State Lawmaker Wants Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — A state lawmaker wants welfare recipients to submit to drug tests in order to receive aid, but he admits the proposal isn’t ready for a full debate – and probably won’t make it into law this year.

This isn’t the first time State Rep. Jim Sacia (R-Pecatonica) has introduced such a measure. He first introduced it three years ago when a constituent asked him why welfare applicants don’t submit to drug tests, but many job applicants do.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Alex Degman reports

This year’s bill would create a pilot program to administer the drug tests in three counties for three years.

Sacia cautions his bill will not fix all welfare problems. But he says lawmakers must create a way to foster a change in recipients’ attitudes, and this is a good start.

“We have to come up with a way, and this is a Panacea I recognize that, where we’re creating a motivational factor for people to want to get off the welfare rolls, to get back to legitimate employment,” explains Sacia.

Sacia says House Bill 11 is imperfect, but is getting better. He says one of the bills’ amendments will eventually address how to pay for the drug tests, but the specifics have yet to be hammered out.

The proposal has received significant push back in its first three years, namely from the House Human Services Committee.

“I will not move the bill until I get a bill that I can get those who are adamantly opposed to it, maybe not to necessarily say they’re in support of the bill, but to go neutral on [it],” says Sacia.

  • anti welfare

    Good comments “The Right Stuff”.
    I agree.

    I would prefer we stop all welfare to those who can physically work.

    • George Fuller, Sarasota, FL

      That would be a great way to start a riot on the south side of Chicago

      • Gail Upchurch

        Hey George;Florida is a bigger sespool than Chicago; Your ignorant comment proves your not educated. Welfare, Social Security, most Government Programs need a complete overhall.As do ALL POLOTICIANS!!

      • Andrew P.

        @Gail Upchurch: You say George (of FL) here is uneducated. And yet you wrote “your” when you meant “you’re”. The sentence immediately following is missing the word “and” between the words “Security, ” and “most”. And “Poloticians” should be Politicians.

        But yeah, you must’ve really hit home when you called George dumb.. George, you feelin’ the pain?

      • sickof libs

        @ Andrew P.
        Libs love their spell checker, right libs?? Makes you feel real smart when you spell check. Easier to attack the spelling than the actual topic at hand, right libs?

      • Andrew P.

        @sickof libs: I am a conservative, Republican, and a Christian at that. I was spell checking Gail because she was calling someone uneducated in perhaps the most uneducated way possible. So I hope you aren’t referring to me as the spellchecking lib. “You’re a Liberal”… Those are fighting words, my friend.

        Anyway, you’re right about it taking away from the tone and topic of the thread. I digress..

      • Emile

        You missed the obvious one, CESSPOOL.

      • NWA

        FACT: The majority of welfare recipients in Illinois and America are white. And, the ones in Illinois don’t live on the south-side of Chicago.


      • StupidPeopleFTW


        I”m not sure why race matters, but african americans make up 39.5% of welfare recipients, followed by Latinos at 38.4%. So not only are your numbers wrong, but they’re mindboggling wrong.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        Blah, apparently I cant read, that’s non-lation whites. So your numbers are not too far off, my mistake!

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      The people creating laws are the most important people and have the most responsibility … ipso facto …. because others’ lives and a fantastic amount of money is involved … and we want to be sure everything is the best it can be … all lawmakers will be drug tested every time they walk on to the floor to vote.

      Tested for alcohol, steroids and other drugs. A hair test will also be done on all elected public servants. Making sure all lawmakers have a sound mind and are not under the influence of any drug that could cloud their important decision making.



      • LaRoosh

        Exactly. Our own lawmakers are exempt from drug testing, and they have gone on record to cite that drug testing violates their constitutional right to privacy. Politicians do not get drug tested.

    • llaz

      while we’re at it, let’s drug test all the politicians too!!!!

    • cringa2006

      If I can do one for work with out having a legislative debate, than the state should put one in two. I work for my money and work under randomn tests as a condition of employment.

      As I see, there is no difference…pee in the cup..5 minutes, your clear to land or abort. Easy, breezy!

