks on a no-bid contract..yep..all more important then rodent control….
    Time to vote them all out, rise up and demand these carreer politicial thiefs leave before we pass laws tp tar and feather them carpet baggers……Enough is Enough!
    Recall Quinn …………2011
    IL. Land of Corruption!

  • Dave

    I live in a retirement community about 20 miles southeast of Phoenix, Arizona and you’re discussing about Norway rats. Be lucky you don’t have roof rats. Just as bad as the Norway rat. These animals are able to chew through concrete, steel, etc. And are able to climb on roofs of structures, hence the name, roof rats.

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