Gasoline Prices In Chicago Are Highest In Nation

UPDATED 04/25/11 9:14 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The price for a gallon of gasoline in Chicago is now the highest in the nation.

According to the Lundberg survey, the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline in Chicago now stands at $4.27–a 12 cent increase in the past two weeks. And that’s just the average. Several stations in Chicago were selling gasoline for between $4.60 and $4.70 a gallon, according to

The highest prices Monday morning were found at two gas stations close to highway entrances. At the Citgo station at 1004 S. Desplaines St., near the Taylor Street and Roosevelt Road entrances to the Dan Ryan Expressway, and the BP station at 755 W. Lawrence Ave. near that street’s entrance to Lake Shore Drive, the price was $4.69 per gallon.

By comparison to all that, the national average is $3.88.

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“I just put in whatever I think is going to be enough to get me through the week,” Gloria Selgado of Chicago told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov. “That’s it.”

For Selgado, that rings up to about $130 every seven days — forcing her to consider cutting back on her driving.

“I have to think about it twice, to go anywhere I have to think about these things,” she said.

For Scott Jacobs of Park Ridge, cutting back on other expenses, such as long summer trips, is the only way to budget the steep price of driving in Chicago. He and his family will stay closer to home for their getaway.

“We love to camp, but we’ll probably just pull in our camp zones a little bit. There’s a lot of great camping in, you know, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin,” Jacobs said.

Even younger drivers say they’re making a social sacrifice.

“I can’t go out as much,” one young woman said, “and then I have to ask my parents for money sometimes.”

Para Sivagura drove to Chicago from Toronto for an extended weekend trip. She was shocked at spending $300 just to get to Chicago, and she was nervous about how much it would cost to get back home.

“People can’t afford to drive on the street,” Sivagura said. “Pay-wise is not that much. Cost of living is higher and higher.”

Across the border in Northwest Indiana, where prices are historically 25 to 30 cents a gallon cheaper, it’s nearly impossible to find a gallon below $4. Higher state and county taxes in Illinois account for the cost difference over the border.

The national average now stands at $3.88—with no signs of a reversal anytime soon.

The highest prices are normally seen in California. In San Francisco, which has held the most expensive title in the past, the average is $4.22.

That makes $5 a gallon in Chicago a very real possibility. And some experts say, if conditions are right, drivers could be paying $6 before the year is out.

Commodities analyst Richard Hastings says don’t look for any relief soon.

“This year, you get more than $4 a gallon … all the way through until September,” he says.

That may be the optimistic view. If supply disruptions occur, look out.

“That could easily send prices at the pump slightly above $6 a gallon, and then they would start to come back down after that,” Hastings says. “But we could see an amazing spike.”

  • xphalcon

    Ah, the price of keeping county and city employees voting for the democratic party.

    • Gee-reg

      The extra taxes in Chicago and Crook county help to keep away all those potholes. You must have not noticed but the government has said that they fixed all them potholes. Now if you can’t trust them Crook county and Chicago politicians, who can you trust ??????

      • Rod Anders

        Kalifornia politicians.

    • craig

      Hopefully Chicago inhabitants will think twice before they vote for Obama again!

    • ben dover

      “OMG’ !!!!!! There is justice left in this country !!!!! The yankees gave us Obamination, and now they are all about to have to ride bicycles thanks to “Barry’. What did Paul Harvey say it would be like? Didn’t he describe it this way? “Bearded bicyclists with BO’,,, “ROTFMLAO’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken —

      • D

        I’m sorry, but that if FUNNY!

      • Peter

        Obviously, they are neglecting California where the Gas prices are higher than Chicago.

      • Rod Anders

        “The only thing unlimited in the Universe is human stupidity.” ~ Albert Einstein

      • Buckwheat

        I read in the Orlando Sentinal that there is a gas station near the airport. They charge $5.78-per gal.
        When you turn a rental car in an near-to -impossible-to – find gast station, chances it will be a loooong away from the airport.
        To make matters worse, the rental people will charge you $20.00 + to top it off !
        Just like LAX. Last time I filled up before I did so 15-miles away. and I had to go down town to do so. NO stations near most airports.

      • Joe

        Newark, NJ really load the fees onto a rental car. I’m planning a trip to Jersey through Newark, I’ll bus to central Jersey and rent a car. It’s half the price..

    • Dan the dude

      Poetic justice:

      Chicago gave us the Obama Regime and its War on Energy Production.
      The illegal “Energy Czar” says he wants $10 a gallon.

    • big time liberal

      chicago has to pay for the corruption somehow.

