CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — If you got hit with a ticket on the tollway, but swear you paid it, someone will now listen to your beef online.

Drivers accused of missing a toll can now go to and search the images that were recorded at the spot where the Tollway says they didn’t pay, the Chicago Tribune’s John Hilkevitch reported.

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The information is also available at this direct link.

The Web site asks for a driver’s notice or case number, and license plate number and state.

If the license in the photo does not match, a driver can click “Plate Incorrect” on a drop-down menu, while if there is no license photo associated with the violation, a driver can click “Missing Image,” the Tribune reported.

And if you were caught fair and square, you can choose “No Dispute” and pay.

The Web site also advises that I-Pass customers should contact the customer care center, at (800) 824-7277, if they have received a violation notice.

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