Bernstein: Bears’ Error Could Raise Carimi’s Cost

By Dan Bernstein–

As Bears as Bears can be, they take a perfectly satisfying story and complicate it by screwing something up.

Here they have a locally-known, Big Ten star whose skills match their most glaring need, falling to them somewhat unexpectedly with the 29th pick. Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi, a versatile, powerful, intelligent tackle with an on-field mean streak, comes gift-wrapped for Jerry Angelo on NFL First Round Night. A year after not even participating in the Thursday festivities, they can come away all smiles.

But not so fast.

As soon as they sensed that Carimi – a favored target of offensive-line coach Mike Tice and others among Bears draft cognoscenti – could be had, they maneuvered to grab him earlier by dealing a fourth-round pick to Baltimore to swap spots and pick 26th, jumping ahead of the Chiefs, whom they believed also coveted O-line help.

Here’s the bizarre scene that unfolded, per Peter King of Sports Illustrated: “The Ravens called [the trade] in. They assumed Chicago called it in, but due to a miscommunication in the Bears’ draft room, no one from Chicago ever called the league. As the clock ticked down to zero, and Chicago was on the phone with Carimi to tell him he was going to be their pick, Baltimore noticed no one at the league had announced the trade.”

So Kansas City got their card in, grabbed the pick, and took wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin, not Carimi. If you’re scoring at home, the Bears apparently bungled a trade they didn’t even need to make in the first place.

“Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, on an open line to New York, demanded to know why the trade hadn’t gone through,” King reports. “Chicago never called to confirm it, Newsome was told.”

What looks like a harmless oversight may be more than that, according to King. “Angelo called Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti to apologize, but Bisciotti wanted the fourth-round pick anyway, claiming it was part of the deal they’d agreed to. In fact, I’m told Bisciotti today will push to get the fourth-round pick, or to make the situation right in some way. The league is under no obligation to do so, because the trade was never official. I think the Ravens will ask the league to award them some compensation from Chicago before the draft resumes at 6 PM Eastern today. Stay tuned.”

Local writers are covering for the Bears today, dismissing the error as nothing but a “glitch,” and Angelo has taken full responsibility for the failure to communicate, a mistake that will remind Bears fans of the Warrick Holdman “unchecked box” free-agency affair.

If this costs a fourth-rounder or some other pick, it’s more than just something to laugh off while Carimi is welcomed and celebrated. He’d better be worth it.

Last year the Bears were falling upward from the first game on, appropriately unapologetic as they took advantage of fortuitous calls, opponents’ fourth-string quarterbacks and their own stretch of impossibly-good health to reach the NFC title game.

Now, they miscalculate on the need for a draft-day trade, botch its execution when they decide to make it, and still end up with the player they wanted.

The NFL is back in business for the time being, and the Bears are picking up right where they left off.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Bears Error Could Raise Carimis Cost

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM. Read more of Bernstein’s blogs here. Follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein.
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  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I would give the 4th Rounder anyway.
    The Bears were 100% responsible for the eff-up.
    That’s the only right way to do business.

    • RealRick


      It sets a bad precedent and makes a mockery of the rule requiring that BOTH teams notify the league of a trade before it’s a done deal..

      What the Ravens don’t want to tell anyone, including the NFL, is that they actually benefitted from the Bear’s “mistake” by being able to slot the salary of the guy they wanted in the first place a few slots lower.

      In the meantime, more power to the Bears for getting the guy they wanted and not giving in to the Ravens’ shakedown. Which I suspect is what really happened despite all the mea culpas to the media.

      • SPAULDING!

        That’s an interesting way to look at it.

        Another way to look at it, is if the Ravens were so dead-seat on getting a guy in their spot, they don’t pick up the phone with the Bears.
        With four minutes left.
        Ten minutes left. Eight, maybe. Four minutes doesn’t leave enough time to play phone tag.
        6th round would be a good faith gesture.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        If I make a unilateral mistake in business (where I comprehend I am 100% wrong, were it not for my mistake the intended mutual result would have been achieved), then I always make 100% good on that, 100% of the time.