    • Beel Zebub

      In halting the implementation of Michigan’s drug testing law, U.S. District Court Judge Victoria Roberts ruled that the state’s rationale for testing welfare recipients “could be used for testing the parents of all children who received Medicaid, State Emergency Relief, educational grants or loans, public education or any other benefit from that State. Indeed, any of the justifications put forth to subject welfare recipients to random drug testing would also by logical extension apply to the entirety of our population that receives some public benefit and/or that is a parent. It is clear that our constitution – and common sense – would object to the random drug testing of this large group of people, making the drug testing of an equally absurd category of people – welfare recipients – unconstitutional as well.”Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • Mary

    Yes! And include mandatory birth control too!

    • cletus

      Ah, Malthusianism, one of the Right’s favorite and long-practiced attacks on Liberty,

    • Devon

      I agree with mandatory birth control, but a drug test is nothing more than an invasion of privacy, and are wrong no matter how they are applied.

      • Randolph

        How is it it an invasion of property when you are taking my money?

      • Pam

        Then how come most workers have to pass one to be able to work and collect a paycheck? What makes them any better? I don’t want my taxes to go to drug heads! It’s no different than mandatory birth control.

      • Dr. Robotnik

        You’re joking right?

        Drug tests are an invasion of privacy, but mandatory birth control isn’t?


      • lewnaticink

        if people want to be on drugs they can do it on their own dime, alot more people would get off welfare if they were held to some sort of responsability

      • Billv

        Having the Welfare office asking about my financial situation is also an invasion of privacy. So should I be able to walk into a welfare office and be given a welfare check even though I have a job and can support myself?

      • Tracy

        How on earth is requiring mandatory birth control NOT an invasion of privacy while submitting to madatory drug testing is? For the record, I support both concepts. If you live off my dime, you lose your right to privacy. You don’t like it, get off the dole. As if I care about their privacy … My company requires mandatory drug testing as a condition of employment … so I can pay taxes to support welfare recipents.

    • BIG D

      How about no increase in benefits for children born after benefits start? Mandatory birth control sounds a bit draconian.

      • Andrew P.

        That’s what I was thinking. Some of these posters think this is the People’s Republic of Chicago..

      • Really

        And just who do you think bears the brunt that idea? Sure won’t be the parent-do you think her needs will go unmet? Flat out – mandatory birth control should be a requirement to collecting money from the taxpayers in the form of welfare .

    • MZ JMNZ

      Laroosh..I’m sure Politicians are not depending on welfare so why should they be tested? I’m sure they go through company testing which has nothing to do with the government. But from the sounds of it, you wouldn’t know that. If you have a LINK card then you should be tested…I pay taxes so why should I support your habit when my daughter can not even recieve medical? Sit there & think about it…and before you answer…think about it again! lol.

      • FEDup

        Anyone employed by the taxpayer should have a responsibility to them. Being in the Military for twelve years, I am subject to random urinalysis so I can stay in the Military. So then why should other forms of public service be any different? Absurd.

      • LaRoosh

        Politicians are not tested for legal/illegal drug use because it would violate their constitutional right to privacy. Look it up. Why then are American citizens subject to drug testing at all. What’s with this particular double standard? Telling me the constitution only protects politicians (elected officials) from being drug tested? For example, can you tell me the results of State Rep. Jim Sacia (R-Pecatonica)’s latest drug test? Is he willing to get a drug test to prove he deserves part of all of our paychecks? I really doubt drug testing is about helping anyone – it is being used as a tool to scare and deny people benefits. People on these kinds of benefits don’t need another roadblock in their lives, and if they haven’t been charged of any crimes, they shouldn’t be forced to submit to a purity test already deemed an unconstitutional practice for some citizens, also known as our elected officials.

  • Reality Sandwich

    Yep, test them. I’m tired of seeing my hard earned money used for someones habit. We need more politicians like that to make sensible laws. Any one opposing this one is probably a drug user or dealer.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      …and anyone in favor of it is clueless how testing works.

    • cletus

      Anyone supporting the proposed law is probably a Nazi.

      Self-sealing arguments work both ways.

      Ever notice that right-wingers just aren’t terribly intelligent?

