Durbin Introduces Bill To Regulate Online Puppy Sales

CHICAGO (STMW) – U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has introduced a bill which would require all breeders that sell more than 50 dogs a year to be licensed and to undergo inspections to ensure dogs are receiving proper care.

Though most commercial breeders are responsible dog owners who lovingly tend to the animals in their care, according to Durbin, there are substandard facilities, sometimes referred to as “puppy mills,” that not only harm puppies and the people who buy them, they also threaten the reputation of the broader dog breeding industry.

Under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), wholesale animal breeders – those who sell to pet stores, for instance — are regulated, licensed and subject to inspections by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service at USDA, according to a release from Durbin’s office.

Because retail pet stores are thought to be supplied by licensed, regulated breeders, retail stores are not regulated. Now that on-line puppy sales happen every day, that law has not kept pace with recent developments, Durbin says. Internet sales bypass the retail pet store.

The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety — PUPS — Act, which Durbin introduced on Thursday, would bring direct-to-buyer dog breeders into the regulatory framework that will require them to meet the basic standards for shelter, care and exercise, the release said.

“The media regularly reports stories about dogs rescued from substandard facilities — where dogs are housed in stacked wire cages and seriously ill dogs are routinely denied access to veterinary care,” Durbin said. “Online dog sales have contributed to the rise of these disturbing cases. My bipartisan bill requires breeders who sell more than 50 dogs a year directly to the public to obtain a license from the USDA and ensures that the dogs receive proper care.”

A similar bill was introduced last Congress, according to the release. This bill is cosponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-LA).

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  • Stash

    Monitor I got to words for you.*@

  • Stash

    Same goes for D.Durbin.

  • Mary

    I am so glad that Turbin is fighting for the rights of puppies everywhere. What a guy!

    • Turbin

      Indeed it’s also good to see him defending the rights of the Islamists who treat their women worse then an abused dog. IMO this worthless moron should be brought up on charges of treason for his comments about our troops!!! Must do wonders for the morale of our men and women fighting over there to hear this moron’s comments and to know that he’s defending the very people who are trying to kill them!!!

  • Jim

    I’m sure this is so that they can tax people more. It’s never ONLY for your benefit.

  • bobbo

    Gas is going to be $5.00 soon. Food prices are through the roof.The budget needs to be cut. odumbo has us in another war and this goof is worrying about dogs?

  • JW

    Thank you Sen. Durbin for being the voice for these poor, defenseless animals. I wish we could find a way to close all puppy mills.

    • Turbin

      I think the inspections should be done by an outside agency and NOT by a government agency. Anything the gov. gets involved will surely become corrupt and fail miserably!!! I love animals and I’m glad someone is trying to help, but Durbin has HIS interest at heart and not the welfare on the animals. This guy is truly a disgarce to the USA!!!

      • Marie T. Perkins

        Crawl back under the rock you slimed up from. You WISH you had 1/1000 of the class that Sen. Durbin has. You must drink the same Fool-Aid that all the other teabaggers drink.

      • Turbin

        Marie…………………judging from your comment, you are a very classy woman!!! Just remember ONE thing, you and your PC liberal obama worshipping fools time will soon be up. Keep kissing the a $$ es of Turbin and his like. Are you intelligent enough to be able to judge (just from the comments on this board) that it is YOU that are in the minority?? Allow me to be as classy as you were, go F yourself you c**tish pig!!!! You are also a disgrace to this country!!!

      • Animal Lover

        An outside agency??? Like H$U$???? OH GAD!!! That’s a death sentence!!! Maybe you’d like PETA – who kills over 95% of the animals they take in.

  • Smooth

    Hey Durbin, you really need to get your priorities in order. Nothing wrong with this bill but don’t you think your rime would be wisely spent pursuing the economy, jobs, cutbacks, and who know maybe even the politicians to cut back thier spending and perks. Maybe pursue Alderman Ed Burke’s body guard brigade.

  • OB

    Obama has U.S. in another unnecessary war, $5.00 gas soon, food prices increasing at alarming rate, federal government running trillion dollar deficits and Sen. Durbin is worrying about dogs? GIVE ME A BREAK!


    Illinois is the most corrupt heinously run government entity this side of Iran , thanks to Durnin, PAt therat Quinn, Schackosky and the MADIGINISTAS and this is his priority?

  • bob

    They should have Michael Vic do the inspections. He’s the pillar of society now, a guy you want your kids to idolize, now that he’s making millions again?

  • Hey

    It’s called freedom of speech cbs mods!!!

    • Censor this

      Vic should’ve been shot, PERIOD!!!

  • http://tomgradyonline.com/wordpress/2011/04/03/federal-bill-introduced-to-regulate-sale-of-puppies-online/ Federal bill introduced to regulate sale of puppies online

    […] is basically re-introducing the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act – or PUPS Act. This is one piece of legislation that should pass unanimously. Any elected […]

  • Lynn G.

    I hate puppy mills and I think they should all be outlawed. Thank you, Sen. Durbin for taking a step in the right direction!

  • ChiTownSally

    You know, it’s possible for our legislators to care about several things at once. Being concerned about Iraq, Libya and the economy doesn’t mean that Sen. Durbin can’t also spare a few minutes to help improve the lives of puppies being tortured in puppy mills. And thank goodness he does! As a volunteer at a shelter that often takes in puppies rescued from these pits of hell, I can assure you, no living creature deserves to be held there, and their suffering should not be ignored in favor of “more important” things.

    And those of you who look at this bill and think, “It’s just DOGS!” should take a serious look at yourselves, and your definition of humanity.

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