        Another example. My dear wife is a specialist who charges $300 for a one-hour examination and does not take insurance (her office will give a claim form and the patient can seek reimbursement from his/her insurance). Every so often if her office double-books by mistake, the patient who came and could not be seen through no fault of his/her own will get their exam for free.
        That’s how I see the Ravens situation…the trade did not go down through no fault of their own.

      • Spoon

        That’s not really an accurate analogy, as no one involved in your scenario is in direct competition with each other. While I agree that you should make good when you drop the ball, the Ravens had no problem doing the same thing a few years back.

        To me, this is like saying “I’ll trade you my football card for your football card” and then deciding not to. Yeah, it’s not very nice, but there’s no actual rule preventing it, apparently.

        The fact that there’s not a better way to set up these deal, and that this situation can occur semi frequently, is strange.

      • RealRick

        Comparing an ad hoc procedure that your wife follows in her office to an explicit rule in the NFL requiring that both sides report a trade doesn’t pass the smell test, to say the least.

        If the Ravens don’t want to do business with the Bears anymore, that’s their decision one way or the other.

        The same with your wife’s patients or your clients.

        No one forces them to do business with you and no one should force anything on you if they decide to terminate their business with you in the future.

    • Dave Wagner

      Not so fast.

      Until Baltimore surrenders its fourth and sixth rounds picks from 2003 to Minnesota, Baltimore isn’t entitled to anything.

      “Also discussing deals with Jacksonville and New England, Minnesota agreed on a trade with Baltimore to get the Ravens’ No. 10 pick, as well as a fourth- and sixth-round selection in exchange for the No. 7 choice. The Vikings submitted the deal to the league, but Baltimore didn’t submit its part in time.
      The Ravens, while acknowledging the trade was agreed upon, contended it was not made official because they didn’t speak with league official Joel Bussert.

      “The deal was not consummated,” general manager Ozzie Newsome said at Baltimore’s headquarters. “A deal is not a deal until I talk to Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert.””

      Exact same thing. Sorry, Ozzie, no dice.

      • AT3374

        Nice find

  • mike in davenport

    Baby steps, Dan – baby steps.

    Jerry is worse at drafting than he is at press conferences. However, at least he addressed the top team need with a top draft pick. That’s far better than he’s done in a long time.

    • Spoon

      ” he addressed the top team need with a top draft pick”

      No one, will pay attention to this fact. Cant cry and scream over that as easily.

  • JoeMan

    Shut up Dan. Get another hobby idiot.

    Your dumb articles are a waste of ink.

    • finezer

      Why did you even read the article if they are all a waste of time? I think you are the idiot for following the writings of someone you don’t respect, in addition to posting a reply. It appears that you are an egomaniac for using the article to post your nonsense.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Waste of ink? Do you print them?

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        Zing! Larry, you are the real king of comedy.

    • mike in davenport

      What’s a hobby idiot and how do I get one?

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        My best guess is that a hobby idiot is someone who, as a hobby, pretends to be an actual village idiot…sort of like those guys with the hobby of re-enacting the Civil War.

      • pulseczar

        Should Dan replace or add to his current hobby idiot with another one?

      • pulseczar

        Maybe Dan has a collection of hobby idiots he keeps in a curio cabinet and Joe Man simply wishes for him to add another.

      • the hole in Adolfo Soriano's gold (iron) glove

        I saw one on ebay the other day … I think it was going for a fourth round pick. Now will someone please pull Mike out of the davenport?

    • Denver Deadite

      Your gay.

      • BEAR DOWN!

        My gay what?

    • Larry Horse's water trough

      And yet, you took the time to read it.

      You must be the idiot. If his articles are so dumb, why are you printing them. After all, that’s the only way they could be “a waste of ink”.