      • cringa2006

        Cletus – where did you earn enough money to leave ‘Bama? get ur ass back home now…ur sister’s waiting for you to get hitched..her being pregnant and all.

    • GWillikers

      ITS NOT YOUR MONEY ANYMORE – you pay taxes no matter what they use it for!!!! If they put all of them in the street your still paying the same or more.. no matter what!! JEESss

  • Rick Stubblefield

    Will the taxpayers then be stuck with the rehab bill ? And also pay for the test ?

    • HardRightTurn

      Reallocate funds from drug enformcement activities.

    • Obamahaha

      Why would the taxpayers be stuck with the rehab bill? The test will be easy to pay for – do you realize how much money would be saved from losers unable to collect unemployment because they won’t stop smoking dope?


        Obamahaha, This is about welfare. Not unemployment. If you lose your job due to drugs you cannot collect. Who do you think is going to pay for it ?
        The governmaent with OUR money.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        Next to none, since you can pass a urine test with a $20 synthetic urine that’s available everywhere in the country.

    • Pam

      It’s cheaper than a life time of welfare..

      • Jim

        But people can’t stay on welfare for life, thanks to Bill Clinton (who most of you idiots probably hate).

  • Fabby Tovar

    He must have stock in a drug testing clinic. Wonder which relative of his owns the clinic(s)?

  • JV

    I feel all lawmakers should be drug tested. If you hold any position city, state, federal, ect…..: you should be drug tested. Yes even the president, rep. Or dem. Alike. Put up or shut up….. Winning!

  • Brantmn

    I believe drug tests should be mandatory for all who hold public office, let’s start with the President, then Congress, on down to all local office holders. What a different world we would be living in if we weeded out the drug and alcohol abusers from public office. We should be demanding this right now!!

    • Samiam

      How about mandatory drug test for ANYONE receiving public/local/state/federal funds – teachers, public safety workers, public union employees, all the way up and down the line? To get your government check, you provide the drug test results.

      • Jim

        So a teacher can’t smoke pot on their own free time even though it’s been decriminalized in most states? You sound like a fascist.

  • Denver Deadite

    Citizens Want Drug Tests For State Lawmakers

    I’d like to see how this will be paid for. Drug tests aren’t free, Mr. Lawmaker.

    • Andrew P.

      The drug tests will be paid by all the money saved by kicking people off welfare that are using drugs.

      • train

        It is a little more difficult to pass these tests then SPFTW implies……at my job the sample collector actually HAS to watch you pee in the cup…

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        No one that has a clue, will get caught by a urine screening. 5 min of effort results in a clean test. This would only catch the dumbest 5% of people. Tops.

    • shawn

      @ StupidPeopleFTW
      first its random so you dont get 5 minutes to prep. and I would love to hear what methods your talking about because they almost without exception dont work at all/are dangerous/and are easilly identifiable. a tampered test should result in lifetime exclusion of benifits w/o exception.

      • RushCPA

        Drug testing should be between you and your doctor. HIPAA laws should protect the results.

  • Angus MacPherson

    How about we stop sending billions to Israel, stop spending money on illegal wars that don’t benefit the US pubilc in any way, shape or form.. instead of hiking income taxs to insane levels (like in illinois) and then making people submit to drug tests..which will cost get people off of welfare..which is costing money.

    Somebody needs to look and see if tha suitclown owns any companies that do drug testing or make drug testing equipment or if one of his relatives does.

    • ned

      Angus you make some valid points regarding not sending money to Israel; time to let them stand on their own two feet. It there will be war, it is going to happen sooner or later, so why not let them have at it now? Israel can kick any arab couintry’s butt no question. Also agree that we should stop spending money helping other nations when out country is broke and has so many in need here at home. However, I disagree when it comes to drug tests. Most employers require it to get a job. If you are on welfare and doing drugs you can’t pass any employer’s drug test. While drug tests do cost money it clearly would be offset by kicking drug addicts off the welfare bandwagon. Heck, maybe they will have to sell those 30 inch rims on their hoopties and spend it on something that will help them or their children get ahead in life. Time to stop perpetuating the idea that all you have to do is push out some babies and the government will take care of you.

      • Andrew P.

