Teenage Boy Stabbed To Death In Little Village

UPDATED 04/14/11 1:12 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in solving the murder of a 16-year-old boy in the Little Village neighborhood.

The body of Arturo Santana was found around 9:20 p.m. Wednesday in a gangway in the 2600 block of South Ridgeway Avenue, said police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro.

He had been stabbed multiple times and left to die, police said.

Santana lived on the block where he was found, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Harrison Area police detectives are investigating, and ask that anyone with information call them at (312) 746-8252.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Erinn

    This little boy could have been a doctor, a lawyer or even a senator. Now he is gone and will not be back. Please stoy the killing of children who depend so much on society to solve their problems. Some of them are alcoholics some have drug habits. Their parents are absent all day and they need someone to care for them.
    Our hearts goes out to the family for this loss. May God in His infinite mercy receive this young soul into his kingdom.

  • P

    So very sad. May his family find strength and peace.

    • Native Chicagoan

      Rahm, take a good look! Mayor, please!!! give full attention to the southside neighborhoods west of Bridgeport and east of Pulaski, Midway, Pilsen, Back of the Yards, etc. For years these areas have been ignored while the almighty pols and money and focus has been on coveted North side, South side and Downtown, while the many blue collar workers, families and kids have suffered in these other neighborhoods. It is sickening. Years it will take for his family to recover. Arturo was not a “Latin Kings” member. He was only 16. He was an adolescent trying to find himself, as they do, and trying to negotiate staying out of trouble most likely!!! Does any one politician realize what these kids have to live with and put up with daily the threats daily put upon their innocent young lives? What happened more likely was his refusal and then resistance put up by Arturo to not do something he knew was wrong and he was stabbed by a very perverted and deranged “person.” Good luck to his parents especially. Their worst fears realized. They seem like a very likeable and decent strong family. Hoping a fund will be started in his name. This is another heart breaking. Mayor Emanuel, hope you are awake. Ride your bicycle through these neighborhoods.

  • I'm juss sayin'

    I believe ERINN would be a white GIRL not BOY. My family is from Eaastern Europe and also experienced discrimation when they arrived. Difference is, they spoke English….

  • Maria

    The killing needs to stop in our neighborhoods! Sandoval, there is no reason to make a comment like yours. I live in this neighborhood, and you know what, unfortunately some of what Erinn commented is true. This has nothing to do whether he’s white or euro. Some of our children in this neighborhood have no guidance, for whatever reason. And unfortunately they fall into gangs and drugs. I am concerned cause I myself am a working parent and have teenage boys. You know how difficult it is just to even allow them to participate in some sort of club, activity, organization?????? I’m afraid they’ll get shot or bullied by some gang member. Entre nosotros mismos no nos estamos ayudando y eso no hace ver como tales.

    • Maria

      My heart goes out to Arturo’s family. May God bless his soul and give peace to his family.

  • Watching2011

    Ricardo is a moron

  • Maria

    It’s unfortunate that people like Martinez make comments like this. Having a latino/hispanic lastname; what a shame. But at any rate God bless your weak soul.

  • La Guera

    What is most sad is the discrimination that just occurred on this sheet. Wheather this young man was latino or jewish or white European does not matter. What matters is the amount of crime we, and yes, we allow to happen in our neighborhoods. We make the difference. I worked many many years on 2nd shift making constant contact with my children throughout the evening to ensure they were in the house not on the streets. Curfew is way past what it was when I was growing up for someone under the age of 18. School nights we had to be off the streets or with a legal guardian by 9:00PM and on the weekends by 10:00PM.

    Again the issue is not ethnicity but what happened…a young man killed!

    This country belongs to the original habitants…not immigrants!!!!!

    • Maria

      I am in total agreement with you!

  • Maria

    There’s no arguing with a lost soul like you. Take care and continue to think as small as you do. God bless

  • Enrico Martinez

    @Ben, You make alot of good sense. How Maria doesn’t get it, I don’t know. You have stated the obvious!!!

  • Mexican Amy

    WOW…. Good thing I received an invitation to this country… ( Although it was from my illegal family, so does that count? LOL)

    I am going to start sending evites to all my family, that way there WILL be welcomed. LOL!!!! PHEW…

  • Maria

    Just remember there is only one God watching, and all the negative you think, say or do, will come back and bite you in the rear. Always remember that to God we are only one kind. And regardless of race, creed, or color; no one should take the life of another.

  • Chivi

    We are all human beings regardless of what side of the line you are born in. When we cry in pain, sorrow or joy the language is the same. So sad…I can almost picture the face of the racists above.

  • Angela

    I wasn’t there when whites brought civilization to this country just like I wasn’t there when they supposedly stole the land from the Indians. I wasn’t born yet so I won’t go there.

  • Steven R. Bayne

    Of late Chicago has been up for grabs. The police have lost the respect of even those who are strong on law and order. I’m sure that if there are ever defendants in this case, they will be carefully accorded all the rights due until proven guilty. The jury will be selected by defense computer algorithm and if convicted the culprits will spend at least 40 months in jail.


    To all hispanics please don’t be offended by Gregg’s comment. Just figure that He is a grouchy and stinky old man. I stayed away from gangs when i grew up in Chicago but some people can’t.I am sorry for this young man’s death,He probably could not move out of Chicago.i experience racism or discrimination every day but the difference is I fight back and the offender pays a price for their stupid ignorance.Just ask the guy who threatened to run me over at wal-mart.I hurt his wallet. Maria don’t waste your comment on stupid people that’s all they are.

  • Jayro

    Gregg you are are obviously a snobby, spoiled, ignorant white guy that was raised in the suburbs. Your parents obviously raised you with no manners, I feel sorry for you and your family, lets see how far you get in life you racist piece of s%#*

  • Carr Mann

    This comments are so wonderful and eye opening. Hispanics going nuts? Wow, I thought IItalians were or Polish were the nuts. But we all are creatures of God and no matter what color or national origin you are… God is looking at your soul. He is not gona ask you what nationality are you? or what race are you? or where you come from? God will say… what did you do for the poor, the sick and those who peddle on the street?
    Maria, remember the mother of God. Mary wept for her son when he was on the cross. Se expect to cry aloud for the children are being abandoned and left to gans and drug peddlers to take care of them.
    take them to chuch, say the rosary, and ask forgivness of sins.

  • Daisy Mariee

    RIP Arturo I’m Really Going To MisZ You Boii ):

  • Denise C A

    I read about this at school today with a friend, not knowing who it was about until i saw the picture and his name. I started this school year with him. I was so shocked, it made me cry.To think i talked with him, and now his gone. He was a real nice guy. He didn’t deserve this. No one does.
    Hope The Violence Stops And Soon

    R.I.P Arturo Santana

  • kkoop

    gang-bang-city ppl its summertime alot more sh.it will be happening this just the begginning of another tragic year for some people. peace.

  • Sony

    People need to stop arguing and debating over this. It is what it is! The fact is there is too much violence in this city, and it affects everyone, either personally or if you are a taxpayer. For all you that live in the neighborhood maybe you should start by educating those around you and stop complaining online. There are ways to report things to the police by remaining anonymous. Yes. You can even text it. Prevention and education starts at the root. So the hell with racism, stupid comments, etc! Do something. NOW! I am proud to say I will report people doing any crimes around me. Oh and I was raised in little village.

  • homeboy

    F*ck trying to say police lost all respect because most are crooks. Its so often law is involved in this crooked stuff. So just to say towards police lost is a facade. They could control if they really wanted to. And for this kid its very sad but also stated its gang bang city… this is the beginning for a hotttt summer.

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