    • AT3374

      Ditka …..sausages…Ditka

    • pulseczar

      You’re telling Dan to shut up? Do you hear voices when you read these articles?

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        only when he forgets to wear an alumimum pie plate on his head

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        damn fat fingers, that was “n” rather than an extram “m”.

        I’m an effin’ dolt.

      • pulseczar

        Don’t be so hard yourself; you’ll do better next time.

  • Gentleman RaRa

    Why do people here keep celebrating the anniversary of the Lee Elia rant?

    The man insulted the fans, yet he still gets the ’85 Bears treatment. Stop it, already!

    • pulseczar

      But…. Nobody mentioned Elia until you did. I just searched this whole page. Well, Firefox did.


    • Spoon

      It’s a story on the main sports page. I assume that’s why he’s commenting.

      • pulseczar

        I didn’t see it. There’s probably a comment section there though.


      • Spoon

        Yeah, cause no one cross comments on this blog… crack that whip!

      • pulseczar

        It’s unheard of!

  • Denver Deadite

    Only the Bears, right?

    I mean, even when they do something right in keeping their 1st round pick and actually drafting a useful player, they find a way to muck it up.

    • Spoon

      ‘only the bears’, except the ravens did the same thing last year. Oddly enough.

      • RealRick

        Yes they did.

        In 2003 with the Vikings, though.

      • Spoon

        apparently 2003= last year in my mind…

    • RealRick

      I’m not so sure the Bears mucked up anything.

      I strongly suspect that they got confirmation from KC at the last second that Carimi was safe and nixed giving in to Baltimore’s shakedown.

      Trading up a few slots in the first round is worth only a sixth rounder, at best, imo.


    Leave it to Genius Angelo..I breathed a big sigh of relief when Ingram was taken by the Saints because I thought Angelo was going to take him.

  • Sophist

    every morning, he wakes up and prints out the internet. So much easier than reading on the screen.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      I know, and it is such a vast and expensive waste of ink and paper.
      You’d think that in the 21st Century someone would invent a product which collects the major news stories from the internet (world, national, local, sports, business etc.) on a daily basis and delivers it to you already printed on paper. My hunch is that a good business model for this product would use newsprint as the paper on which the product is printed because it is light-weight and less expensive. Maybe I could get Sam Zell to invest in this novel, cutting-edge idea.

  • Brian

    I don’t see why anyone is mad about this. Every team involved got the guy they wanted, and the Bears didn’t have to waste 4th round pick on trading up for no reason. For once Bears front office dysfunction has paid off.

    • Andrwe from Rockford

      The Ravens just want their 4th rounder regardless. I can see both sides here, but hope the Bears can just get by without forfeiting that pick. However, trades may be a bit harder to come by now

  • Jobby Benks

    I want one a dem hobby idoits’! Fire Angelo, talk more hockey, stop talking hockey, trade Cutman da bears and Purr frmo the white socks!

  • AT3374

    I hope this guy is worth it cause that Chris Williams pick is looking worse everyday and we STILL have no replacement for Olin who stopped being good 4 years ago but th Bears brass is too afraid to tell him or inept to draft his replacement .

    Next pick should be a cover 2 corner , stat

    Man the Lion’s will have a nasty DEF line this year if that draft pik pans out ,yikes

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Excellent analysis AT.

      Statistically the safest pick with a high draft choice is an OT and yet Jerry managed even to eff that up with Chris Williams.

      The Lions will have a non-stop rotation of fierce pass-rushers.

      • AT3374

        Not sure how a organization like the Vikes can continue to bungle a draft but they find new ways to do so reaching for a Florida State QB in the FIRST ROUND !!! Have fun in 4th place .

        Hope the League will allow the Bears to compensate the Ravens with cash , cause the Bears need EVERY PICK to hit this year , no getting fortunate this year and catching so many breaks .