        The problem with a war involving Israel is this: They have made themselves abundantly clear that they are not afraid to use nuclear weapons in their defense. And Palestinians have made themselves clear: they don’t care. So the question is: are you willing to risk the nuclear fallout?? Are you willing to hedge it on the lives of your offspring?

  • Carrol Quigley

    Big deal.

    I want LAWMAKERS drug tested, they work for me, and I want to make sure they are up to the job with a clear head.


    • dennis

      the cost will be on us the taxpayers, but it will be money spent well for a change. we should also know the results & the names who refuse. actually it is pretty cheap & it is just a simple matter of plucking a hair. the beauty of doing the hair sample is that it can detect back as far as a year.
      start with quinn on down & i agree THE WORK FOR US..

      • shawn

        um hair tests can go way further back then that, depending on the length of the hair.

      • cringa2006

        The cost is minimal…I believe it is around $30.00 per test. It is a wrap inserted in a cup that soaks up the urine. Each spot on the strip then give a positive or negative return (think litmus test paper). 15 miutes and done.

    • Andrew P.

      why? What is making you suspicious that lawmakers are using drugs? What specifically? I know, they do crazy stuff from time to time (and by that I mean almost daily). But to waste all that money in drug testing? Ridiculous. If you believe one of your representatives is taking drugs – and you have something to back this up – just take it public. I guarantee your Rep will go get him/herself tested ASAP, if only for appearances’ sake.


    i’d rather pay for the drug tests that make these leaches inelligible for welfare assistance than continue providing them with a lifelong supply of benefits that they dont deserve. How about some long-term thinking people!

    • Rick Stubblefield

      They won’t kick them off without offering re-hab you watch. We’ll get stuck with the bill for rehab while they still collect. If baby mommy or baby daddy has a habit it is not babys fault.

      • Andrew P.

        So take baby away, and stick the user in jail for 30 days. Clean him/her up in jail.

  • jeff

    If you want to ”FOSTER CHANGE”… start at the top and work your way down. I guess it’s just easier to prey on the weak.

  • chief

    I agree. What does collecting welfare have to do with drugs? We should treat everyone including politicians like potential criminals. When the politicians come up positive, they should be thrown out of office and made to collect welfare themselves. And when they come up positive there, make sure they have nothing to eat and force them to starve on the streets. That’ll show em!

    • tom cody

      I don’t think you understand the concept of why people on welfare need to be tested for drugs. It isn’t to know if they are committing a crime, but a way for our society to not financial support people’s drug habits who do not work and collect welfare. If a person chooses to do drugs, I don’t want to have to help pay for it.

      • mariluz

        I totally agree. I don’t want to pay for you to be infront of your tv all day, smoking and floating down the stream without having any amibtions to better yourself and family.

      • zadat

        the only person I personally know ever to take a welfare check is a billionaire now. She’s married to the inventor of US Robotics. It’s there for a reason :)

        Usually people who complain about others being lazy are typically lazy themselves.

    • Big E in VA

      For twenty years I in the United States Marine Corps much of that time with a Top Secret clearance and I was required to take random drug tests. Everyone seems to think that is a good idea. I would like to know that the people my taxes are supporting are not spending my money on drugs, so tell me why people living on public assistance should not have to take a drug test. Will it make them feel bad?

      Just for the record, anyone that tests positive should lose their assistance benefit for a period that at a minimum includes successfully testing clean. You do realize that taking illegal drugs is illegal, a crime, punishable by time in jail, by fines and rightfully so.

      • Cogito Ergo Sum

        Drug addiction is also a disease. I know from experience. I’ve lost my best friend in the world to this disease, and he was only 24 years old. He was incredibly intelligent, went to college, came from a well-to-do family. It doesn’t discriminate. I think that if the government is going to test people, then there has to be some measures in place to get them help. Drug addicts aren’t trash. They are human beings. They can be your brother, sister, mother, child. It hurts to read all the hate-filled comments towards drug addicts, not from you, but other people. I just think that if you start testing people and kicking them off welfare you have to offer them help, and that’s going to cost a lot of money that we don’t have too. So, I think the solution is making changes from the top down. Fix the corruption in Washington first, then the other stuff becomes managable, b/c you know that someone else is profitting from welfare a hell of a lot more than the people who get the checks. THOSE are the people I want to know about, not the person getting a $600 check, but the person getting the $600,000 check . Also, if all the jobs weren’t getting shipped overseas, people wouldn’t be turning to welfare like they are. More and more Americans are getting on it unfortunately. I feel like the federal government has turned into one big scam.

