Temperatures Lowest For Time Of Year Since 1940s

CHICAGO (CBS) — Not only has Chicago dealt with chilly rain, hail and even snow this week, but temperatures Tuesday were at their lowest for this late spring date since the 1940s.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros says the high Wednesday is expected only to reach 46 degrees with a peek or two of sunshine, but the chilly conditions will make it feel like winter never ended. As of 6:45 a.m., the temperature in Chicago was just 34 degrees.

Glaros says if there were precipitation Wednesday morning, some snow would likely be mixed in. Fortunately, the storm systems have moved east and conditions were just cold and overcast.

On Tuesday, the high topped out at 38 degrees in the city.

In the early evening hours, just walking a few blocks along the streets of Chicago felt like going out to sea in an open boat during a rainstorm in northern Canada. Anyone walking against the wind was blasted continuously in the face with cold droplets of rain, and given the strength of the winds, an umbrella was as good as useless.

And that was before the severe storms even hit. Lightning bolts and thunder claps soon appeared, and hail of up to 1 inch in diameter was spotted in some areas, according to the National Weather Service.

More than an inch and a half of rain fell in less than half an hour Tuesday evening, forcing the cancellation of more than 450 flights at O’Hare and Midway international airports, and leaving people sleeping on terminal floors.

A flood watch remains in effect for the Fox River in Lake County and Kenosha County, Wis., while a flood advisory is in effect for the Fox River in Kane and Kendall counties.

The weather Tuesday continued a miserable trend that has been going on all week. On Monday morning, O’Hare saw an accumulation of 0.6 inches of snow, enough to set a record for this date. It swept out an earlier record of 0.4 inches, set in 1910.

The snow is over for now, but Glaros says frost may be seen Wednesday night, and temperatures will not return to the normal range until Sunday.

  • gertrude

    this sucks!

  • justin

    It’s so novel when individuals with cursory knowledge sound off.

    • billl

      Yes, undoubtedly you have the answer, oh great person of knowledge do enlighten us…

    • carl

      We noticed, justin. Drink some more coolaid, moron.

    • chris palmer

      no global warming it is a hoax, the south pole has no chance of melting any time soon….check the sceintific observatory at the south pole for current temps,you may learn something

    • glenp

      ok JUSTIN Time—spout off all your esteemed knowledge of the subject

      • Guess Who

        Justin must be an all-so-knowing Goron.

  • JEFF


    • David

      That, and Israel.

      • BigBoa


        George Bush and The Jews,,,,,

        Caused the US Civil War,,,,,,,
        The Bubonic Plague……..
        The Sinking of the Titanic
        The extinction of the dinosaurs,,,,

        And many,,, many more,,,,,

    • Rickvid in Seattle

      Well, what isn’t?

      • Javier

        I was in a car accident this morning. It is George Bush’s fault!!!

        and don’t forget, American history began in 2001 when Bush started his Presidency. Before that date, America was void of history.

  • StevenJames, Houston

    Vanamali, maybe you should educate yourself on the subject before you opine. Get off the kool-aid and you might learn something.

  • charpy

    I peaked on Accuweather and saw that Chicago had EIGHT days over 60 and three of them were over 70. Boo Hoo. We have yet to reach 60 this year in the Seattle area.

    • Seattle Person

      No Kidding! Seattle weather has been WELL UNDER normal for a couple months. not just a few degrees, like 10 DEGREES below normal for a long time.
      Spring has not yet sprung in the Pac NW> so Boo Hoo for global warming, I wa shoping it WAS TRUE, I hate the cold and I live in Seattle!
      Hooray for global warming! but …when will it happen?

      • Seattle Person

        Although, I do believe that when/if a global climate change happens it will start will anomolies like we are experiencing…..I can see things are changing……the debate in my brain is whether (weather) it is cooling or warming. There is no doubt there are several environmental changes happening now…is that because we can measure more precisely now compared to decades before? or are things really changing?

      • Digital Dan

        Weather records have only been recorded for 150 years…it is going to take at least another 500 years before anyone can identify any trends of warming or cooling. Just the facts, ‘mam.

      • zaks5thave

        Digital Dan it is not only recording temperatures, but where is the location of the measuring devices. You need a balance between urban rural locations as well as what is in the proximity of the measuring devices. In the hey day of AGW scam weather stations in Siberia were moved to Africa. Voila the average world wide temperature went up.

      • StevenJames, Houston

        Global warming as a result of increased greenhouse gases would lead to LESS violent weather, not more. The reason – the difference in temps between the equator and the northern lattitudes will tighten because increased greenhouse gases will affect temps in northern lattitudes much more than at the equator.