        Just my opinion

        1. Packers – now full strength , class of division
        2. Detroit – if Stafford can stay up right , DEF will be much improved
        3. Bears – needs LT to protect Cutler , real offense and help on DEF ( Corners )
        4 Vikes – One dude only , DEF not a good

        And I’m still waiting for Super Genius Lovie Smith to explain why he decided to call a time out on a 3 and 1 play when all you had to do was fall forward , only to run a reverse and lose 3-4 yards . Hello friend …….

        Still can’t see why people think he’s a good coach

      • Spoon

        “And I’m still waiting for Super Genius Lovie Smith to explain why he decided to call a time out on a 3 and 1 play when all you had to do was fall forward , only to run a reverse and lose 3-4 yards . Hello friend …….”


  • Scott

    I say the Ravens can go eat hog. I think that Jerry saw that they didn’t have to give the pick to get their guy when the Chiefs rushed to grab a WR. So just go mute for 2 or so mins. So he in turn has a better poker face than the Ravens GM. Although I whole heartily believe that Jerry just botched it although I will take the results. I award Baltimore 2 middle fingers in the air and an adjustment of lovie’s hinney horseshoe for the next round. Bears!

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      We should endow a Chair for you to become the Bob Rohrman Professor of Ethics at the university of your choice.

    • AT3374

      It still doesn’t make it right . Even though it worked out for all parties involved , the results make the Bears look even more inept than ever .

      The Ravens do have a claim , though I doubt the Bars will lose the pick , it still sends the message to other teams that your dealing with amature hour at Halas Hall .

      • Meatless Meatball

        I was with you up ’til “more inept than ever,” AT. This is really just par for the course with these knuckleheads. Or have we forgotten the Dave McGinnis fiasco? That worked out better for the Bears than it should have (Jauron was not a very good head coach, but he was a lot better than McGinnis), but that doesn’t excuse the ridiculousness, y’know?

        Jerry’s just following in a long line of eff-ups with this organization.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Remember the classic eff-up in 2003 when the Vikes failed to submit a draft choice for two slots in a row (and I think those were 7 or 10 minutes apart in those days)??? They essentialy dropped from 7th to 9th as a result.
        And who was their Head Coach then: Mike Tice.
        No known connection…Jerry is ultimately responsible…but it seems like such a sweet coincidence.

        And the 2011 Vikes are still just as effed-up, taking a guy who maybe should have been picked today with the #12 pick. I wish nothing but bad luck to that @sshat owner, Ziggy Wilf.

      • Spoon

        Extra points to name the team that was involved in that trade with the Vikings.

      • AT3374

        Guess those mistakes won’t end until he is gone and a suitable replacement is found ….oh wait he hired his friend from Seattle to run with the ball after he’s gone …D’oh !!

      • Chris in Scottsdale


        It was the Ravens, wasn’t it? They wanted to trade up to get Byron Leftwich, but Jacksonville jobbed them by keeping the league on the phone while time ran out… so the league skipped the Vikes, the Jags got Leftwich…

        …And the Ravens had to resort to staying put at 10 to get Terrell Suggs. Awwww….

  • Grinch

    so is he going to need neck surgery before he plays a down?

  • pulseczar

    I just love that we’re talking/reading something about NFL other than labor shiz. I’ve been ready for baseball talk to end since spring training.

    I’ve said/typed countless times on this very blog- Angelo has no right being gainfully employed as an NFL GM. None.

    • AT3374

      Agree 100% and take Sweat Teddy and Lovie Staff -n- Smith with him .

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      not only is he not qualified to be a GM, I wouldn’t trust him to lay out Virginia’s medicine or switch the oxygen bottles for her……..

  • Spoon

    I love that the over reaction is in full swing with the very first Bears news of the year…

    • AT3374

      Wouldn’t be the Score blog without it :)

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Fire Lovie!

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        BevBrew shotted the first “fire” of the 2011 Bears season.

    • RealRick

      —-despite all evidence that the Bears are having a very good draft so far.

      I”m with ya….

