CHICAGO (WSCR) After losing seven straight games, the Chicago White Sox desperately need a win, not only for their own sake, but to calm a fan base beginning to wonder about the future of the club.

Baseball, more so than any other sport, hinges a great deal on hits or outs coming in streaks. When things are going poorly for a player or team, it can usually be traced back to a few plays in each game that don’t go the right way.

“As a player, I mean I went to the park every day thinking ‘how can I contribute?'” former White Sox out fielder and designated hitter Ron Kittle said on the Danny Mac Show. “And I’m watching the game inning by inning, and they’re doing the right thing, [then] all of a sudden they’re just not driving in that key run, or they’re not having back-to-back key hits.”

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There’s plenty of talent up and down the roster, it’s just a matter of each player starting to put together streaks of their own, which will result in positives for the team.

“They’re trying,” Kittle said. “You can only have so many people as a captain of a team, yelling at so many people. But you have to go out here and do it yourself.”

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