Emanuel Having A Tough Couple Of Days

CHICAGO (CBS) — It might be a bit premature to say the honeymoon is over, but the past 24 hours haven’t been great for Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

First he was spurned by the candidate he thought he had locked in as Chicago’s next police superintendent. Then he found out Thrusday that not even wearing a White Sox jacket next to Mayor Richard M. Daley is enough to protect a Cubs fan from jeers at U.S. Cellular Field.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has more on what might be the first missteps by the mayor-elect.

In one case, he should have known better. In the other, he might have been snookered.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was clearly Emanuel’s first choice to take over as the next Chicago Police superintendent.

But after Emanuel publicly put all his eggs in Ramsey’s basket, he watched as Ramsey used the job offer to get a better deal in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, Ramsey officially pulled out of the running after Emanuel balked at paying him more than $400,000 for the Chicago job. Ramsey instead took a big pay hike to stay in Philadelphia.

Then on Thursday, Emanuel was caught impersonating a Sox fan at the Cell.

Emanuel, a Cubs fan, donned a White Sox jacket as he spent some time with Daley in the stands for the Sox home opener.

That prompted a few jeers from fans who told Emanuel, “Get outta here.”

And that was just the abuse we could hear.

Emanuel was, in truth, deep behind enemy lines, and spreading propaganda.

Daley said he was trying to convert Emanuel to a Sox fan.

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” he said, laughing. “It worked, I got the jacket. Now he’s trying to convert me to the Cubs.”

Emanuel said he’s going to give the Sox jacket to Daley as a going away present.

“He hasn’t got one this whole time, I’m going to give it to him as a going away gift,” Emanuel said.

It was Daley and Emanuel’s first scheduled joint public appearance since the February election. Emanuel took the good-natured ribbing from Sox fans just 24 hours another public snub from his clear choice for Chicago’s next top cop.

Among the possibilities now that Ramsey is out:

–Current Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Eugene Williams, a local chapter President of Black Law Enforcement Executives,
–Tina Skahill, the current head of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy and a law school graduate,
–Joe de Lopez, a finalist for the superintendent job in 2003, former Winnetka police chief, and now City Colleges Chancellor for Public Safety,
–Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy, the Bridgeport native, son of a Chicago police sergeant and Secret Service hero who stepped between President Ronald Reagan and an assassin’s bullet,
–and St. Louis Police Supt. Daniel Isom.

Applications for the superintendent’s job are due at the Chicago Police Board on Monday. After that, the board will interview candidates before sending a list of three finalists to Emanuel.

Sources said that, with Ramsey out of the running, applications could pick up in the four days left before the deadline.

However, one candidate who decided not to apply said negotiating with Ramsey while still soliciting applications from other candidates was “not a great way to do business.”

  • Jack P

    Where were you stupid people on election day. Way to late to voice your disapproval for your esteemed Mayor. You got what you deserved.

    • RufusVonDufus

      Hey Rahm, do our wonderful country a favor and hire Janet Napolitano, please! You can then tell all of the jerk Dem’s in Chicago that they won’t ever again have to do anything around their houses as Janet will be importing illegal mexicans to do all of those odd jobs.

    • philip inuhoff

      You don’t get the gist. They didn’t boo him because of his politics, they booed him because he is a cubs fan.

      Americans do not care which demon is running the show, as long as they don’t get in the way of the important things like sports and TV.

      Hopefully China will agree to play us in a basketball game, instead of invading the US to collect on our debt.

      • Dan

        I heard china is planning a no fly zone around California.

  • Debbie Stoldt

    Just another pol the people elected with no managerial experience. But after all it is Chicago and they deserve each other. Honestly they need Mrs Olearys cow again

  • Bobster

    I thought Chicagoans loved this phony!

  • speedy

    isn’t it obvious the ballot boxes were rigged in his favour, otherwise how could he get elected when soo many people hate him.

  • deely

    This article is stupid – being “ribbed” by sox fans does not make a “tough day” for an elected official

  • Ex-Chicagoan

    For you non-Chicagoans, the booing was not due to lack of dislike for him as mayor, it was because he is a Cub fan. Liberal Sox fans will still vote for a Liberal Cub as mayor. A liberal is a liberal regardless of his sport team preference.

    • Cyrus

      “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” and they let him in….Chicago is doomed.

    • Current Chicagoan

      Anyone calling Sox fans LIBERAL democrats is out of touch with reality. The Sox fans were indeed booing the new mayor.

