Rough Negotiations Ahead For CTA, Unions

CHICAGO (CBS) — Members of the incoming Emanuel administration are hinting at tough contract negotiations ahead at the Chicago Transit Authority.

As WBBM Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, Chicago Transit Authority Board Chairman Terry Peterson acknowledges the transit agency is facing some tough fiscal times.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Peterson and newly-named CTA President Forrest Claypool will see state funding from a two-year agreement run out, while the need for improvements continues.

The contract with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 will also be up for renegotiation, but Peterson will not say what sacrifices he might be asking the employees to make.

“I don’t want to stand here today and start negotiating back and forth, in terms of things that we would ask for or things that they would ask for,” Peterson said. “As you know, negotiations are a give-and-take process. I look forward to working with Forrest, with labor, as we get to that point to negotiate those contracts.”

Peterson spoke after Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel named his transportation team, which includes Claypool, and Washington, D.C., transportation director and former Zipcars executive Gabe Klein as his head of the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Following the announcements, union officials said Claypool is taking over a transit system where morale is at an all-time low thanks to service cuts and layoffs in recent years, even though those workers have come through when it counted.

  • Citizen of Chicago

    Mayor Rahm will no doubt ask for extreme sacraficies from these employees but just look at what the politican will give up “NOTHING” nada, zip, zilch! Daley will get a $300,000 pension plus benefits and will anyone see the papers asking for him to take a cut “NO”. These same employees are only asking for their pensions of what they earned after working 20+ years on the job. By federal law these employees CAN’T get any social security even though they paid into the fund. So by eliminationg their EARNED pension you are creating a new class of welfare receipants for the future! Daley for years diverted the citys share of contributions and always said we can pay next year, well next year is here and the coward is retiring getting his FULL PENSION leaving and the mess for Rahm!

    • Jim

      Daley’s legacy in Chicago will be the mess that he left the city in. In the past couple of years he has ruined the future of this city. Serious cuts or major tax hikes will be needed (I’m voting for cuts).

  • cta cuts

    The CTA has some of the most ignorant people in the world working for them.
    Not all but SOME.

  • BJ

    The CTA Unions are some of the rudest and worst in the entire country. A couple years back when everybody was either loosing their job and having to sacrifice some pay and benefits the city came to the CTA, along with all the other unions and asked for some minor concessions. 90% of the other unions agreed and gave into the concessions. The CTA was the only one to say no and instead let a bunch of people get laid off and make the city suffer from massive service cuts.

    I surely hope the Emanuel, Peterson and the entire management team at the CTA throw the books at them in the next contract negotiations. They deserve to give major concessions. Otherwise, if they won’t budge, then fire all of them while they are working with no contract and hire people who actually want to work. I mean common, a bus driver is making over $20/hour and you can afford to give back like .50 cents an hour in order to keep everyone else employed?

    • tom Sharp

      $20/hour?? Try $45+hour for the average driver, plus great benefits. Just like the police, they all cry about what a tough job they have, However, there are always at least 25 applicants for any opening at the CTA and police department. There are the minority that do a tough job, work hard and deserve every dime, but the vast majority are overpaid and underworked. Time for the Union to take a reality check.

  • Traincat

    I totally agree with Citizen of chicago.The cta employees are asked to perform SEVERAL tasks that could easily distract them from their most important duty which is to move passengers in a safe & timely manner? I think the cta employees are well underpaid considering the multi tasking and the thousands of patrons that are moved around the city each and every day.This sounds like a typical political move let’s take from the smaller guy so we don’t have to give up ours!!!…Rough negotiations??…..What a joke!!! This city would be paralized without them.

  • Claudia

    WOW! How fast we forget. While we blame each other it’s not our fault that this country is broke. We are in a war we can’t afford and that should have never been started. Republicians, Democrats and the Tea Party do the right thing and spend our TAX DOLLARS HERE.

  • Shared Sacrifice

    Management should be trimmed. Sacrifice should be shared…shouldn’t it?

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