    • 14401


      • joanne

        just in time for Rahm to take over….. chickens coming home to roost

    • gradofan

      Well… as usual… the “lame-stream media” is reflecting their abject ignorance / political agendas regarding the current prices of oil and gasoline.

      “So… what else is new?”

      Some facts…

      … Osama Obama is virtually singularly responsible for the high price of oil and gasoline, right now – since he could significantly reduce the price of both by:

      1. Increasing / expanding the number of drilling permits – both off-shore and on-shore… BUT… he’s done just the opposite.

      2. Increasing / expanding the number of oil shale / oil sands recovery permits… BUT… he’s done just the opposite.

      3. Suspending the special gasoline formulations of the various states, to specify just one formulation for this year. Every summer we have distribution problems, because the pipelines do not have sufficient capacity to distribute sufficient formulations to all areas simultaneously – resulting in temporary shortages in some markets, and temporarily high prices in those markets.

      4. Increasing / expanding the number of permits for new refineries and expansions of existing refineries… and, if required… providing incentives for such construction / expansion.

      5. Increasing / expanding the number of permits for new nuclear power plants.

      6. Providing incentives for utilities and other power generators to construct new natural gas power plants.

      7. Providing permits and incentives for all fleet vehicles to be converted to LNG fuel.

      8. Providing permits and incentives for fuel distributors to install new LNG fuel pumps.

      9. Issuing new regulations to control futures trading / speculation by “investment speculators” – increasing margin requirements to a minimum of 50% of the trade, and permitting only bulk oil / gasoline producers and purchasers to trade the futures contracts, requiring sellers to deliver the commodity and buyers to take delivery of the commodity – prohibiting anyone else from trading such futures… and… placing sanctions on any nation / exchange, which does not adopt the same regulations; and imposing substantial fines and penalties and criminal penalties against those who violate those regulations (both traders, their firms, and the exchanges).

      Of course, these actions would have an immediate impact on the prices of oil and gasoline – resulting only from the psychological effects, though the actual energy supplies would increase over months and years.

      Regardless… if the “lame-stream media” were being honest, they would report all of this… plus… they’d report that the current price of gasoline is at the same level as it was when oil was selling for ~$150 / barrel… yet… it’s only selling at $112 / barrel.

      Can they possibly be that stupid?

      Most yes… but… not all!

      • mike

        OBAMA, changes in GAS prices you can believe in

      • MidwestOpinion

        Nice thought, but…:
        1. We don’t have an oil shortage so increased drilling isn’t the answer.
        2. Oil quality from the off-shore wells etc. is not near the quality we get so you might as well go by a bicycle
        3. There are 535 other people (who we elect) that tell Obama what to do so it’s not all his fault
        4. The feds don’t determine where new power plants go, it’s up to states and their voters
        5. Oil is a business, just like Walmart (refer back to number 2 about buying a bicycle..preferably not from Walmart :) )

        I dont like spending double what I used to to fill up my tank either.. but if you want to make a change then stand up and do something about it rather than complain about what isn’t working :)

      • BRIAN


      • Seraphim0

        Midwest opinion nailed this one on the head.

        OP- drinking the GOP koolaide a bit deep, eh?

    • Justin

      Good! I hope it stays at least $4.50 or $5. Hope and change baby, Hope and change!!! Keeps them 22 inch wheel cars off da road and no moe raps musik. lol

    • Auntie Commie

      This has a lot to do with Obama Pelosi Reid’s lunatic enviro whackadoo radical left wing anti capitalist socialist energy policies. If these socialists would simply announce that they were going to let us Drill for oil in the US, offshore & Alaska oil prices would drop $30 a barrel overnight.

    • p3orion

      Chicago: it was you who first put the “Organizer in Chief” in public office, then foisted him on the rest of us. It’s largely his policies that are causing this rise in prices (which he was on record favoring even before the election.)

      Suck it up! YOU DESERVE THIS!

      • capersi

        We need some real leadership to clean up this mess Palin/Quail 2012!!

      • redstate mom

        My sentiments exactly LOVE this post!

    • Xypher

      You have to pay for that corruption some how…raising taxes would make them look too bad…

  • MorganLighter

    We live in Truckee, CA and our price is $4.49 for regular. Also – I thought that Orlando, FL was the highest at $5.69 for regular.

    • Jim

      That was just one station

      • big time liberal

        one mentioned citgo, their owned by mr hugo chavez the communist, they should be banished from this country.

      • jack

        Ban Citgo and Hugo and thousands of seniors will freeze to death. Better to ban usury and private central banking.

  • Ron

    Thanks for the change, Obama


      The Usurper-In-Chief has ordered an investigation.

      When will we investigate HIM, as why he has a CONNECTICUT SSN?!

