UPDATED 04/26/11 6:51 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — In a ceremony filled with pain and pride, a slain Chicago police officer’s star was put in a place of honor.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports that Officer Michael Bailey’s daughter, Jada, who has decided to follow in her dad’s police shoes, used the event to make another plea for help in finding Bailey’s killer.

“We are here this morning to remember a distinguished officer,” said interim Police Supt. Terry Hillard. “It’s a day filled with pain and pride.”

Star 13970 was worn by Michael Bailey for 20 years. On Tuesday, it was placed alongside the stars of other officers killed in the line of duty. He was only a month from retirement when he was killed during an attempted robbery outside his home last July.

“ I knew him to be brave and very dedicated,” said Mayor Richard Daley.

Bailey served on Mayor Daley’s security detail, guarding his house.

“He was always kind and considerate,” said Daley “He gave me his whole life history how he grew up in Chicago.”

Bailey’s wife of 30 years joined their daughters and other family members at the ceremony.

“I’m glad he was a Chicago police officer,” said Pamela Bailey. “I’m honored that this happened today.”

Bailey’s daughter, Jada, is following in her father’s footsteps. She’s currently a police cadet, and said her father’s murder has more her more determined.

“He was a mentor,” said Jada Bailey . “He was my confidante.”

“It’s that act that makes me want to step up and step out and be a Chicago police officer,” she said.

Police are still looking for Bailey’s killers. The family wanted to remind the public of the $135,000 reward that’s still being offered.

Police are confident that they will find the suspects and hope the reward will lead to tips to crack the case.

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