Teen Caught Driving 108 MPH On Route 59

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A teenager from southwest suburban Plainfield was arrested this week when he was caught driving 108 miles per hour down a busy street.

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The 17-year-old, whose name is not being released, was charged with aggravated speeding, a misdemeanor, after a Plainfield police officer spotted him speeding in a Honda Accord along Illinois Route 59 north of 135th Street in Plainfield, police said.

The officer’s car radar system recorded the car traveling at 108 mph. The posted speed limit along that stretch of Route 59 is 45 mph.

“This extremely excessive speed poses a great risk to other motorists on the roadway,” Plainfield Police Traffic Sgt. Eric Munson said in a news release. “Other motorists would never suspect a vehicle traveling so fast and may change lanes or pull out from a side street or private drive directly into the path of a speeding vehicle, resulting in a traffic collision.”

If convicted, the teen would not be eligible for court supervision and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail and fined up to $2,500. He also could have his driving privileges suspended.

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  • KE

    They better let him have all those various penalties. That kid should not be allowed to drive for some time.
    Even some major community service hours with victims of high speed accidents — directly after at a hospital, in the nursing home and rehab facilities afterwards and even at a funeral home or cemetary too.

    • Cathy Nestor

      ditto. Where were his parents? Was he high? drunk? all I can say is – WOW.

      • wild child

        Definitely high!

    • Lisa Ladonski

      I like what you’re thinking!!!!!!!

    • Brian Yurkovich

      cool 108mph GD

  • chicagoannie

    Too bad they are not publishing his name. I hope his parents take this seriously and take appropriate measures (if the court does not revoke his license). The punk could have killed or maimed numerous people if he’d crashed. Some kids do not deserve the privilege of driving.

    • Ron

      Oh Please, modern day parents help their kids to learn how to beat the system not how to be responsible for what they do. It’s the good old “Not My Little Boy (or girl)”. Haven’t you noticed nobody is responsible for anything hey do wrong. The blame always goes to someone else…

      • Steven Mark Tobin

        It’s the American way!! We’re taught it by the government, business and the media all the time. Especially Fox, where it’s all Obama’s fault!!!

  • penny


    • Kyle

      lmfao, awesome.

  • Speed Trixie Spriedl Chim Chim

    He is jamming down the pedal like he is never coming back, adventures waiting just ahead, go speed racer go. I live near the area 59/135th. street, way to fast. He was of course driving a rice burner, not a good old mustang, kids!!!.

  • Robyn

    Ah I remember those good’ol reckless teen yrs. I guess the street wasn’t too busy for him to get up to 108.

  • responsible adult

    I can’t believe this is just a misdemeaner. 108 sounds like premediated attempted murder to me. Penny and Kyle sound like friends of the idiot. And Robyn, your teen years were what? Last year or the year before(at least in mentality). And just because there was not enough traffic to prevent him from getting up to 108 doesn’t make it safe, or right. 59 is the main highway through town.

    • Cathy Nestor

      Way to go! I agree with you. I know that stretch of 59 also, and it’s peppered with stop lights for the various malls. Thank God a cop was there or somebody, probably not the stupid kid, either, would have been killed.

    • Take a deep breath

      Yes, a misdemeanOr fits the crime. And apparently anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. You may continue complaining about his actions if you have never sped before.

  • Watching2011

    another teen gooped up on dope I am sure. IQ of a pencil.

  • Mike Fangman

    How the heck could he be going that fast on Rt. 59?

  • Kevin

    Damn this kid beat my record. I got caught doing a 103 in a 55 in Plainfield. Long story short it came down to around 5000 in expenses, driving school, and 100 hours of community service.

    • bpw

      Your parents must be proud.

      • Kevin

        They are. Way more proud then your parents are of your sorry life

    • Mark

      Doesn’t beat mine; getting a warning for doing well over 100 in a 50. Thanks Plainfield. :) But it is possible to do about 110 or so on 59.

  • English Teacher

    superviSion don’t you have spellcheck?

  • Tanya Livingston

    I’ll bet he was texting. I think teen aged girls are the worst drivers. Very aggresive. They tail gate in the left lane even if they have to exit within a half mile. Graduated Driver’s Licenses a good idea.

  • I Miss My Fast Teacher

    I believe the young man was the same one that was having sex with one of his teachers about a month ago in Plainfield. True story, must be withdrawal.

  • Scott M.

    Some of the meanest and stupest kids are straight.

  • Dan Rakow

    Kyle Busch wanna be.

  • Bill S.

    Why was this cop ‘just happen to be’ doing radar? I never see those butt-munch Plainfield cops ‘anywhere’ doing radar. 59 is a drag-strip all day long. If I was that kids dad I’d lay a crowbar across his rear-end and then let his mom take him to the hospital tied and ‘dragged’ behind the car.

    • M$

      Hmm someone wasn’t given enough love as a chiild huh. Maybe somone should lay a crowbar against your temple for that comment.

  • Baron Ottomatic

    Go ‘head Tom Slick!

  • blanca

    the kid was going 108 in a car,he could have gone 148 thru the windshield

  • bob

    he should go to jail. no questions asked.

    stupid little f*** putting other people’s lives at risk

    its idiots like THIS that SHOULD get their name printed!
    that way, embarass the heck out of the parents for raising such a worthless delinquint of a tool.

  • chris

    I hope you and the others, that are using such harsh language about a person you have never met and know nothing about, don’t ever exceed posted speed limits by any margin. Imagine how hypocritical that would be. Especially when you are older and hopefully more mature than this 17 year old. Any measure of speeding on your part would be an indication of how “worthless” you are.

    • bob

      harsh language?? i dont see any harsh language in my post…
      on the contrary, it all is seemingly accurate.

      and your right, we dont know anything about this person.
      (hence why his name should get printed….to let everyone know WHO is such a big a$$ to do something like this!)
      but the fact that he thought it was okay to go OVER 100 mph on a somewhat-local street like 59 says enough about his character and moral/intellect aptitude, where these judgements can pass.

      going a few over the speed limit is everyday life. no big deal there. so no, it would NOT be hypocritical to do so since its not SUCH a drastic speed that people’s lives are in imminent danger.
      going 45 in a 40 zone? ehh.
      going 100+ in a 45 zone?? clearly there’s a huge difference there.

      and if you think equating the two is a legitimate stance, you’re gravely mistaken.

      • bob

        comparing going, lets say, 50 in a 40 zone…..and 110 in a 40 or 45 zone…
        would be like comparing apples to oranges.
        they in no way are the same thing.

  • whata prick

    teenagers are such jag offs, always behaving recklessly, thinking they can do whatever they want, like they know how the world works, always using the f word in sentences, f this and f that!

  • KATE


  • bob everett

    can the reporter possibly learn how to spell? Supervision not SUPERVICION

  • knappydawg

    When I was 17 I passed an unmarked state trooper that was in persuit of a friend of mine. 46 ford coupe with a 430 lincoln, sure was fun till pop found outl My coupe sat by the barn for 6 months while I was the laughing stock on the school bus. At 65 my ass still is sore!!

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  • Mark

    I’m glad a story like this has turned into people praising this idiot and relaying their own stories of messed-up driving stunts they’ve pulled at the expense of the lives of others.
    There’s surely nothing wrong with society based on these comments…

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