      • Cogito Ergo Sum

        *This was supposed to be in response to Big E from VA.

      • SicknessOfChoice

        Yeah right, what is your solution for those who don’t want to get their “disease” cured? That solution should have nothing to do with my tax dollars! If these guys want to keep drugging regardless of the harm they are doing to themselves and to society at large by supporting this “business of death” then as far as I am concerned you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves and as long as they won’t help themselves then they should not receive tax dollar financed welfare benefits! If that’s harsh, well then it’s harsh what they are doing to this country by the enormous pressure they are putting on future generations who will have to pay the bill for their drugging as the debt that we already have for social welfare programs is out of control!

      • LaRoosh

        So then why are people who test positive for drugs in any situation not arrested? They’ve just been found to possess them in their body – if it isn’t an arrestable offense to possess drugs in any form, why test? Why not go all the way and report the individual to the police along with the evidence in the drug test results?

    • shawn

      cops do that every day. I got pulled over a few months ago for 4 mph over, the cop wanted to search my truck. I asked what the prob cause was, he said because I pulled you over. I told him “hell no, thats not probable cause, I have rights” so then he proceded to call a drug dog, waste over an hour of my time and god knows how much tax payer money because that was his standerd operationg procedure. fyi he didn’t find any drugs. so we are already treated as guilty until proven innocent. not the other way around

      • GWilikers

        Yep cops have too much power. Your lucky he did not tase you with the NON-Lethal Taser! Because saying you have rights could be considered resisting arrest or back talking your daddy! If he did find something theres a possibility a good lawyer could have helped you. Speeding is not a reason to empty out your car request a drug dog, etc etc. But keep on letting your rights be trampled on eventually everyone will comply all layers will be prosecutors and we will be in another country. Did you get his badge number or file a complaint – him finding nothing gave you the recourse. Were you humilliated and harrassed?

      • GWilikers

        Sorry I left out the W in lawyers. Dont send the I.Q. Police its a type-o.

  • retited

    They need to be drug tested, if positive welfare stops. They should also be required to work in there commuities for no less than 30 hours a week. This if they are able. Not handie capped.
    Plus there is a strong need for birth control within the well fare system. I see a man with five kids six dogs and driving a SUV. Living rent free and on welfare. 100% capable to work. But to lazy.

  • Charlie Sheen


    • TedWilliamsFrozenHead


  • think about it

    Point 1. Drug addicts will go to great lengths to get money for their habit. Steal cars… break into houses… mug people on the street… users becoming dealers.

    Point 2. Drug testing is the least effective with the most addictive drugs. Look it up… that nasty marijuana can be detected for a month and a half… Crack and Meth… just a few days.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      ^ Well said.

      A crackhead will pass any test in a couple days, same with heroin, meth, pcp. Random drug testing is only a cover for the term ‘testing for marijuana. Which is not the issue that most people think of when they say ‘crack head welfare baby’

    • Andrew P.

      Doesn’t matter. I work hard to smoke this dank. I don’t want my tax dollars going to someone for their habit. Even if it is Marijuana. In my opinion, weed is the least of everyone’s problems. But they haven’t earned the right to smoke if they haven’t even EARNED THE MONEY they are smoking away.

    • shawn

      thats why its a random drug test.

  • Avoicenmany

    A law like this is long over due. It is well known that in the Housing/Welfare recipient group, Drug abuse is out of control. I suggest a further refinement in the law by adding, A. Able bodied recipients perform free service for the county, such as when one gets community service from a court. B. If they have children while receiving benefits, the amount decreases NOT increases. C. if they fail the drug test, do not do work service, are arrested, Lose ALL benefits. Also their assets need to be monitored i.e. NO Lexus in the driveway, and yes I have seen that. Plus some form of sliding time scale need be implemented for cut off so receiving welfare don’t become a “Lifestyle”… Sadly in Illinois I don’t see that happening, to many democrat votes at risk, though one has to wonder how many welfare voters actually get out and vote. In any case I hope this makes it into law.