        Decreases in the temp variation decreases severity of weather. The opposite occurs if cooling (increase in temp variatiion) is present, which likely what we are dealing with at the moment (ocean currents to blame for this one.)

  • Jerky Flavourton

    Let the astroturfing begin. My concern is that most of these comments are endorsed and financed by oil companies. Managing personas so that everyone reading the comments believes that a majority of Americans think global warming is a farce. Don’t draw that conclusion! Most Americans ARE concerned about global warming and wish to bequeath their children with a clean planet. Nothing but astroturfing here.

    • Guess Who

      You’re delusional. Check the recent polls. Climategate blew the lid off your scam.

    • Todd

      Every public opinion survey on the subject shows the majority of Americans are trending away from a belief in anthropogenic global warming. The trend has since spread to Europe following the “climategate” scandal. Oil companies do not need to astroturf this opinion. The weather does a fine job of that itself.

    • James K

      So just the USA is concerned and we have to stop all emissions and the rest of the world just says no

    • Javier

      Paranoid much?! WOW!!! The big bad oil companies…they are evil, EVIL I tell you!!!

      • Jerky Flavourton

        Indeed they are.

    • haynonnymoose

      When do I get my check from the oil companies? Where are the 50 million refugees? So many unanswered questions…

    • forrest

      Oh gee, I’m really getting a paycheck from BIG OIL to disagree about AGW. I’d say the actual “astroturfing” is being done by the radicals on the left who are heavily invested in the AGW scam. The left has actually made “astroturfing” an art form. I just love it when all of these idiot paid professional protesters show up in an armada of chartered buses and wave preprinted signs, boy that’s really “grassroots” NOT.

      • BigBoa


        The reason for those comments is this,,,,

        If the GOVERNMENT was going to take a “let’s wait and see” attitude,,,,
        WE could afford to do the same,,,

        But that is not their intent,,,, they want to REAM you for this, when it is perhaps not even real. REAM you,,,,, financially and in other ways. Why should we practically bankrupt our economy for something not even known for sure to be “for real”… and the real question isn’t really whether or not temperatures are warming. Perhaps they are (doubt it, but they could be), The real question is ARE WE CAUSING IT…. If the same burns hotter, guess what? Our temperatures WILL PROBABLY GO UP!! And NOTHING we do will stop that…..

      • BigBoa

        Sorry,,, meant to say if the SUN burns hotter,,,,,,

      • Javier

        I also want my check!!!! The problem is that too many Liberals are so used to living off government, they assume everyone else is just like them. HAHA!!!

        Evil, evil oil companies. How dare they make money. Didn’t they know that only government is allowed to make money by taxing the heck out of its citizens?!! c’mon people, get it right!!!

        Now, I demand that the big and evil oil companies give me my paycheck! Just replace oil company with government and Liberals will embrace it!

      • Jerky Flavourton

        I dunno, it’s just that most comments on these “forums” are overwhelmingly skewed toward a stance against global warming. Whether you believe in GW or not, I find it a little bit odd that EVERYONE takes a stance against it. Just wait and see, this forum will fill up to the brim with ridiculous comments. They cannot all be real. It’s a very simple task to make one person’s post appear as many. This will not be a debate. It will be an attempt to persuade the public’s opinion on GW. Mind control. It may sound crazy, but it has already been demonstrated: ie. HB Gary.

      • forrest

        Hey jerky, I’m more “real” than you probably are. I’m also not a blathering hypocrite like so many of the AGW tools. I happen to be a retired Army First Sergeant, not some hireling of an oil company with multiple names. If you want to see real astroturf, just look to your left. Feel free to check my IP address. Now if you could tell me how to get in touch with “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” folks, I’d gladly sign up.

    • JP

      How many ice ages have we had in the past? How many times have they melted off? What caused the last ice age to melt? Who was driving then? Its always Bush, Big Oil, and Loop holes for the Rich! The globe warms and cools just fine w/o man! Man Made GW is just a theory with no real proof!

      Should we polute less? Yes. Are solar pannels cool? Yes. Lets not go off the cliff with all the lemmings!

    • forrest

      So how many campaigns to inundate conservative sites with leftist postings have the idiots at DailyKos orchestrated? Too many for me to even remember. I assure you that I’m real and that I’m operating on my own. It’s funny how you lefty folks want to project your own astroturfing techniques on regular conservative folks like myself. Did you ever let it enter your feeble mind that so many people are fed up with the AGW scam because it has so far been steeped in its own controversies and has failed to materialize, just like the “looming ice age” and “population explosion” of the last century? Oh no, just wait another ten, twenty, fifty, five hundred years. Were you aware that global temperatures were actually higher throughout many periods in the past, the most recent being the Medieval Warming Period? I don’t recall ever hearing about Knights in white SUV’s.