      • Matt Schademann

        I’s say most Sox fans, particularly the Labor-force en masse, are pretty damn conservative Dems. Until the family makes it out to Orland, then it all changes! LOL

  • Norge

    Again the liberal lame-stream is censoring conservative posts on its web-site showing that there is no freedom of speech unless it is their pre-approved ‘right kind’ speech…sort of like being the ‘right kind’ of black, or the ‘right kind’ of hispanic. The American Consitution prostituted and pimped by CBS and its liberal masters. Thugocracy at work, pulling my posts down.

  • Leroy

    Never send a Ferret to do a Weasel’s job.

  • Phillyguy

    If you saw the news conference when Charles Ramsey announced he was staying in Philadelphia, he was clearly emotional and you could tell he wanted to go to his home town of Chicago. The big raise he accepeted in Philadelphia takes him to a whopping $225,000, a far cry from the $400,000 that is reported in this story. There is more to this story than the public has been told.

    • ptenn

      On Wednesday, Ramsey officially pulled out of the running after Emanuel balked at paying him more than $400,000 for the Chicago job. Ramsey instead took a big pay hike to stay in Philadelphia.

      It was not said that he was getting $400,000 from Philly.It said he wanted $400,000 from Chicago.

    • Native Chicagoan

      $400,000 is way, way, way too much for the top cop. No more than $240,000 should be offered. There are many, many perks with this job. Yes, it is a hard job worthy of the person who wants to work. Worse thing would be for the top cop to get a big swollen head about how important he is to Chicago. He needs to be earthy, not a head in the clouds kind of person. He needs to want to get a raise by doing an intelligent creative, and decent smart job. Rahm’s correct in not choosing Ramsey. Many Chicagoans, I’m sure, are hoping Rahm will get a candidate that deserves the job but really wants the job for the best reasons, i.e., wants to improve the overall criminal system , i.e., stop locking people up for minor infractions and destroying their lives, and, most important, improving the overall safety of all of Chicago. That’s who Chicago deserves and really could easily hier or not one dollar to start over $240,000, plus perks. That is a great job offer for a great city.

  • sean patriot

    The Hecklers are probably the same idiots that never made it to the polling booth to stop this clown from even being elected. You deserve everything you get Chicago.

  • Rich

    “You don’t hedge bets in public like that” You’re talking about the guy that doesn’t just think “How can I use this crisis to force my agenda?” He said for the whole world to hear, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Not exactly slick!
    Steve Perry for Mayor!

  • satch

    You can be sure Rahm will pick the most incompetent but PC person for the job that he can control like a puppet.
    Happy days Chicago,you asked for this.

  • Yardman

    Rahm got elected by the Chicago machine and will have to take all the abuse that is not connected to the Political machine. Just because you vote for the guy to keep your political job does not mean you support him.Chicago deserves what they get. Chicagoans are medicated in their sport teams making the owners rich while living near the poverty level. Wake up and see what Obama and his gang are doing to you.

  • ElenaC

    C’mon, it’s CBS. You were expecting intelligence?

  • Mike

    And somehow Rahm got elected Mayor of this corrupt city….interesting

  • legitim8

    Written by an outside observer: “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Mo Better

      Interestingly, this very prescient observation is attributed to an anonymous source in the Czech Republic. Seems that outsiders see our tenuous position more clearly than our dumbed-down citizens.

      We’re going to need divine intervention to survice the vermin running the country including Ballerine Rahm and the Metrosexual Mutt, Barry Soetoro.

  • Joe Morris

    You losers in Chi Town must love tax hikes and rising gas prices!
    That’s what you get when you seat a radical like Rahm!

    Losers, all of you, just like your teams!

  • Bruce Pierce

    Not as ludicrous as Hillary pretending to be a “lif-long” Yankees fan when she ran for senator in New York. Liberal politicians pretending to be something there are not is not news.

  • T Long

    More “liberal” thugocracy” Stealing elections, and the taxpayers money and laughing about it, while calling their opponents racists and accuse them of being nazis. Get rid of every last liberal! They ruin everything they get their corrupt hands on.

  • waicool

    Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Rahm Emmanual, Daly machine. how depressing.

