Hillard Voices “Outrage” At Alleged Sex Assault By 2 Cops

UPDATED 03/31/11 5:09 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Interim Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard voiced “extreme outrage” Thursday afternoon at allegations that two police officers raped a North Side woman while on duty early Wednesday morning.

“I must express my extreme disappointment and outrage at such accusations against members of this department,” Hillard said at a news conference at Police Headquarters on Thursday. “Rest assured that these allegations, if proven true, these officers will fully be held accountable and punished. I will not tolerate this type of behavior. The Police Department will not tolerate this type of behavior.”

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As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, police say they immediately began to investigate allegations that the officers sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman after offering her a ride home early Wednesday morning.

Hillard said the officers allegedly picked up the young woman near Sheffield and Addison early Wednesday morning and at least one of them sexually assaulted her.

Hillard declined to discuss specifics of the case, but confirmed that the department has already taken administrative action against the officers, pending the outcome of a criminal investigation.

The officers were relieved of their powers Wednesday and placed on administrative duties. Both officers are 10-year veterans of the department.

They were arrested Wednesday after the woman accused them of the assault. The officers were taken to Belmont Area Headquarters for questioning, according to Hillard.

As of Thursday afternoon, no charges had been filed against the officers, Hillard said.

Chief of Detectives Thomas Byrne said investigators were still sorting through physical evidence in the case before making a decision on charges.

“At this point in time, it is an active ongoing criminal investigation,” Byrne said.

Police sources told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot that the investigation stems from an incident where someone called 911 to report a woman needing help. The woman said she had been drinking with a male friend earlier in the night, got into an argument and walked out of his apartment.

The woman said she was walking on the street after midnight when two officers responded to the 911 call someone made for her, the source said. The officers, driving a marked police SUV, offered her a ride home, and she accepted.

At some point on the way to her apartment, the woman had sex in the SUV with one of the officers.

When police pulled up in front of her home, the woman and the two officers got out and went to her apartment, where they allegedly played strip poker, the source said.

At one point, one of the officers allegedly had sex with the woman in bed, the source said. She hit the wall with her hand to try to get attention of neighbor, the source said.

The woman said she was intimidated and afraid to say no to sex, according to the source.

Hillard said it would not make any difference how much the woman had to drink before the alleged assault.

“I’m not a lawyer, you know that. I’m just a street cop who just happened to come up through the organization. Whether she was drunk, that has nothing to do with the case. What they did – allegedly have done – was inappropriate, was against the law,” Hillard said.

At some point after the assault, the woman ran out of her apartment and banged on a neighbor’s door, then tried another door, screaming for them to call police. A neighbor came into hallway and called 911, the source said.

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said the victim knocked on his door asking for help.

“I heard knocking and then a yell for help,” he said. “She did ask for someone to call the police.”

Another neighbor allegedly saw one of the officers running down the hallway naked and, when that person went to check on the victim, he discovered other the officer, the source said. The officer was dressing in what appeared to be blue police uniform shirt, pants, and duty belt, and then he left the scene, the source said.

Responding officers discovered a blue flip cell phone at the scene, and the victim said it belonged to one of the officers who had been in her apartment, the source said.

The source tells Le Mignot the officers were caught on a surveillance camera in police uniforms buying alcohol after they picked the woman up.

Found at the scene were mock turtleneck collars with the letters CPD embroidered on them, the cell phone, and a police belt-keeper, the source said.

Hillard would not confirm what evidence had been recovered from the scene, citing the ongoing investigation.

“I’m not going to divulge specifics about evidentiary items that may have been recovered,” Hillard said.

The officers were from the Town Hall District, which is headquartered at 850 W. Addison St. and includes most of the Uptown and East Lakeview neighborhoods, the source said. But the area where the officers allegedly picked up the woman is in the Rogers Park District, two police districts away.

The source tells Le Mignot a supervisor is also being questioned, since no supervisor checked on the officers for more than an hour while they were on the call.

“Thousands of officers work long and hard hours day after day, night after night, proud to be members of this profession and proud to serve the residents of the city of Chicago,” Hillard said. “Our officers are dedicated to strengthening the relationship with the public and will not stand for anyone eroding that trust that they work hard to establish.”

Mike Shields, incoming president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said he hopes the incident does not unfairly besmirch hard-working officers or discourage Chicagoans from seeking their help.

“Hundreds of times a day, citizens are assisted by the Chicago Police Department. That includes driving victims, the elderly and females. I just hope citizens can understand that this is, without question, an isolated incident out of hundreds of times we assist people,” Shields said.