    • jean

      Jerky…we all want to bequeath our children a clean planet. But we don’t want to do so in some paranoia scare that essentially declares the majority has to go back to a primitive life (while the elites like Nancy Pelosi continue to party, insisting on riding back and forth to her district in a huge government jet when she was Speaker). Philadelphia in Ben Franklin’s day wasn’t clean. A strong economy and technological base will continue to make improvements toward a clean environment. However, the current President wants to do that with allowing our system to go broke. He is unperturbed about the rise in gas prices. He thinks that will force us to use clean energy. Meanwhile, we’re not increasing our production of electricity to fuel electric cars. We all know the Left wants us to migrate into preplanned cities and are eager to try out their utopian model. (all those IBM’ers). But that doesn’t keep them from the pleasures of the country. The biggest private landowner is none other than Ted Turner. He and former wife Jane Fonda rationalized their conspicuous ownership of many houses by furnishing them using bargains. We saw the same with Gore — huge house, huge consumption of energy. Don’t you see, they’d like you in some cramped apartment riding unsafe public transportation while they live the high life? (another Green-elite is John Travolta, who flies his own personal jumbo jet). These folks have a sense of guilt over their consumption. Their solution is to relegate you to a very low cost way of living that consumes little energy. Less for you. More for them. And no, this is not brought to you by an oil company. Many of their executives are left wing greens as well (again, the money you have is proportional to your guilt).

      • Seraphim0

        Allowing our system to go broke… I’d have to disagree with that. If you paid attention to the last speech and the things on the table (everything is up for cutting from entitlements to defense spending), you can see he’s actually looking to try to turn this around. Republicans are, in their own way, as well, but their cuts are a bit… dangerous for some folks (anyone on medicaid, for example). Both parties need to work together to get this settled. Neither one has it 100% right.
        I think the first ones to give up their high carbon lifestyle (if that’s what we want to call it) are politicians. Both sides. lead by example and such.

    • Cowboy

      And the UN made their web based warning about 50 million global warming refugees disappear because of the oil companies, right?…

    • pyeatte

      Wow, I didn’t know…my check must be in the mail, I’ll go check. No, wasn’t there, maybe tomorrow. People think AGW is a farce/con because it has been demonstrated via “Climategate” that scientific fraud was committed with falsification of data and “peer review” intimidation. Public funded scientists will say anything to insure grant money continues to flow. As far as “clean air”, check your history, it is cleaner now than ever in the modern age. If you put economically crippling restrictions in place, a bad economy will cause a worse enviornment because no one will care since the first priority will be food.

  • duckandcover

    Is there any doubt about the crisis of global warming? We must stop driving, smoking, heating, traveling…breathing.

    • James K

      No, Just the people in the U.S

    • Javier

      yes, and we must stop passing gas too and tell the volcanos to stop erupting. And get the freaking cows to stop passing gas!!! geez!

    • forrest

      Aren’t idiot loudmouthed lefty astroturf protesters a major carbon emitter too?

    • billv

      Next time you see someone jogging, flip them the bird for increasing their CO2 dispersal rate.

      • jameswatchman

        I lol’d

  • Javier

    Global Warming is real because….Al Gore said so. C’mon people. The man went from being worth 1 million dollars to ten years later being worth over 300 million dollars. No way would it be about money. That type of stuff is done by the evil, evil, I mean evil oil companies.

    Global Warming is real because the Liberal yuppies, who drive gas guzzlers and who bought into Obama’s ridiculous “Hope and Change”, (gasoline reaching $5/gallon don’t you love the change, Liberal yuppies?!) believe it and told us so.

    It is like my very Liberal boss. The woman has bought into Global Warming or at least she preaches it on a daily basis. Then, she drives back and forth from work a gas guzzler V8 Land Rover. HAHA!!! She is representative of those who have become members of the Global Warming religion.

    • forrest

      Liberalism and hypocrisy are synonymous.

  • P.A.M. Dirac

    Anyone that believes in man made global warming is more medicated than a Lady Gaga groupie locked in a pharmacy overnight.

    ——- http://911essentials.com

  • Detroiter

    this is an inconvenient tooth!

  • forrest

    It would be easier to actually believe AGW was a crisis if those who continue to spout off about it from their bully pulpits actually acted like it. But you sure don’t see them opting for teleconferencing rather than flying, riding a bike rather than driving around in an armada of SUV’s or even moving into an efficient apartment rather than a massive mansion. The left seems to be made up entirely of hypocrites who are more interested in furthering their own agenda and enriching themselves off of the rubes rather than actually doing any good.

