Daley Set To Collect $184,000 Annual Pension

CHICAGO (WBBM) — When Mayor Daley leaves office in a couple of weeks, no one will be throwing any tag days for him. WBBM Newsradio 780 has learned the mayor will be receiving government pensions totaling nearly $200,000 a year.

Mayor Daley has already notified the Municipal and General Assembly Retirement Systems he wants to begin collecting his pension on May 17, the day after he leaves office.

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When he does, he will be collecting a pension of nearly $184,000 a year. Of that, 64 percent will come from the state pension system and 36 percent will come from the city pension system.

According to Tim Blair, the executive secretary of the General Assembly pension system, the mayor has chosen to obtain his government pension under the Illinois Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act.

In other words, all his government service is being combined into one lump—nearly 40 years, instead of getting separate pensions from every government body he worked for.

In 1991, Daley transferred his nearly 7.5 years of service credit as Cook County state’s attorney and more than $98,000 in contributions to the General Assembly Retirement System.

The mayor is also taking advantage of a rule that was in effect for legislators in office before 1994 which allows him to base his state pension on his last government salary. In this case, it’s based on his $216,000 salary as mayor of Chicago.

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Daley has not been in the state legislature since 1980.

And, because Daley has about 40 years of government service, he’s eligible to receive the maximum of 85 percent of that mayor’s salary.

When Daley left the state legislature in November 1980, his salary was $53,000 a year. Blair says the state portion of Daley’s pension will come to more than $117,000 a year. More than $66,000 a year will come from the city pension system.

Current state legislators are only able to base their state pensions on their final salaries as legislators.

  • E.D.E.

    …and WHY is Chicago in dire straits? Oh, paying corrupt politicians an absorbant amount to sit on their ***

  • amm

    Try living on $35,000 year, losing your job and Unemployment pay $330 a week less taxes!

  • melvin

    Same story today ,it will be the same till they can’t get anymore fees and taxes from the public .There;s nothing anyone will or could do to change the system in place ,

  • JS


  • ak

    COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS and this does not include the healthcare coverage he is ‘entitled” to…wonder how little he paid into his retirement for the 40 year period…way past time to initiate 401K plans for civil servants at all levels…this is a prime example why there is no political will to change the pension system….

  • Linda

    Wow, he is not poor at all. While many chicagoans are raking up a couple dollars from fast food joints the mayor will be living the high life in who know where exotic island.
    How come there is such a wide braket between the rich and the poor, the employed and the unemployed, the higher ups and the down unders.
    Everyone should be equally paid since we elect our governors, mayors and aldermen.
    Can someone correct this ?

    • johnk

      Linda- how come there is such a gap between rich and poor?? One reason — these PUBLIC EMPLOYEES who get huge guaranteed pensions and benes. The more appropriate question is WHEN were these sweetheart deals made, and by whom, and why didn’t we the taxpayers have any input into the decision!! Tax payers need a voice and right now they certainly do NOT have one in Illinois!

      • johnk

        I’m not sure how the system should work ideally. But another thing is how do they finagle this so that Daley gets MOST of his pension paid for by the entire state!! Incredible. And without any voice from taxpayers. What corruption. Well, there is answer for me, and that will be that I’ll retire to a different state, once in which there has been shown some power by taxpayers to control this nonsense.

  • twin

    While recession still exits for the most of us he”ll still get paid his 6 figures………PRICELESS

  • bud

    Did you know that he owns a home in Michigan AND that State & Illinois have an aggrement NOT to tax the other’s state employee’s pension! Just keeps getting better.

  • Jeffrey10

    The worst part about this is public pensions are not subject to Illinois income tax!

  • Legato1

    This is just an example of many of our current local elected officials’ pensions-Overpaid. No wonder IL and Chicago has budget ploblems.
    Richard Daley will make more money on speeches. Probably anti gun speeches, with armed security supplied. He views the common Chicago citizen as a serf.

  • Liz

    No wonder the City of Chicago is having money troubles.

  • bob

    When Quinn was raising the income tax to pay for state workers pensions, alot of people were under the impression that was only for state workers. As we can see it’s for all public workers. Everyone pays for these creeps regardless if they are from their town or someone elses. 60% of Daley’s lavish pension comes from state tax. So people from southern IL get to pay Daley while they’re unemployed, getting forclosed on and may be eating dog food.

  • gary schlesinger

    he probably paid in eleven percent of his gross. that is what the judges do for their state pension.

  • Tanya

    Thanks again for not posting my comments. They weren’t vulgar because I am not but I do have first hand experience with the area he has made worse for seniors by being there. What a waste of our money to have to pay him for the bang up job he’s done to help those who do have a hard time. The only good things is hopefully he’s done and none of his cronies get in.

  • Gee-reg

    Daley should be made to live on all the envelopes of cash he was given to let his friends and family steal millions from the city and county. Then there is always the money his wife is making from her O’Hare business and the money his son made from the city sewer deals. And Daley lets the police and fire max out at 75% while he rakes in 85% of his salary.

  • george

    that money is chump change… it will not pay his valet parking fees for a year… the real money is hidden from our sight… just as with every other: “PUBLIC SERVANT”…….

  • eek!whodat?

    But… But… What about those other “greedy” municipal employees like firemen and those complaining public servant cops? Did daley ever bleed on the pavement of the west and south sides? Did he ever have any of his bones broken in car crashes or fighting for his life in a urine soaked 13th floor breezeway? Does he have his credit ruined because the city is a slow payer of medical bills incurred in the line of duty? Tell those public servants to stop wasting tax payer time complaining and thinking about retirement. They knew it would be like this when they signed up. Fire ’em all… Hire us! We’ll work for half, no medical and no pension and we won’t complain about the epic thievery by the protected political criminal class of Chicago.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/05/03/daleys-pension-plan-renews-calls-for-reform/ Daley’s Pension Plan Renews Calls For Reform « CBS Chicago

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  • jaycee

    Plus he get`sfree security body guards pay by the tax payers why should we pay for his security when he got millions in his campaign chest

  • Tom Caravette

    all you cry babies of how bad it is that people get fat pensions that they have earned and they totally deserve….stop crying you would be first in line if you could. The fact is you have never done anything to change the climate of payoff and pensions in your entire voting life. You re elect people who support this system and you let the “in crowd” attach would be reformers of a broken system…how? by continuing to justify your votes…by not voting, by voting for the name you recognize, by voting for the person that attacks any new ideas, by voting against people that talk of change and reform…..I am soo sick and tire of listening to this kind of cry baby mentallity….wake up…stop voting for the person with the biggest campaign fund…how do you think he got this much money…by selling you ou before he even gets in the door…Stop re electing people that dont stand up against the machine….look for change by changing the way you vote! Unfortunately you have to wait 4 more years…lol
    Oh wait there is an election in 2012…remove the current committeemen through out the city…if you dont vote…shut the f%^#$%^ UP!!!!!

    • tom Sharp

      Tom C. I absolutely agree with you. Term Limits of 1 automatically solves most of the pension problems. SInce the politicians have refused to vote it into law, the voters must do it for them on election day. The morons who vote straight tickets or don’t vote at all get what they deserve.

  • Mac

    Jaycee I agree with you: The soon to be ex-mayor now wants the Chicago Police Dept. to supply security for him and his family, at taxpayer expense! What ever happened to privatization of city services? Daley can easily afford his own security.

  • TOM G


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