  • bounty on head

    CHICAGO deserves RAHM after giving us Barrack Obama. Rahm is famous for freddie mac and we all know abotu the 400 Billion dollar bailout and its not resolved. Rahm on the US economics team ? Quietly exiting. The rich got there BAILOUTS and BONUSES. The rich got there Obama extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%. This depression is for the middle class. And the crooks in congress are FAT CATS living good off the foreclosures, bankruptcies- both individual and state. The coming state chapter 9 bankruptcies 40 states? The rich corporations can borrow at low interest loans and 0-2% interest. And most corps are using there bailout money to buy other business or go overseas. No wonder luxury cars, luxury jets and other luxury items are selling at an all time high. Take the BAILOUT money back. And put those coward terrorists on wall street in jail for economic derivatives fraud and treason against the USA and criminals for taking jobs overseas. On December 01, 2010. The www federal reserve dot gov released its BAILOUT information on 21,000 that got BAILOUTS both local and foreign. It was nearly 1.75 years after the bailouts and the list is not a comprehensive listing. I suggest you go to the website www federalreserve dot gov and take a good hard look:
    SIVs = ??? Leveraged against leveraged debt for the rich
    Bailouts = 10 Trillion plus (estimated) for wall street and the mega banks
    Housing scam = 7 Trillion plus (estimated) in bankruptcies, underwater houses
    Citigroup = 2.2 Trillion
    Merrill Lynch = 2.1 Trillion
    Morgan Stanley = 2 Trillion
    Bear Stearns = 960 Billion
    Bank of America = 887 Billion (absorbed Merrill Lynch)
    Goldman Sachs = 615 Billion
    JPMorgan Chase = 178 Billion
    Wells Fargo = 154 Billion
    GMAC (renamed to Ally) = 17.2 Billion
    *** FOREIGN banks getting US BAILOUT:
    European Central Bank, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Swiss bank UBS=165 Billion
    Deutsche Bank=97 Billlion
    Royal Bank of Scottland= 92 Billion
    POMO, TAF, TARF, TSLF, PDCF, TARP, Agency MBS, CBLS for CDS, Maiden Lane LLLC
    TSLF=250 Billion
    TAF=900 Billion
    Stimulus I (Bush) = 168 Billion or 1 Trillion?
    Stimulus II (Obama) = 787 Billion
    TARP = 700 Billion
    QE0 = 1.2 Trillion (Fed Reserve bought toxic Assets)
    QE1 = 175 Billion from Housing GSEs
    QE1 = 300 Billion in US bond buyback
    QE1 = 1.25 Trillion in mortgage backed securites
    QE2 = 600 Billion bond buyback
    QE2 = 300 Billion for mortgage backed securities
    Hope for Homeowners (FHA)=300 Billion
    FDIC Line of credit= 500 Billion
    Bush Tax cut extension by Obama=79 Billion estimate
    Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac =400 Billion
    BIS estimate of derivatives fraud = 1500 Trillion
    NY TIMES estimate of derivatives fraud = 1000 Trillion
    Washington Post estimate of derivatives fraud = 600 Trillion
    Bloomberg News estimate of derivatives fraud = 28 Trillion
    US national debt = 14 Trillion (see www usdebtclock dot org )
    Wall street bonuses for 2009 = 139 Billion
    Wall street bonuses for 2010 = 144 Billion
    INVESTIGATE THE DERIVATIVES FRAUD ON WALL STREET and the Dodd Frank Act. The cover up act. Dodd not coming clean on this estate in Ireland and Frank in trouble with his boy basement brothel. THIS IS THE CONGRESS THAT MAKES THE LAWS! some 21,000 got BAILOUTS.…see federalreserve dot gov….In April 2005 and approved in October 2005, see www uscourts dot gov , the congress changed the INDIVIDUAL bankruptcy laws making in harder for middle class to do chapter 13. Why did congress do this ? ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE Banking cartel. Its not federal. Turn off CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC and get news from somewhere else. They report activism, half truths, social engineering, sensationalism and the partial story for the benefit of the rich. TURN BACK THE ASSAULT ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. SAY NO. TEACH OTHERS BY WORD OF MOUTH.

    • dena



    Was Bill Ayers there too?

  • deb

    Who in the heck wrote this piece? My dog writes better than that.

  • Fat Lester

    Kudos to Sox fans! Rahmbo is a scoundrel and a half, and should be treated as such.

  • AnthrDemLobbyist

    Now don’t blame the average joe in Chicago. They have every right to boo. Emanuel got in because he and Obama have enough promises and money to buy Unions. Did you really think there was going to be a fair election? My god man, it’s Chicago. It’s not about the people, it’s about the corrupt Unions and mafia-style public sector.

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