  • http://astrologieklassisch.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/chicago-hat-niedrigste-tempearaturen-seit-den-1940-ern/ Frühling: Chicago hat niedrigste Temperaturen seit den 1940-ern | Analyse + Aktion

    […] Temperatures Lowest For Time Of Year Since 1940s […]

  • John Smith

    Algore, his lunacy and his “ilk” are like they which spawned them…. MORE THAN A LITTLE OFF THE MARK. on Global Warming, The relief from this current recession that is quickly decending into a frull fledged Depression (If we’re not there now) So I[‘m sure at some point the government will “slunch” forth to fight global Warming and balance the Immigration policy on America’s back.
    Ah, hat a wonderful Party the Democrats have;. one copuld wish suicide instead of these as a choice.

    • chaz54

      Good one John. For all of those folks who voted for obama to prove that you were not a racist….you surely next must vote against him to prove that you are not stupid!

      • forrest


  • Bain Marie

    Al Gore then bought a beachfront estate near Santa Barbara, CA. It’s true; you can check it out. So much for the oceans rising……….

  • Andy

    The beauty of global warming is that no matter what happensflooding, drought, too many huuricanes, no hirricanes, hot weather cold weather, El Nino, El Nina, whatever, it’s all global warming, so you can never be wrong when you say “This is caused my man-made global warming.

    This messahe was brought to you by the fine oeople at Exxon, Mobil BP and Shell.

    • chaz54

      Andy, care to elaborate on how big oil has ‘brought this mess’ to you or any other believer in this tripe?

    • pyeatte

      The only thing you can say to them is: “prove it.” Of course they can’t because they are all political agenda, not acience.

  • chaz54

    He says tongue in cheek, this is Gods way of punishing Chicago for electing Obama and then Rahm… well, maybe not entirely tongue in cheek!

  • Jean

    If people want to get apocalyptic, they could go to the origin of the term apocalypse, which can be found in the Bible’s Old and New Testaments. I am not saying this is what is going on now, but I want to posit the thought that God did not warn the world about warming, but actually the complete opposite. Here it is. Ezekiel 32:7 “And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light.” Isaiah 13:10 “For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.” Matthew 24:29 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” Again in Mark 13:24, it says the same.

    • Doubting Thomas

      Proving that the wine was really good in those days….and the editors several hundred years later had great imaginations.

  • jukin

    The Cult of AlGOre has the basic tenants:
    When it is warmer than normal, it is global warming.
    When it is colder than normal, it is global warming.
    When it is the same, it is global warming.
    If it is colder than normal, it is weather.
    If it is warmer than normal, it is climate change.
    Obey the commandments and do not believe your lying eyes.

    • jameswatchman

      Can I quote that on my facebook?

  • Its called weather

    1980 – Global Cooling
    1990 – Global Warming
    2000 – Climate Change
    2010 – Weather

    • jean

      It’s called weather: well put

    • forrest

      I have yet to see a daily weather forecast that’s actually right more than fifty percent of the time. The AGW scaremongers basically gambled, and then lost.

    • Freezing in Texas

      100 Years ago we were still using outhouses and riding horses to work in the fields and yet the ‘experts’ say its gotten warmer all over the world…like you knew what the temperature was 100 years ago.

  • chaz54

    ANDY, care to elaborate on how big oil has ‘brought this mess’ to you or any other believer in this tripe?

  • chaz54

    ANDY, would you care to enlighten the readers and elaborate on how big oil has ‘brought this mess’ to you or any other believer in this tripe?

  • Just The Facts

    Global Normal

  • Steven J Anderson

    LOL you people are silly, ALGORE doesnt know ANYTHING about climate v. weather

    • Javier

      Of course Al Gore knows….I mean, he won a noble peace price and also an oscar for his “Inconvinient Truth”!! How can he win an Oscar for his global warming movie if he knows nothing?! Please, don’t tell me that. My beliefs on Global Warming are all based on Al Gore’s movie which is “accurate” and would never use exagerated scare tactics to get people to react based on FEAR. I was told that only Republicans, Righties do this.

      Fear would never be used by Liberals, by individuals who have made Global Warming their religion. We were told during Bush’s 8 years that Obama, Gore, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy would never, ever, ever, ever I mean NEVER use fear to get us to go along with their policies. (Sarcasm off! HAHAHA!!!)

  • Tom K

    Yes, I saw the Dennis Quaid movie too. Only I was able to realize that it was fiction

  • Dan

    What this terribly written article fails to point out is that Chicago is 1.3 degrees ABOVE AVERAGE for the month of April. The media really should learn to do a thorough reporting job and mention all the facts instead of making it seem like Chicago has been in the grips of an arctic outbreak all month.

    • James K

      You are kidding right? The Left stream media do honest reporting and look at facts? really? Why would they do this? If they actually had facts they would have nothing to report. Their job is to “convince” you to their “Facts”

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