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Vikings… Locking in Andrew Luck’s backup long-term, apparently. Why not trade down into the 20’s and take Ponder there? Was anyone picking prior to that range going to take him? I’m sure there were plenty of teams in the 20’s that would have loved a crack at Amukamara, Fairley, or Pouncey.

    Lions… Took great value, and yeah, their D-line is gonna be scary… but it’s going to have to be, with their LB’s and secondary still suspect. You may see a stat line like “Forte, 15 catches, 150 yards” as I think teams will try and screen pass them into oblivion.

    Bears… oh well, Ravens. It happens. As long as the league doesn’t force them to give up a pick, they don’t owe them squat. Front offices have enough turnovers that memories are short anyways. If Newsome wants to block calls from the Bears moving forward, then oh well.

    Yeah, it was a move screaming ineptitude, but is it going to be a newsflash for any other team in the league that the Bears can mess something up?

  • Crazy Jesse

    Peter King is the source of that story? Uh, yeah. I wouldn’t spend too much time waiting for anything to come of this “trade”. This is the same guy that gets torched for his inability to state facts by Kissing Suzy Kolber every Monday.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      I wonder if there is an overlap between Peter King’s inside-source and Uncle Terry’s “my guy”???

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      I just enjoy seeing how Peter King became The Commissioner’s personal suppository throughout this whole labor negotiation situation.

    • RealRick

      Great post, CJ.

      Which reminds me of a great line from Obi Wan Kenobi to Han Solo in “Star Wars”:

      “Who is the bigger fool? The fool or the fool who follows him?”

  • RealRick

    What Bernstein fails to note is that the Ravens did the exact same thing to the Minnesota Vikings in 2003.

    And never issued an apology or had to forfeit a pick for it.

    But, hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good Bears-Bashing blog, right? Especially when Bears fans are excited about snagging the best O-Lineman since Jimbo Covert.

    Anything to get those mouse clicks..

    Bottom Line: Since Angelo manned up and admitted his mistake, something which a hack like Bernstein would never give him credit for, the NFL might lighen his wallet a little.

    But, the league won’t cave to the Ravens’ Drama Queen Act. No matter how much Bernstein shills for it.

  • Spoon

    “I breathed a big sigh of relief when Ingram was taken by the Saints ”

    Are the Saints attempting to start a running back breeding program? Do they now have 3 ‘starting’ running backs, or did I miss them getting rid of someone?

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Reggie Bush is a UFA, isn’t he?

      • Spoon


        “The running back had five words for the Saints after they selected running back Mark Ingram in the first round of the NFL draft: “It’s been fun New Orleans.”

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I’m just amazed that he hasn’t become a star. I remember thinking that I had never seen anyone like him during his Heisman season, and how sure of a bet he looked like. A friend of mine was convinced he’d be the besk skill position player in the league by his second season, and I was inclined to agree.

        Guess it’s a good thing I’m not the Houston GM… although I do believe that New Orleans employed him poorly early on simply because of all the money invested in Deuce McAllister.

  • Dave Wagner

    You know, I felt bad for Baltimore initially. Yes, it’s great that both teams got the players they wanted, but there is no way Baltimore is entitled to compensation over this.

    “Also discussing deals with Jacksonville and New England, Minnesota agreed on a trade with Baltimore to get the Ravens’ No. 10 pick, as well as a fourth- and sixth-round selection in exchange for the No. 7 choice. The Vikings submitted the deal to the league, but Baltimore didn’t submit its part in time.

    The Ravens, while acknowledging the trade was agreed upon, contended it was not made official because they didn’t speak with league official Joel Bussert.

    “The deal was not consummated,” general manager Ozzie Newsome said at Baltimore’s headquarters. “A deal is not a deal until I talk to Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert.””

    Baltimore can cry all they want but their attempts to enforce a deal that was never made official is a complete and total double-standard.