  • Kathleen

    Yeah, let’s stir citizens up with allegations that have not even been investigated. Excellent reporting…4 paragraphs of nothing!

    • NWA

      Po Po Lover!


    • Arlene

      You MUST be a cop to say something stupid like that!!! 4 paragraphs of nothing yea rite!! These Animals were caught at the scene one running out naked in such a hurry to leave he left evidence and the other left still dressing!! I definetly dont trust the police any more!!! I’m not surprised tho this is from the same organization that coverd up the FACT that mayor Daleys nephew is a MURDERER!!!!! I’m sitting here now wondering if it was the right thing for me to teach my children to trust and respect the police!! And thats sad my grandfather was a Chicago police officer!!!

  • I wanted to be a cop but not anymore, I think ill be a garbage man.

    How many electricians,plummers,and carpenters are looked at for anything. If you are a cop, former cop, spouse of a cop and stub your toe it’s news. Very sad that these cops are news and they are just accused. They are already hung out to dry.

    • Wrigley Girl

      There is a surveillance video of them buying liquor on DUTY! Her neighbors seen the officers. One completely naked and the other still getting dressed! They left behind clothes and a cell phone! They were out of their own district! To protect and serve? Yea, okay? SOME and I did say “some” of these officers commit crimes every single day! It is important that these “OFFICERS” are also held accountable for their actions!! Get with it! I could tell you stories about Cops that would make your head spin in circles. As far as the accusations, that exactly what it is at this point, but the manner of which the officers behaved is a disgrace! I have a great deal of Police Officers, but wrong is wrong no matter who you are!

  • apw

    Actually, this is good news…….two less perverts off the police force!

  • Dana Mesner

    Former Supt. Jody Weiss did a good job in the Chicago Police Force. Low complaints, less lawsuits against the city, low criminal rates. This is the reason some criminal elements in the Chicago Police Force don’t like a good chief. The made erring police personnel be accountable for their crimes. They claim Jody Weiss don’t watch their back. Watching your back means looking the other way when some but not all Police Officers commit a crime.

  • Yonon M.

    I am watching in horror when I personally saw a female police officer grab two big bag of chips on her way out in 7-Eleven. This is to see her come back just to grab another one. The Indian owner of the store just looked at her helplessly and he looks like he’s gonna cry. Her partner a male Police officer just looked at her.
    A few months later, I read in Chicago Sun-Times a male police officer stopped a erring driver. He checked his wallet, and took his debit card and went to Jewel in an attempt to withdraw cash. He was caught in a security camera. The store called 911 and the Police got arrested.
    Lincolnwood Mall, ten AM. A police officer is doing window shopping in Carson, Perrie, Scott. What is he gonna say, he’s on first break?

  • Raymond Prudente

    Under Illinois Compiled Statutes 730 ILCS 150/2 (B) civilian and police convicted of sex offenses must registered as a sex offender. And when such charge results in a conviction for the commission of the offense or attempt to commit the offense.

    Police tend to abuse women partly because they think these individual don’t know their rights or don’t know how to assert their rights. Victim’s dignity and civil rights should be protected.

    The lack of accountability, disciplinary investigation, monitoring and prosecution of CPD abusive officers helps create an atmosphere conducive to police abuses. Its high time for CPD to break the “CODE OF SILENCE” by making it a crime for a police officer to fail to report criminal wrongdoing by another officer. Breaking down the wall of secrecy and internal culture that shields complaints of police misconduct. Convicted officer should be barred from further police employment.

    Often, CPD officers will try to justify their violent actions by saying “I WORK IN CHICAGO. THIS IS A DANGEROUS CITY, I NEED TO PROTECT MYSELF.” There is no excuse for police brutality and police sexual predator. Law enforcement are entrusted with protecting people, not violating or abusing them. The people of Chicago deserve a dedicated police department: “TO SERVE AND PROTECT”

  • Been There

    Those of you complaining had your chance to become a Policeman,OH couldn`t do it? Why? NO NERVE THAT`S WHY!!!!!!!

  • chicagos finest

    they must have been appling for the new chief of police job, instead of beating ’em up we’ll….well…….we’ll show them…..

  • drew

    who are the victims that no one seem to mention here

  • chicago's own

    this is only an allegations.there not guilty,until proven guilty.remember,in every part of life there are 2 stories.what she and he said.let the jury and court decide.please,don’t jump too fast all.let the system work and avail.if,there are both guilty hang them high,if there not guilty and if she fabricate the whole story and then put her in jail.