      Details –

    • D Carter

      All we have left is pocket change

    • fedupwithhthis

      Obama’s banned oul drilling here, as well as coal mining permits in 3 States….and has loaned BILLIONS to several foreign countries so they can drill & build refineries!
      Obama’s motto is: Drill baby, drill…just not HERE! That’s his transfer of wealth, from us to foreigners!
      2012 Anyone but Obama!

      • James K

        Remember a couple of years ago when Feinstein and Boxer here in Calif have no problems drilling off shore, Just drill where there is no oil…

  • leslie

    Chicago doesn’t mind.

    • Patrick Martin

      Chicago doesn’t mind because Chicago is pretty ignorant. I’ve got former in-laws living there, have made a couple trips, this statement of my findings IS based on observations, not just emotion.
      Plus, they talk with strange accent.

      I just paid $4.17/gal regular earlier today, here in SoCal (Garden Grove, CA to be precise)

      • Texastwerp

        Hey-don’t knock the accent. Even my now-fellow Texans think that my accent is kind of cute. What they really like though is my politics…I’m a conserva-tarian Tea Party activist.

  • speedy

    rahm emanual is paying back his pals for election fraud. you fools voted for this buffoon toe dancing twit now live with him.

    • James K

      Speedy: They will re-elect him and anybody like him and like obumbla. Most corrupt city in America for 100 years

  • Dave C

    You guys demand social gas formulation, meaning refineries have to make a social product run just for you. That leads to scarcity and higher prices. Thank your local politicians.

    • dcarter

      and to witt they are burning corn to placate to IOWA farmers so not only is gasoline going higher but cost of everything because of transportation of goods and of course our food. Why are we burning our food? Hello dumb politicians who want Iowan delegates to vote for their party for POTUS

      • KenInIowa

        Silly you. You only burn a part of corn, the rest is fed as animal feed. The feed is actually cheaper in some places than the whole grain corn. Oh, and by the way, Illinois is the third largest ethanol producer in the country. It’s a darned shame I am paying $2.79 for E-85.

      • Bruce Stein

        and is is cattle coorn, not human corn: stupid

      • James

        Bruce Stein – Actually cattle corn is a different grade of corn than what humans consume. Bragging about using E-85, Ken In Iowa, without realizing that those vehichles (using E-85) show greater wear and tear on the engines and a failure rate of almost 70% after only 80k miles means you will, on average replace your car engine within 6-7 years and the resale value of an E-85 vehichle versus a regular gas engine of the same year and make is about 30% lower.

      • Scott

        I wouldn’t be so fast calling someone “stoopid” re corn types…have to go with dcarter on this one.

        For the most part corn is corn. While there is “sweet corn” for us off the cob eaters. “Field corn” which is what you typically see growing can be used for cereal, bread, ethanol, cattle feed or other uses.

        So we are burning our food as ethanol.

      • McDade

        Actually, they’re growing more gas-corn, meaning they’re growing less of other feed stocks and cotton. In the end, less of everything else growing raises food and clothing prices. And of course, when you take hay fields and convert to corn fields, you get greater run off’s to streams, which feed to rivers, which in the end increases water pollution with all those chemicals they spray on corn crops. And of course, you get more dirt blowing around in the air from exposed earth for all those new corn fields……..

  • Bruce H

    Why not mention the percentage of the price that is federal, state and local taxes? Just a suggestion.

  • Terry Moore

    Wrong…..Hawaii and Alaska have the highest prices.

    • Jeffrey Mark Bruce

      Don’t you know? Ignorant mainlanders/lower 48ers routinely treat you as foreigners. Of course, your prices must be higher.

    • pete

      paid $4.89/gallon for regular yesterday here on Maui.

    • NuGuy020809

      Actually here in Anchorage Alaksa we are paying $4.11 a gallon. So Alaska doesn’t have a higher gas price. The National Gas Prices do not include Alaska or Hawaii because we are not part of the Lower 48.

  • robert smith

    Ofumduck. He the man. Buck up and shell out that dough for gas. Otherwise. You might waste your $$$ on food or other necessities.

    Get with the green. Windmill your arse to work.

    Vote change and hope.

    Yes we con.

    Vote Democratic.

  • Mark Matis

    Now there’s a REAL surprise. Or not…

    Y’all keep on brewin’ that fresh hot black tea, though. It looks so quaint dribblin’ down your chin like that.

  • greg wright

    We deserve it-by voting for liberals.

  • snowbird

    Chicagoan snowbirding in Northern Palm Beach County where gas prices for regular are $4.42 at the Mobile on Indiantown Rd, $4.72 for regular unleaded, and $4.96 for premium unleaded TONIGHT. Gas has been above $4 here since March.