    Based on what I’ve heard The SCORE’s own Dan McNeil say on the show before “Boers & Bernstein”, all indications pointed towards the Bears trading down from the #29 pick in last night’s NFL Draft, not necessarily keeping the pick who turned out to be Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi. There’s no question that Carimi fills a gaping hole on the Bears’ much-maligned offensive line, regardless of the botched trade with the Ravens late in the first round of last night’s NFL Draft. Here’s hoping Carimi works out a lot better than Chris Williams has in 3 disappointing seasons and that Angelo at least did his homework on the big Wisconsin tackle.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I wonder what Bears fans would be saying about the 4th rounder if the roles were reversed……if the Bears were to have received a 4th rounder for trading down with a team, that JA called the league, but the other team failed to call the league because they were too busy chatting-up the guy they thought they had just drafted???

    • RealRick

      They would be after the Bears for not making a pick before the clock ran out, regardless of what they claim they thought was a done deal.

      Which is exactly what the Baltimore fans are asking about over in their neck of the woods, if you want to bother to check.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Actually I looked at the Baltimore Sun website, but that was a little after 4am when I got up and, then, the focus was on the baggage that comes with the CB they took.

        I hope the Commissioner will shed some official light on this whole situation.
        The glitch seems to be that there was no automatic process to confirm back to Baltimore that the trade was consummated, and that seems quite easy to fix.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        A quick peek at some of the commenters on the Baltimore Sun’s “Raven Insider” reveals that a few are blaming Newsome. That makes me giggle.

  • RealRick

    For all the people griping about this incident, did any of you notice that

    — the Pack had to take an OL not rated nearly as high as Carimin,

    –the Vikes took another QB in training wheels and

    –the Lions, while taking a great DL, passed on upgrading THEIR OL, thus enhancing the possiblity that Matthew Stafford will miss more playing time next season.

    And I still think this “non-trade” was hardly the “mistake” that the Bears are using as their cover story.

    Instead of climbing all over Angelo’s back, which has been more than well-deserved in the past, it would be nice if someone started patting it for a job well done so far.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      LIke most fans (there are a few colege football mavens out there who might really know their stuff, especially if they played in college), I most assuredly don’t know c.r.a.p. about the draft on a professional level.
      Yet this is the one guy we kept hearing about, this is the guy that Tice supposedly was in love with, and this was the guy who could best fill the biggest hole for DaBears.
      So yes, I say job well-done for JA in making this pick.
      Yet if you contrast the JA bozo-approach to Bill Polian/Colts, the Colts were somehow capable of selecting a high-profile OT to fill a great need and yet do so in a manner that did not create a side-show!

      • AT3374

        Yep , yep . Time for Indy to reload for one more great run before P Manning rides off into the sunset …..

      • RealRick

        It’s the Ravens who are creating the sideshow by being drama queens.

        If you have a problem with the sideshow, take it up with the Ravens.

        As far as the Bears are concerned, this is over and done with.

        As it should be.

  • RealRick

    Well, we saw Bernsie play the role of Chicken Little about D. Rose’s ankle just a few days ago….

    Now, he’s doing the same about the Bears draft.

    Bernsie=Chicago Sports Fear Monger in Chief….

    • AT3374

      He was stating the obivious , without Derrick at 100% the Boo will be hard pressed to beat either Miami or Boston . Not worried about ATL , no defense is really played with that team and they’lll jump shoot themselves outta games.

      Yet will all that , I borrow an old Bulls advertizing slogan ” Anything can change in a blink of an eye ” so we shall see .

      Bulls in 6 against ATL , btw


    I think Baltimore doesn’t have to pick up the phone with four minutes left, or have a “plan B.” ready in place.
    If they got the guy they wanted, there is no harm, no foul.

    I’d like to know why the draft makes Jerry Angelo itchy, twitchy, and, all together “oogy.”
    Is it because he’s not sure if it’s spelled draft or draught?
    Ketchup or Catsup? Great running Simpsons gag

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