Zaidman: Bears Botched Trade-Up With Ravens


CHICAGO (WSCR) — The Bears had not traded up in the first round since 1996, but were willing to do so for Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi, the man they ended up selecting without having to move with the 29th overall pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

“We were really fortunate to get a quality lineman,” said Bears general manager Jerry Angelo, who admitted he tried to trade up with the Ravens to get Carimi.

But Angelo botched the trade with Baltimore, which caused the allotted time the Ravens had to make a selection to run out.

“I don’t want to get into it,” Angelo said. “I dropped the ball.”

Angelo said the Bears failed to properly communicate with the NFL about the deal.

“I did call Baltimore and I did apologize to Baltimore for that,” Angelo said. “We certainly didn’t do anything to circumvent the spirit of the rules by any nature.”

The Bears would not commit to a specific position for Carimi, only saying he can play both tackle positions.

“It really doesn’t matter to me,” said Carimi.

The Wisconsin native joked that he’s already converted 100 Packers fans into Bears fans since being drafted.

  • Michael Che

    Dear Gabe, now just please start converting some of those Cutler haters out there back into Bears fans! (If we have a season, that is…)

  • HSHS

    As Wanstadt would say….”all the pieces are in place..”

  • Mark, Sterling

    If they were actually trying to trade UP 3 spots to get Carimi, they’re morons. There wasn’t anyone in front of them that needed a tackle at that point. They almost gave up 2 picks to get this guy? Sad. I know that he fell and they got an AMAZING steal in my opinion. However, they are gonna need the rest of their picks.

    • George Halas's Tears

      Gabe Camiri’s “only” weakness according to the scouts is his “Pass Blocking”. Amazing! To top this off….there are “5” gaping holes the offensive line, not one. Kruetz should have retired at least two years ago. All those solid guards in this draft and they blew a chance now to get one. “Angelo the Incompetent” marches on!

  • Bears Fan

    Angelo just isn’t a strong evaluator of talent. Just look at his drafts over the years. He really needs to go into retirement. Compare his drafts with New England, Green Bay, and some other top tier teams and there is no comparison.

  • stucky

    zach tell us again how great those bear receivers are what a lackey and a shill

  • the hole in Adolfo Soriano's gold (iron) glove

    Angelo should be locked out of the war room. He’s been nothing but a disaster on draft day. Giving a 4th to move up three slots at the BOTTOM of the first round seems like a high price. Maybe if you were moving up from #7 to #4 or in that neighborhood. I guess we should consider it a successful draft (by Angelo standards) that we got one apparently quality player, though I’ll bet the league takes our #4 and gives it to the Ravens. Let’s see if he gets lucky in the rest of the draft. Today we’ll probably get the next Marvin Harrison and the next Devin Aromashodu … or was that George Harrison we had at DT and Mahmoud Ahmedinajad we had at WR this year?

    • George Halas's Tears

      “Marcus” Harrison, but I think George may have been as good of a pick.

  • George Halas's Tears

    Lets call an idiot an idiot. The only thing Angelo ever did right in all his recent drafts was Hester (must have been pure luck)…then he “still” botched things up by having the best kick returner ever try to play a position everyone else in the world knew he could not. Why is Angelo still the GM there? Incredible….obviously upper management in Chicago is just as incompetent as the rest. And how stupid can the owner be….to allow such incompetence year after year after year????? What an “em-bear-ass- ment he is to the fans and the city of Chicago. If it wasn’t for an easier schedule and players busting their butts for Lovie Smith, this team would not win a single game. Every team in the NFL improves with the draft….except for Chicago.

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