    • south side

      Now the cops will know how it feels to be guilty until proven innocent. I for one am glad that they’ve been relieved of their police powers. If it turns out that somehow they are NOT guilty then they still have a lot of explaining to do.

  • chicago's very own

    Much of this article doesn’t make sense. She was assaulted in on the way home, and then invites them up to her apartment for a round of strip poker? Does anyone else see the disconnect here?

    • NWA

      I see two jerks who took advantage of an inebriated woman. A gentleman would call them cads! The legal system calls it rape.


    • Angela

      The police officers are wrong either way, but something doesn’t add up to me about this story either. I’d be interested to see if she files a lawsuit.

  • baker

    Probably both married, have girl friends on the side, and still it aint enough.

    If the cell is one of the cops and the witnesses don’t get intimidated by other cops it sounds like these fools are in deep-unless the union comes and saves them

    And this is what transferring the cops from Jody’s high crime squad to the beat is going to achieve? Bad idea-leave the storm troopers alone

  • needs to know

    What will Mayor Rahm do about this?

    • jesse jr.


  • Camera don't lie

    “The source tells LeMignot the officers were caught on a surveillance camera in police uniforms buying alcohol after they picked the woman up.”

    If this is true, it’s very serious, if these were the cops mentioned in this story. On-duty cops buying booze.

    What were they thinking? Cops are surrounded by cameras. They are aware of cameras on the streets, in their squad cars, security cams in businesses.


    • Wrigley Girl

      I agree! It seems to be everyone is missing those key points! They still are in the WRONG!

  • Sammy

    The information for this story comes from police reports, written by and the info therein released by the cops.

    As someone has already pointed out here, the story makes no sense. That, first of all, would seem to be a problem for the cops.

    As for the rest of the story, the only source is the cops on a story about possible police wrongdoing, a serious conflict of interest for the public.

  • Stu Piddy

    Police in uniform are somewhat better, but plain clothes police are almost indistinguishable from serious criminals.

    Police in general are very bad. The few exceptions are the decent people who happen to be police.

    You know, these are the police that have been allegedly caught doing something wrong. What else might they have been doing? How many other times has this occurred with these same officers? What other criminal activities involving drugs for example have they been involved in?

    These questions will never be asked.


    SERVE OND PROTECT WHOM ?????????????


    WHAT CROCK !!!!!

  • Gee-reg

    This is just what the news needed to get the heat off of Daley’s nephew

  • Tom

    Now they can get a taste of what they do to everyone else, maybe now a few more cops will have one ounce of compassion for the people they accuse.

  • Get real

    The story, from the police, that the sex in the SUV was with the victim’s consent but they raped her later? This is an avalanche of B.S. Who would believe that?

    • Wrigley Girl

      Please! Don’t try and make them out to be the victims here! Their actions were unprofessional! Period!

  • Jean Kenny

    Lookslike another scandal for CPD, stay tuned….Terry H. is not a pushover.

  • kris

    Are they going to release the names of these 2 men?

  • joe

    she probably started freaking out once she started sobering up-if they would have just left it at the deeds in the car she would have woke up the next day with fuzzy memories in between black outs and a sore crotch wodering how she got home-girls don’t get wasted and start walking the streets this was bad but could have been worse if the non cop thugs got her first.

  • ManiacDan

    From the way this is stated.
    She was a bit too drunk when the sex in the suv happened. When the sex in the apartment happened,she wanted to refuse but was intimidated by the cops cause they probably said she could’ve been arrested for public intoxication or because of something that happened or was said in the suv or apartment. The cops bought more booze to keep her buzzed so that they can have a good time with her at her apartment. Of course,that didn’t go as planned. She probably didn’t have enough to keep her buzzed and came to some of her senses thus seeking help from her neighbors. They will be found guilty on the count of the neighbor seeing the naked cop and the other cop in her house,the cell phone left behind,the rape kit and the security camera. Their are quite a few more police men and women abusing their powers in Chicago,they just don’t get caught,people need to be more active in reporting those who abuse their powers.Only then can we catch the corrupt and ensure that the people of Chicago can trust and know that they are truly being protected by the men and women in blue

  • anti popo

    i know based on the story this may sound funny but do you think they were at least smart enough to use a rubber? cop or no cop you going bareback in a woman you met for 5 minutes? not to mention birth control?

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