Teens Caught After Evanston ‘L’ Train Robbery

EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — Police on Thursday apprehended two teenage boys who are charged with robbing a 58-year-old man on a CTA Purple Line ‘L’ train.

The boys, ages 15 and 16, allegedly attacked and robbed a man around 4:15 p.m. Thursday on the train as it approached the South Boulevard stop in Evanston, according to Evanston police.

The man, 58, was using his Apple McIntosh laptop at the time, and one of the boys punched him in the forehead, police said. The boy took the laptop, while the other boy held the door to the train open so they could escape.

A third person also ran off with the boys and they all ran down the stairs at the South Boulevard stop, police said.

Evanston police found three suspects at Howard and Paulina streets in the Rogers Park neighborhood, all of whom ran away. Officers chased them and caught two of the suspects, and after a search, found the man’s laptop in one of the boys’ backpacks, police said.

The boys, both of Chicago, were positively identified as the robbers, and taken to the Evanston police station. They have been charged as juveniles with robbery, police said.

The incident comes on the heels of a similar robbery on an ‘L’ train that had tragic consequences.

On Monday afternoon, a robber running out of a Brown Line ‘L’ train with a stolen iPhone was running down the stairs at the Fullerton ‘L’ stop when he knocked down Sally Katona-King, 68, sending her tumbling down the stairs. Katona-King was pronounced dead the following day.

Police continue to search for the robber, and have released a sketch.

  • Bill

    More chicago ghetto trash plying their usual trade thievery and robbery, but the politicians that feel concealed carry is bad never had this happen to them

    • Gerald Spencer

      Sure, little old lady church deacons would be happy to “conceal carry.” Not!

  • Truthfully Speaking

    This is a racist and harsh comment. Not only is it harsh but you are also stereotyping

    • Curious

      What is stereotyping?

    • Nin

      It’s only racist if you believe ghetto-trash applies to one specific race. Stupid punks out to hurt others’ such as those in the article can be any race. The article doesn’t specify which, nor does the above commenter. Perhaps you are the one being racist by assuming someone else is referring to the person’s race rather than their actions.

      • ZZuj

        OK, ghetto-trash does apply to more than one race. 87% Black 13% other!!

  • L John

    I am African American and the lady’s death from a stolen IPhone is ridiculous. I hate that it happened, even more so than the race that is responsible for her death and the robbery up above. I don’t like racist comments but I hate crime period. Crime happens in all races. If you keep pointing at AA american crimes to show your racist mentality- well haven’t you had enough of issues like wisconsin and ohio’s labor issues. These tactics are not happening to AA they are now happening to races of their own kind. So stop the racist stuff and call each individual for the ridiculous mess and crimes that they are committing. My children and I too worry about being victims of crime.

    • Gerald Spencer

      There was a point where the media did not give out any description of criminal suspects; they didn’t wish to look racist. How much do you think that helped in capturing criminals?

  • Laura

    Stop crying racist. It’s stupid!

  • Ron

    Put a couple bullets in their heads. They’re nothing but little animals and should be put down as such

    • @ Gary

      careful………………….the cbs censors don’t like it when people exercise their freedom of speach and speak THE TRUTH!!!

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  • Allow me to say

    They won’t give any further description because the little fux are juvies. I can pretty much guarantee they’re black!! Don’t hear too much about white kids stealing in Evanston do you?? Besides cbs doesn’t like to post about race unless it’s pointed out to them in hopes of actually getting a better description to help solve the crime, and then they like to censor all the HONEST comments!!! Liberal rags that claim they’re all about free speech are certainly hypocrites!!!! Maybe cbs should work on proof-reading articles and getting their facts straight before worrying about squashing 1st amendment rights!!!!

    • CitizensOfCook

      We all agree. Keep up the good work.

  • raskolnikov

    First off…I am a Jew…What if the 2 offending boys were from that gang in Skokie, the Al Rubins?

    • ChicagoCitizen

      The Al Rubins are the biggest pu$$y gang in the area.

      • Craig

        That’s for sure. They’re like a toilet stain that keeps coming back. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!

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