Illinois’ Overdue Bills Reach More Than $6 Billion

CHICAGO (WBBM) — The state is more than $4.5 billion behind in payments to doctors, hospitals, school districts, universities and businesses, according to state Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka.

Topinka, the keeper of the state’s checkbook, says $2 billion has been due for more than three months, and $1 billion is still owed to local schools.

Newsradio 780’s Julie Mann reports, the numbers were provided at the request of state Democrats, who say they are trying to move the debate on the state budget forward and avoid lawsuit from people attempting to collect from the state.

According to State Senate President John Cullerton, the $4.5 billion reflects only the amount owed from the state’s main bank account.

Another backlog of at least $1.8 billion exists in paying state health insurance and corporate tax refunds. Combined, the backlog exceeds $6 billion.

  • Avg Joe

    Don’t worry the moron Quinn will hire some more lackies and hacks to do a study on this…only after he clears it with Boss Madigan
    RECALL QUINN…………….2011

  • JOE

    Blago was right…illinois is a third word coutry…right behind a dump we like to call the U.S.A. ALONG WITH IDIOTS DUMBAZZ WE HERE CALL VOTERS

    • Kelli

      I guess you’re the expert on such matters….

  • Nancy

    That’s OK, Quinn will ask and get another tax increase for all of us who can barely make it now instead of getting rid of the jets, cars, cell phones and lazy employees that like to kiss “A”. Avg Joe…….you get the petition started and count me in……..after all we voted for this and won on the recall. Start with Quinn and go down the line with every person who takes over that seat from him……as long as they have governor after their name we can recall them, eventually Madigan will be sitting there

    • Jim

      That’s awesome they are filtering perfectly legit comments now. Guess I’ll be switching the station to someone that does not block opinions while giving theirs.

      • Jim

        Let me get this straight, the Democrats want us to know how bad of a job they are doing with our tax dollars? Their new slogan is…we suck, we know it, we suck, we show it!


    Don’t fall behind on your real estate taxes or they will sell your house. How about we sell Illinois for being behind on payments for everything and everybody ? Some third world country could probably buy it dirt cheap and we wouldn’t even notice any difference. Illinois,land of Ill-repute,crooked politicians,graft taking cronies,oh yea and liberal Democrats !!!!!!!!

  • Rick Schubert

    Didn’t we have an increase in the income tax rate? Is there any work being done in Springfield? I am sure that money is pooring into Springfield….which politician has the fat pockets?

    I can’t wait to leave Illinois…..oh I guess I have to come back when my vacation ends.

    • joliet jake

      The Dems spent the money on botox for Pelosi…

  • Ed

    I left Illinois, thank goodness. It’s a shame that the guys controlling the state are from Cook County districts where they are sure to be re-elected no matter what. too bad you can’t recall Madigan, et al. these are the guys that ruined it for everyone else. I got a job out of state earlier this year just as the tax increase went into effect. The next step is for Illinois to begin defaulting…wait, I’m sure Barack won’t let that happen! Do I hear “BAILOUT” again?

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