    • James

      We are still paying about $3.52 for regular in the metro Houston area. We also have no state income tax and you can still buy 3,000 sf houses with in great shape on a golf course for about $200k. A gallon of milk only costs $3.50, a loaf of bread is only $1.60 and a pound of Boar’s Head Ham is $6.99 a pound.

      With all of these low prices, one has to ask how we do it in Texas…the answer is simple…we got rid of the unions and the democrats.

      • James K

        James: How is the Prop. Taxes there? Are they consistent? or are they set year by year by the counties and or cities?

      • James K

        James: sent me an e-mail.

  • steven ashcraft

    we can’t have obama and his henchmen run this country for 4 more years. you think it’s bad now wait till he gets relected. donald trump, please run for president.

  • Mitch

    Obama said he wanted gas at $5.00 – $6.00 and higher when he was trying to be the oval office occupier.

    This was his plan all along, now he is blaming everyone else but himself.

    He sucks

  • GS

    The commodity speculators are the single factor in the rising prices. This is not a supply and demand issue (supplies are relatively high). So much cheap money (thank you Chairman Bernacke) is pouring into the commodities markets that almost every commodity is at an all-time high. The Fed rate needs to rise and regulators need to step up or we will see $5.00 a gallon at a time of relative small demand.

    • D Carter

      GS: Wrong… there is a buyer for every seller. The biggest reason of late is because the US $ is collapsing and the price of oil goes up when US$ goes down. Tell Obama and his administration to stop driving dollar down and debt up with QE2 monetizing our debt. Another reason is demand in China and India and of course unrest in Middle East.

    • Jez

      Totally agree with GS. Here in the UK on the South Coast we have dozens of tankers moored waiting for the price to rise. Speculators are a major cause of rising prices.

    • Bite Me Barry

      Do you realize how many tankers are floating in the oceans full of crude with no where to go??? What about the nearly 100 years worth of oil under the ground controlled by the US??? Running out? Don’t think so. Quit listening to Al Gore, he knows NOTHING. We need to drill and be done with the rest of the world for fuel.

  • Smegley Wanxalot

    Serves you Chitcago freaks right for inflicting POSident Obankrupt on the nation.

  • James N Roussel

    Just filled my 28 gallon tank for $348 a gallon in Kenner, Louisiana. Out side of New Orleans. On the west bank of New Orleans I paid $358 per gallon last week. As the price of gas goes up so do the taxes on each gallon. Does anyone know where this money goes?

    • D Carter

      most of it is state and fedl taxes they use to separate it so you could see how much was for gas and taxes when the taxes were higher than gasoline they started making gas pumps which only showed total cost.

    • Alcea

      In Louisiana there is a flat rate of .20 cents per gallon, so there isn’t an increase regardless of the price of gasoline.However, other states have different % of taxing gasoline.Again, Louisiana has a flat rate per gallon so the taxes do not go up with the increase of gas.

  • Bill

    Well well, its not like the human offal that live in $#itcago do not deserve this but it would be better if all the speculators were on the other side of the turf!

  • D Carter

    When will Americans put 2 and 2 together and realize that the environmental wackos have had a unholy alliance with socialist democrats for 30 years + and have allowed Greenpeace etc to hijack our energy policy? Democrats say we can’t solve it over night it would take 10 years bla bla. Well it was 10 yrs ago when Clinton killed drilling in ANWR Alaska! Thanks Democrats and WE THE PEOPLE are tired of your hoax global warming and your socialist/marxist spread the wealth Keynesian policies which kill our economy and jobs~! November 2012 please people stop voting for (D) just because mommy and daddy did!

  • Victor Paredes

    Chicago is the city that works.

  • andrew

    hybrids looking pretty good right now

    • Irene Chapman

      hybrids are great if you only count your fuel costs. The gotcha is the $3600 worth of batteries you have to replace every 5 or 6 years. My mom just had hers replaced and it kind of drives up the cost per mile average. Great theory though.

    • RJ

      Until you have to pay your power, electricity bill stupid!

  • T.W.O.

    4 Dollars a Gallon..


  • Go Hawks

    Remember the government makes more profit on a gallon of gas than the oil companies, and they don’t produce a thing. What a bunch of crooks.

  • Texastwerp

    We left the Chicago So. Burbs for Texas 2 weeks ago.
    Gas in the Lubbock area is around 3.60 a gallon. Some places are a little lower/higher. It’s still better than when we lived in Cook County.

  • Chester Banas

    The americans are stupid tell the goverment to stop sending aid to the middle east countrys and sell are goods to them for 500% mark up for food and materials you see the change.

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