  • saz

    I want mandatory drug testing for internet news article commentors

    • Johnny Cakes

      I don’t think you would pass.

    • Avoicenmany

      Let me guess you be sittin in the crib smokin a blunt right now, while da biotch be chasin the kids… Anyone against this is one that it is targeted for..

  • Caif

    AND how about mandatory drug and alcohol testing of Lawmakers each time and just before their casting a vote on a bill.

    • sickoflibs

      Way to deflect the issue.

      We are talking about mass amounts of people leeching our system dry. Our country is chock full of fat, lazy, freeloaders who feel entitled to whatever they want without earning it. Many get tax refunds yet pay no income taxes at all. Get a freaking clue. The least they can do is pass a drug test like the rest of us who work so that the gov can give them our hard earned money.

      • Mostly the same view

        I agree with that tax refund comment which always amazes me. I’m a single mom with two children and I work 12 months out of the year and pay taxes and only get $500 back if that – They don’t work get income credits up the wazoo and get back $5000. TRULY AMAZING!!! Drug test them and send them back to school most of them only have a eighth grade education because they are starting to have sex and babies at a much earlier age where by it is some type of honor and not a dishonor as when I grow up. We live in an anything goes society now so lets just stop handing out free money without some type of accountability for it outside of just having babies. I know what they get in dollars isn’t really a lot however when you look at the rest of the benefits (free or low rent housing, food stamps, free transportation, etc.) it all adds up to why am I working??? Some type of reform has been needed. I thought there was a program in place that would only allow them to receive benefits for 3 years then they could no longer get it what happen to that???

      • da troot

        “We are talking about mass amounts of people leeching our system dry. Our country is chock full of fat, lazy, freeloaders who feel entitled to whatever they want without earning it.”


  • Triple A

    Damn straight a failed drug test = No welfare, None,Zero,Nada. Problem is the Left will get a hold of this, chew it up and spit it out. This is not the first state to try and incorporate a plan like this but the Left know that a druggie taken off welfare = one less vote.

  • Forrest

    How about we also take away their voting rights while they’re on welfare until four years after they’ve been off the dole, therefore preventing elective abuse of us working taxpayers?

    • L R Z

      If drugs are a crime, why aren’t people who test positive for drugs arrested for possession?? They’ve just been caught with drugs in their system. How are they not then subject to arrest? Can’t the drug testing place order the arrest of any individual found having drugs in their system????

  • Gary-bg

    Lets reason this out ..Mexico’s drug borders..people and drugs flow freely into this country.Maybe if we solve that one the need for drug tests may drop off a bit you think.Then suppose the recipient has medical marijuana script then what..expensive litigation that’s what. Here is a solution they may have neglected. We have 190 countries in this world we as the USA give aid to 150 of them lets stop doing that and get out of policemen of the world business unless the policed area decides to pay for them like cities,and states do here.Then with all the billions saved and earned create a climate here that creates jobs instead of welfare and unemployment…just a thought

    • Alice

      Seriously, we need to stop the illegals flowing into and mooching off of us. That would make TOO much sense though. Instead, we get involved in a third war that’s already cost us $600 million that we don’t have. It’s just like Wonderland. Everything is backwards. Nothing can make sense. Let’s just have un-Birthday parties with the illegal aliens and then the Mad Hatter can come over and pay for everyone’s tea with miilions of gumdrop coins, care of Mr. Bernanke, and we’ll all stand on our heads and eat cake with our feet. That’s how you solve the financial crisis in this country, according to the government.

  • Pouteria

    So long as the politicians and police have to take random drug tests

  • Tre

    Drug testing is not a bad idea, but I think the costs associated with unwed mothers on welfare having more babies is considerably worse.

    Say it with me:


    • shawn

      steriliization. one time cost way cheaper than 40ish years of bc pills. but the better option would be dont have sex until your can handle the consequences of your actions.

  • Hank Warren

    Drug test the politicians first. Useless politicians and their useless laws yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

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