State To Begin Tracking ‘Dooring’ Bicycle Crashes

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — The state of Illinois will now begin tracking so called “dooring” crashes involving bicyclists and opened doors from parked cars.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports, “dooring” crashes involve a bicyclist who is hit as a car door swings open.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports

Gov. Pat Quinn on Monday announced a new policy of tracking the number of reported crashes.

Daniel Persky, a spokesman for the Active Transportation Alliance, says this kind of policy is long overdue.

“This will allow us to identify those locations; map particular problems; allow us to identify the types of people who are impacted,” Persky said.

Presently, the Chicago Police Department is the only agency tracking reported “dooring” crashes, which amount to about 70 a year, according to Persky.

The Illinois Department of Transportation will begin working with law enforcement agencies in Illinois to help in the recording process.

Before the new policy went into effect, “dooring” collisions went unrecognized in IDOT’s annual reporting of traffic statistics because a moving vehicle was not involved.

Biking advocates say this particular crash would end if parked motorists would look in the rearview mirror before opening the door.

Will this new policy reduce the frequency of “dooring” crashes? Weigh in below.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jose Cicero

    Hey Pat Quinn Jose from Cicero il . I understand your concern but can you not waste our tax dollars any more on sensless trackings. I ride a bicycle often in down town and lake front and I see it happen once in a while. In any case if you start to track bicycle wreacks you should also start traking how many times people slip on bannana peels. Thank you.

    • Almost Doored&Flatttened Daily

      Hey, Jose, maybe if you were involved in the cycling community you would understand why it is important to track these types of things. This is something that cycling advocates have requested time and time again, and it is a good thing for our city as well. Doorings cause serious injuries to many cyclists every year- some of those injuries are fatal, and by tracking how many and the locations of the doorings can help in planning safer cycling routes, or at least target certain areas for teaching more awareness of the situation, such as signs that may say “look before you open door” near areas of high dooring incidents.

  • CDUB

    No study needed. Look in your rear view mirror before you open the door. What is so complicated about that? Does that really warrant a “study”? Stupid people think they are the only ones on the planet so they open their car doors without thinking/looking first. Stop being stupid, problem solved.

    • Almost Doored & Flattened Daily

      Since people will not “stop being stupid” there needs to be studies on where people are being the most stupid. I agree that looking in a rear-view mirror before opening the car door (which should be commonsense) would be the best solution. Sadly, many people do not bother to take that quick glance as they are too occupied with their I-phones and other distractions to do so.

  • FR

    Bicycles are required to have a horn or bell. They have contributory negligence if they don’t.

  • GOB

    No study needed. Don’t ride into open car doors.

  • Jim

    “This will allow us to identify those locations; map particular problems; allow us to identify the types of people who are impacted,” Persky said.

    Just off the top of my head, I’m thinking people who ride bikes and people who drive cars are most impacted and it probably occurs on streets. OK, that will be 1.2 million bucks please.

    By the way, many of these accidents could be avoided if two things happened:
    1)Look before you open your car door and;
    2) Stop pretending you are in a race and riding beyond your ability to stop or maneuver quickly while riding in congested areas. Bike riders, with their silly looking bike pants and “look how cool I am” riding gear need to back off the speed in congested areas.

  • JJ

    Cyclists should also start obeying the same rules that drivers do. Stop at stop signs!!! ride with caution in high traffic areas.

    • Karen Madsen

      AMEN, JJ. And helmets should be mandatory for cyclists. They all think they’re PUCK from the old “Real World.” They accept no responsibility for their inability to comprehend the Cyclist’s Rules of the Road (if they’ve even read them) and they exhibit poor judgement. Bike Light. Bike Horn. Helmet. Much more important than the sleek biker gear shorts.

      • Mike Fangman

        I agree with both of you. Cyclists think they own the road and that an invisible force field surrounds them. I have had several near misses with cyclists coming out of nowhere, and more often than not the only signal they’ve given me is the finger.

  • Kik

    Wow, Tracking bike accidents from parked cars, now that’s a good way to spend the tax payers money in a cash strapped state. How about you use that money to start deporting all the illegals so we can put AMERICANS back to work. Quinn, you’re about as useful as tit’s on a boar.

    • Karen Madsen

      Kik – unto this I say: “AMEN.”

  • steven

    I agree with JJ and karen about cyclist not following the rules of the road and then expect automobile drivers to follow it.. its just stupid.. as for Kik comment.. one situation has nothing to do wth the other.. illegals are taking american jobs.. Illegals are doing jobs americans refuse to take because they think those jobs are beneth them.. Stop using illegal immigrants to push your ignorant comments as an excuse for the very few american that think they are privledged..

    • Kik

      Steven, One has everything in the world to do with the other. First of all, The sytate is spending our tax money that needs to be used for useful things such as E-Verify, second, I’d like to know how many Americans couldn’t use a nice construction job paying union wages or a nice factory job even at 10 or 12 bucks an hour. You say Americans think these jobs are beneath them? You my friend live in some kind of fantasy world. Millions of Americans are out of work and they’re applying for the same jobs that the illegals are doing. The only difference is the employers get the pay the illegals under the table and do not report the income so the employers is ahead of the game. So to you my friend I give a big ol raspberry with my tounge fully extended and I’ll jump on the the illegal immigration bandwagon every chance I get, and if you don’t like you can move back across the border with them.

      • steven

        Kik, to make sense of your own rambling , blame those employers that hire those illegal aliens, and fine them heavily, they won’t continue that practice after it cost them in the tens of thousands. Secondly, millions of Americans are out of work due to idiot politicians that without a doubt people like you voted into office. Big business and corporate companies and banks being greedy. Also by our own selfishness some of us living beyond our means and stretching credit to it’s limits. As faras my status as an American citizen I was born and raised in this country and my grandfather fought in the Korean war and my dad fought in the Vietnam conflict, I am a proud American and for you to questionmy patriotism is uncalled for. I have worked since i was 15 and am now 40, I have never received unemployment benefits or Grovernment assistant. So I been paying into this government system for quite awhile. It seems that ignorant people like you is what gives amercans a bad name. Evertime something goes bad people like you go after the immigrants.. Your a joke, and for your information illegal inmigrants come from more than across the American borders, they come from Europe as well, but perhaps your ignorance and prejudice keeps you from knowing that. As far as your raspberry and tongue? You can take both and stick them up your anal area!

    • johnny chingas

      Well said.

  • mary

    While we’re at it, let’s track how many times I have had to jam on the brakes as a bike rider sped across a six-corner stop on red. We always have to look out for them or they cry “foul”, but they seem to have nothing but distain for drivers. Instead of studying “dooring” how about making them adhere to the rules of the road.

  • JB

    Bicycle riders should obey the Rules of the Road, they are no different than motorists. I’ll go one better, they should be licensed and insured and carry the bilkes registration with them, Now if that happens maybe the state can collect taxes from these people.

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