CHICAGO (CBS) — Towards the end of the Chicago Blackhawks’ 7-2 rout of the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night, both teams participated in a few physical and verbal skirmishes on the ice. And according to a report, it was similar in the stands.

According to Tony Gallagher, of the Vancouver newspaper The Province, several members of the Vancouver management team were seated directly above Blackhawks fans in the 300 level. And according to Gallagher, as the Blackhawks started to pull away on the ice, the fans hurled insults at the Canucks executives using, as Gallagher states, “the most foul language one might imagine.”

“We took it for a couple of periods before somebody got fed up and said, ‘Why don’t you shut up and go back to your mother’s basement?’ and of course that really got them going,” Laurence Gilman told Gallagher. “It’s pretty tiring hearing that over a long night.”

The booth inhabited by the by the members of the Vancouver organization, according to Gallagher, is normally used for the visiting radio broadcast and apparently similar interactions were common among fans and former Canucks color commentator Tom Larscheid.

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